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Victoria, Texas

While it was scorching here in the Twin Cities (record high of 95!), let’s go take a look at somewhere a bit cooler, Texas! Wait what?

At 751pm CDT, the temperature at Victoria, TX was 85 degrees under fair skies. A broad ridge of high pressure is found throughout the South, from the Southern Plains through the Southeast. Outside of typical dryline storms in West TX and normal seabreeze-esque diurnal storms along the coast, the region is fairly void of synoptic systems. That’s expected to change over the weekend as a tropical feature is spinning its way from the Yucatan Peninsula towards the TX coastline. It’s not really expected to develop into anything, just looks like a system that will bring increase rains to the Victoria area, mainly on Sunday evening. Saturday looks fairly decent, just gotta dodge those pop-up afternoon storms!

Saturday: Isolated thunderstorms in afternoon. Hot and humid. High 94, Low 76.
Sunday: Slightly cooler with increased clouds, chances of storms increases for the afternoon and evening hours. High 90, Low 75.

TWC: Saturday: Partly cloudy, isolated showers. High 94, Low 76.
Sunday: Thunderstorms. High 89, Low 76.

AW: Saturday: A shower and t-storm around. High 92, Low 76.
Sunday: Rain and a t-storm, breezy. High 90, Low 76.

NWS: Saturday: Chance of thunderstorms. High 93, Low 76.
Sunday: Thunderstorms likely. High 90, Low 76.

WB: Saturday: Chance of storms. High 92, Low 76.
Sunday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 88, Low 77.

WN: Saturday: Partly cloudy with scattered storms. High 93, Low 76.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with thunderstorms likely. High 90, Low 76.

FIO: Saturday: Humid throughout the day, partly cloudy in afternoon. High 92, Low 77.
Sunday: Rain starting in the afternoon. Hig 89, Low 76.

Here we see some clouds dotting the region. More noticeable, however, is a fire from Matagorda Island with it’s smoke blowing towards the northwest, just missing Victoria. It was a prescribed burn, so nothing to be too worried about.

Harmony in Texas

The center of the country has been downright wonderful, while the eastern Seaboard has been inundated with heavy rain, associated with Joaquin and systems around it. Either because the forecast was fairly calm, or everyone was so focused on the East Coast that people just let the models guide them everywhere else in the country, including Victoria. Whatever the case may be, there was a 4 way tie atop tie leaderboard, with nearly everyone done in by a clearer, cooler night leading into Saturday, but hammering the other validating times. Victoria-Weather, The Weather Channel, WeatherNation and Weatherbug all tied at the top.
Actuals: Saturday – High 86, Low 51
Sunday – High 88, Low 55

Grade: B-C

Victoria, Texas

Today we head down to the great state of Texas and find out what’s happening along the Gulf Coast! Surely an early fall weekend there will be warm and accommodating, right? Let’s find out!

At 1153pm, the temperature in Victoria, TX is 66 degrees under mostly clear skies. An intense high pressure continues to camp out over Ontario/Quebec, with the ridge axis continuing southward all the way to the Western Gulf of Mexico. Very impressive! While the high will be weakening over the next couple of days, quiet and warm weather is expected to persist from the Upper Midwest down into the Southern Plains. Couldn’t ask for a nicer weekend!

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 87, Low 56.
Sunday: Continued sunny and warm. High 88, Low 57.

TWC: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 58.
Sunday: Sunny. High 88, Low 59.

AW: Saturday: Mostly sunny and nice. High 84, Low 56.
Sunday: Partly sunny and pleasant. High 86, Low 57.

NWS: Saturday: Sunny. High 86, Low 54.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 87, Low 59.

WB: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 54.
Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 87, Low 59.

WN: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 55.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 88, Low 59.

FIO: Saturday: Partly cloudy starting in evening. High 85, Low 57.
Sunday: Partly cloudy overnight. High 85, Low 58.

Here we see Eastern TX pretty quiet under high pressure, with almost nary a cloud in the sky. Much better than the flooding the Southeast is experiencing.


As it should be

Temperatures were on their way upwards in Victoria, Texas as a system organized over the northern Plains, and southerly flow brought in Gulf air. After a high of only 59 (80 degrees warmer than Victoria, MN today, but still) temperatures rocketed up to 75 on Saturday, which was even warmer than our bevy of forecasters had in mind. Victoria-Weather had the top forecast thanks to an ambitiously cold low temperature forecast yesterday morning, as it dropped to 40 thanks to the clear skies.
Actuals: Friday – High 59 Low 29
Saturday – High 75, Low 40

Grade: B

Victoria, Texas

Hey, we’re forecasting for Victoria, Texas on Victoria-Weather. The site finally makes sense!

At 1151AM, CT, Victoria was reporting a temperature of 48 degrees with clear skies. There were only a few high clouds in the area, but a cold area of high pressure was building from the north as a Gulf low had begun to lift out of the Gulf towards the Mid-Atlantic.
The pattern will remain calm along the Texas Gulf Coast for the next 48 hours, however a deepening trough over the Plains will begin to induce an onshore flow around Victoria on Saturday. While rain isn’t expected, some clouds are a definite possibility this weekend.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 57, Low 28
Saturday – Icreasing clouds, but warmer, High 68, Low 40

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 59, Low 31
Saturday – Partly Cloudy High 69, Low 47

AW: Tomorrow – Plenty of sunshine High 58, Low 28
Saturday – Warmer with times of clouds and sun High 68, Low 44

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 58, Low 28
Saturday – Partly sunny High 69, Low 43

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 57, Low 28
Saturday – Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming partly cloudy High 69, Low 43

Texas is avoiding the nasy weather, but you can see the vast system beginning to shift out of the region, ready to bring the pain to the northeast.

Ann Arbor, Michigan to Victoria, Texas

It’s time for my first road trip in… quite a while. We are heading south over the course of three days and covering 1427 miles. That will put us at a pace of only 62.4mph, which translates to 499 miles a day. This is exactly what will drag the trip out into three full days. It’s the rare three day north-south trip, so we had better enjoy it.


I don’t know that we could have picked a better time to take this trip. After what has been an abysmal week for most of the eastern half of the country, high pressure is finally building in from the west. Our day will likely be cloudy, and there may be a stray snow flake depending upon the intensity of flow off Lake Michigan, but even that is tremendously unlikely. Our day ends, with the moon peeking from behind the clouds, in Ina, Illinois.

Overnight flurries are a possibility across central Illinois overnight Thursday, and there might be a flake for us in Ina before we leave town. There isn’t much reason for the snow, except Mother Nature is hateful and cruel this time of year. The rest of our drive to Mandeville, Arkansas, which is near Texarkana, should be fine. Well, the whole trip, because the snow will be done by the time we leave. Whatevs.

It’s strange, because the return flow will pick up and import moisture off the Gulf… but only into Mexico. Victoria looks like it will be in good shape through the day Saturday, except maybe some clouds, especially during the morning. But we will arrive at night, and the whole road in should be pretty clear, if you don’t talk about traffic near Houston.