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In the firing line

Strong thunderstorms blew through the Roanoke area on Wednesday and Thursday. The stronger of the storms were certainly on Wednesday, when there were several reports of tree damage in and around the city. There were more such reports on Thursday, but not nearly as many, and the total rainfall seen on Wednesday was nearly an inch over what was seen on Thursday. Temperatures were plenty warm both days, adding fuel to those strong storms. Fortunately, the extent of the damage was some tree damage, which does, truthfully, occur a little bit more freely in the eastern US, thanks to the heavily wooded nature of that part of the world. Despite the late issuance of the forecast, Victoria-Weather and Accuweather tied atop the leader board.
Actuals: Wednesday – 1.57 inches of rain in severe thunderstorms, High 88, Low 71
Thursday – .35 inches of rain in severe thunderstorms, High 91, Low 69

Grade: A-C (F, if you include WeatherNation’s no show)

Roanoke, Virginia

Tomorrow – Rain and thunderstorms, High 87, Low 69
Thursday – Scattered showers and storms, High 91, Low 71

AW: Tomorrow – Scattered Thunderstorms, High 88, Low 73
Thursday – Partly cloudy, High 93, Low 69

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and not as hot; widely separated afternoon thunderstorms High 87, Low 73
Thursday – Intervals of clouds and sun with a thunderstorm in the afternoon High 92, Low 70

NWS: Tomorrow – Isolated showers, then scattered showers and thunderstorms after noon. Partly sunny and hot, High 94, Low 72
Thursday – A slight chance of showers before 9am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3pm. Mostly sunny and hot, High 94, Low 71

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny with isolated showers and thunderstorms in the morning…then mostly cloudy with numerous showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon High 92, Low 73
Thursday – Mostly sunny. A slight chance of showers in the morning…then a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 92, Low 70

WN: Tomorrow – Nothin’!

FIO: Tomorrow – Rain throughout the day. High 85, Low 70
Thursday – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 90, Low 67

IT was just the Roanoke area that WeatherNation was having issues with. I guess that’ what happens at 2AM, huh?

Roanoke, Virginia to Muncie, Indiana

We are off on a one day summer time road trip. It’s 461 miles between the two cities, and much of the route takes us over and through the central Appalachians. It will be scenic, but it will also be slow, with a pace of 56.8mph. We won’t be on an interstate for very long though, so I suppose this makes sense. Let’s navigate Appalachia!

The Appalachians are getting squeezed by a broad low emanating from the Canadian Prairies and a stagnant low off the coast of South Carolina. As we leave tomorrow morning, the weak area of low pressure will seep north into the Carolinas from the Atlantic, and there is a decent chance that we will see some showers in Roanoke north through Charleston, West Virginia. As we descend out of Charelston towards Dayton, Ohio and eventually northwest to Muncie, there will be no shortage of sunny skies, but at the same time, the instability provided by the low in Canada and the hot humid air north of the Ohio River will mean there is a slight chance for some thunderstorms all the way from Dayton to Muncie. Hopefully our arrival in Muncie will remain dry, but even if it isn’t, we can wait it out in the car for a moment, and we’ll be fine. Besides, the AC will be on in the car.

Appalachians keep Roanoke mostly dry

The easterly flow caused by a trough over the Ohio Valley kept Roanoke fairly cloudy the past couple of days, which meant that furnaces didn’t really have to be turned on at night. It only got down to 44 degrees Wednesday morning. It cleared out on Tuesday and they climbed to 65 degrees before the cold front arrived. Fortunately for Roanokers, the Appalachians played an additional role yesterday, squeezing out most of the moisture before the front arrived in town. Still, there was a trace of rainfall in the afternoon. It wasn’t a very good forecast overall for any forecaster, but Weatherbug and Victoria notched the W.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 55, Low 44
Thursday – Trace of rain, High 65, Low 37

Grade: D

Roanoke, Virginia

From coast to coast, we go from California to Virginia for this December forecast. What are we in store for?

AT 1254PM, ET, Roanoke was seeing clear skies with a balmy temperature of 60 degrees. High pressure has been in place across the region for some time now, and it is paying off with above normal temperatures.
A trough in the western part of the country will tighten up as it moves into the Plains, generating, for the next two days, steepened ridging for Roanoke. Late in the period, the front associated with this trough will begin it’s eastward charge, and late in the day Thursday, a few showers and thunderstorms will arrive in Roanoke just before midnight Friday.
Tomorrow – Sunny and warm, High 59, Low 36
Thursday – Sunny, with increasing clouds and evening storms, High 64, Low 43

TWC: Tomorrow – A few clouds early, otherwise mostly sunny. High 58, Low 36
Thursday – Considerable cloudiness. High 62, Low 42

AW: Tomorrow – Clouds giving way to some sun High 59, Low 32
Thursday – Mostly cloudy and breezy; a couple of showers in the afternoon High 64, Low 41

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 59, Low 33
Thursday – A chance of showers after 1pm. Partly sunny High 63, Low 40

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 59, Low 34
Thursday – Partly sunny in the morning…then mostly cloudy with a chance of showers in the afternoon High 63, Low 40

Nobody else mentioned it, but with the front as vigorous as it will be, I think there certainly could be a rumble of thunder in beautiful Roanoke Thursday night. Stay tuned to see how it works out.

The rain shadow

Thunderstorms were a serious problem yesterday and last night from Arkansas to Georgia, as a cold front triggered some widespread supercells and eventually a line of strong thunderstorms that is still sweeping through southern Georgia. There was some moisture that swept north with the associated low pressure through southern Virginia, but the problems weren’t quite as notable. Westerly flow with the showers meant most of the moisture was sapped by the time it reached Roanoke. They didn’t even report any showers Friday and only a hundredth of an inch on Saturday, while temperatures remained cool thanks to an upsloping flow and clouds. The Weather Service had the top forecast in Roanoke, thanks to their chilly temperature numbers.
Actuals: Friday – High 49, Low 33
Saturday – .01 inches of rain, High 43, Low 36

Grade: C

Roanoke, Virginia to Raleigh, North Carolina

A pretty short road trip today, only 180 or so miles between neighboring states. There isn’t a major interstate connecting the two, so it’ll take a bit over 3 hours to cover the distance. Best to get a move on early during the day though, there’s a system a brewin’ out there! Also, it’s everything you wanted to know about the blog network in Raleigh! This will give you some quality reading material once you make it to the heartland of North Carolina.

A stationary boundary has set itself up over the Carolinas back into the TN Valley, continuing to a developing low pressure system over the Southern Plains. Plentiful moisture is being pumped into the Deep South as the low pressure will shift eastward towards the TN Valley by the afternoon hours, with the front continuing to sit over the Carolinas. Luckily, since we’re leaving mid-morning and should be in Raleigh shortly after noon, we should only see a few scattered showers out ahead of the system with otherwise cloudy skies for the duration of the trip. Later on in the day, however, some heavier rains could filter into the Raleigh area and a plume of rain and thunderstorms trek just south of the area. More severe weather is possible further to the south and west, so at least we shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Additionally, here’s the aforementioned links for your weekly Blog Roundup!

News 14 has a weather blog, however it doesn’t seem to be updated daily, only when significant events are moving through the region.

WRAL has a weather blog as well, which is updated slightly more often. They appear to have a Twitter feed too, which is pretty up-to-date with events going on.

Allan Huffman of the Examiner has a quality weather blog.

Lastly, Matthew East (who doesn’t have an advertised affiliation with a local TV station or newspaper) has a weather blog concerning weather affecting the Carolinas. Lots of data to peruse and enjoy!

Roanoke, Virginia

Our week is very mid-Atlantic heavy, and we are in the throes of it, with a Thursday forecast for Roanoke.

At 554PM, ET, Roanoke was reporting cloudy skies and a temperature of 48. There was an area of low pressure off the coast inducing easterly flow over Virginia, which when hemmed against the Appalachians was creating ribbons of clouds over the plains that gave way to overcast conditions.
An area of high pressure will push it’s way south into the middle of the country, abutting a jet moving from the upper Mississippi Valley towards Chesapeake Bay. This will mean a few ridge riding showers at the base of the ridge developing tomorrow afternoon and rolling over the Appalachians into Roanoke. Expect mostly cloudy skies tomorrow evening into the morning Saturday. A very weak surface trough will develop within this activity and head towards the Southeast, which will create a bit of southeasterly flow and upsloping for Saturday in Roanoke. Showers and storms will become more widespread through the day on Saturday as a result.
Tomorrow – Becoming cloudy with a chance of drizzle late, High 57, Low 31
Saturday- Cloudy with showers, High 53, Low 47

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny, along with a few afternoon clouds (late rain) High 56, Low 34
Saturday – Showers possible in the afternoon. High 50, Low 39

AW: Tomorrow – Partial sunshine High 54, Low 32
Saturday – Cloudy with a chance of rain High 53, Low 34

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 54, Low 34
Saturday – A chance of rain, mainly after 11am. Cloudy High 46, Low 38

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 55, Low 33
Saturday – Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain High 50, Low 36

The Weather Service is counting on some clouds to keep it chilly on Saturday. Unusual for them to be the outlier. Here is the satellite, showing what I was talking about with those clouds.