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San Luis Obispo, California

As we dig out of our biggest snowstorm here at VW HQ in 6 years, we head towards the West Coast to see how their midweek weather is faring. I’m guessing a lot better than shoveling a foot of snow.

At 920pm PST, the temperature at San Luis Obispo, CA was 46 degrees under fair skies. Generally quiet weather is found throughout the Southwest currently. However, a large low pressure system centered in the Gulf of Alaska is swinging a cold front into the Pacific Northwest, bringing copious amounts of rain and higher elevation snows to the region. This strong cold front looks to push southward throughout the day on Wednesday, bringing rain to Northern CA and progresses through the Central Valley. Some rain showers look to push into the SLO area, with a couple of showers making it into the area shortly before midnight. This activity lasts into Thursday morning, with the last of the precip departing the area by the mid-morning hours. Skies should clear out some through Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday: Clouds increase throughout the day, isolated showers late. High 62, Low 42.
Thursday: Scattered showers in morning, clouds decrease through afternoon. High 61, Low 43.

TWC: Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 65, Low 42.
Thursday: Partly cloudy, isolated morning showers. High 59, Low 46.

AW: Wednesday: Becoming cloudy, with occasional rain and drizzle late. High 65, Low 40.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy, a shower, cool. High 60, Low 44.

NWS: Wednesday: Mostly sunny through afternoon, chance of showers by evening. High 64, Low 43.
Thursday: Slight chance of morning showers, then clearing. High 60, Low 46.

WB: Wednesday: Partly cloudy, rain showers in evening. High 63, Low 44.
Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 59, Low 48.

WN: Wednesday: Partly cloudy with light showers likely. High 64, Low 43.
Thursday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 60, Low 46.

FIO: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon, isolated showers late. High 63, Low 43.
Thursday: Rain showers in morning. High 59, Low 46.

While the condition are pretty pleasant right now, we can see the system that will move in over the next 24 hours is currently drenching the Pacific Northwest.

Warm temperatures and light rain

We had an unusual feature on the weather map when we were looking at San Luis Obispo. There was rain in the forecast. Not only is California a fairly arid environment, but this past winter has been extremely dry for the Golden State. So while a rainy day is often not what you want to see, in San Luis Obispo, the .11″ of rain they received overnight Saturday into Sunday was just what the doctor ordered. It was even bookended by days that reached nearly 70 degrees. They probably could have done without the earthquakes, however. Accuweather and the National Weather Service grabbed joint hold of the top spot.
Actuals: Saturday -.06 inches of rain, High 69, Low 48
Sunday – .05 inches of rain, High 69, Low 51

Grade: B

San Luis Obispo, California

The East and Gulf coasts are the only coasts where weather is going on. It’s pretty active out west too. What’s going on out west?

At 756AM, PT, San Luis Obispo was reporting a temperature of 48 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. A light off shore flow is keeping any oceanic moisture offshore, but there are a few lingering clouds.
The system of note is an area of low pressure in the north Pacific. An associated cold front is going to make it’s landfall this evening in the Pacific northwest, reaching the Bay area by tomorrow morning, with the first hits of rainfall nosing into San Luis Obispo by tomorrow night. There may be some showers before midnight, but there will likely be rain through the morning on Sunday.The low trough responsible will hold together even if the surface low begins to fall apart, and as it emerges on the lee of the Rockies, it will quickly pull moisture out of San Luis Obispo, giving way to a fairly pleasant afternoon.
Tomorrow – Increasingly sunny, with some rain late, High 65, Low 47
Sunday – Rain in the morning, quickly clearing through the afternoon. High 63, Low 49

TWC: Tomorrow – PM Showers High 67, Low 49
Sunday – Sunny (morning showers) High 66, Low 44

AW: Tomorrow – Some sunshine giving way to clouds (rain late) High 67, Low 47
Sunday – (Early rain) Periods of sun High 64, Low 49

NWS: A 30 percent chance of rain after noon. Partly sunny High 68, Low 49
Sunday – Mostly sunny, (early rain) High 62, Low 50

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. A 30 percent chance of rain in the afternoon. High 65, Low 44
Sunday – Partly cloudy (rain early) High 63, Low 50

WN: Tomorrow – Scattered Showers High 63, Low 46
Sunday – Partly Cloudy High 63, Low 48

A look at the local satellite demonstrates the quiet conditions in southern California, but don’t be surprised if things change in the not so distant future.

The heat is off

My immediate thought when I think of southern California is oh warm sunny weather. West of the Coastal Range, however, it generally stays cool and in the morning, cloudy. Such was the case in San Luis Obispo the past two days, where temperatures failed to get out of the low 70s. There was a tie at the top of the leaderboard, as Victoria-Weather and The Weather Channel wond the forecast.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 72, Low 55
Thursday – High 71, Low 57

Grade: A

San Luis Obispo, California

Hey everyone, we’re headed to California today! This is exactly where the real weather is.

At 155PM, PT, San Luis Obispo was reporting sunny skies and a temperature of 69 degrees. San Luis Obispo was blessed by its position west of the Coastal Plains. On the other side of the range, temperatures were in the mid to upper 90s.
Part of the temperance of the hot weather has been a very thick and persistent marine layer. Even now, it’s not far offshore, and quite ready to move back inland. Expect cloudy mornings and quite bearable temperatures at San Luis Obispo for the next two days.
Tomorrow – Cloudy early, then very nice for the afternoon, High 71, Low 55
Thursday – A carbon copy of Wednesday – High 70, Low 54

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 71, Low 55
Thursday – Partly Cloudy High 70, Low 54

AW: Tomorrow – Low clouds followed by sunshine High 70, Low 52
Thursday – Low clouds followed by some sun High 71, Low 52

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 74, Low 56
Thursday – Patchy fog before 11am. Otherwise, cloudy through mid morning, then gradual clearing High 76, Low 56

WB: Tomorrow – Low clouds and fog in the morning clearing to the beaches in the afternoon. High 75, Low 53
Thursday – Low clouds and fog with patchy drizzle in the morning clearing to the beaches in the afternoon. High 75, Low 54

A couple of our friends have decided to go a little bit warmer than the rest of the group. How will it turn out? You can check out the clouds just off shore from SLO on satellite.

Logan, Utah to San Luis Obispo, California

We are staying out west for the trip today, and taking a day and a half to head from northern Utah to the California Coast. It’s a 924 mile trip that we will take at the surprisingly low pace of 63.8mph. There are stretches of I-15 in Utah that have a limit of 80mph! Nevertheless, we will cover 511 miles tomorrow on our way to San Luis Obispo. I don’t expect much rain , but what will we expect?


There will seriously be no rain, probably no clouds for the entire day Tuesday. Instead, a stout ridge over the western US will leave the area hot and dry. Expect the 90s to accompany our drive for most of the day, until we reach our destination for Tuesday evening, Las Vegas, where temperatures will be near 11-. We should be able to find a hotel in Las Vegas, right?

It won’t get much cooler than about 80 degrees overnight in Vegas, so it will probably be a good idea to crank up the AC as we head through the Mojave. After we clear the San Bernadino mountains, temperatures will begin to cool off, thanks to the Pacific ocean, which will mean a pretty awesome time in San Luis Obispo.