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Racine, Wisconsin to Oxnard, California

One coast to another for this 4 day trip. We’ll head from Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean, covering 2109 miles in the process. We are going to average 70.3mph, which is pretty good. Our first three days will have a goal of 562 miles thanks to that swift rate of speed, leaving the rest for a leisurely Monday.

DAY ONE (Friday)
We’re headed off through the Upper Midwest on Friday, and there is another wave moving into the region. There will be some isolated rain and snow, with a little convection possible in northern Minnesota into the Dakotas. We will be in neither, however, and we will enjoy a pretty nice, relaxed drive through Wisconsin and Iowa. There might be an isolated shower late in the day over northwestern Iowa, or perhaps in northeastern Nebraska, but I have a hunch the drive will be dry throughout the day. We’ll end it for the afternoon in Lincoln.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
Things are going to get a little dicier on Saturday. The system is going to sink further south, and there may be a few showers in Lincoln, but there will be a bit of a rain shadow through western Nebraska, but at the base of the trough producing this system, well, that’s where the real show will be. Don’t be surprised if there are widespread and heavy snowshowers from Fort Morgan to Denver, and then in the mountains west of the Mile High City. The threat for snow will be best south of the Palmer Divide, which is great news for us, as we will be north of that particular geographic feature. Snow will still be possible, and it will make driving… interesting. The day will end at Shiner Pass near Vail.

DAY THREE (Sunday)
It’ll be our time to shine on Easter. Snow will be shifting out of Colorado overnight, so we will simply be able to enjoy the scenery. Utah is vast and empty, so we will be able to really zip through the Beehive State under high pressure. We will pull up short of Las Vegas in the town of Riverside, Nevada for the night. Something squeamish for me about ending a high holiday in Sin City.

DAY FOUR (Monday)
There is a potent system threatening to sink south towards the southwestern United States by the early part of next week, but we will be driving before it can really make an impact along out route. Southern Nevada will be a bit breezy, but by the time we clear the Sierras and start headed towards the LA Basin, it should be pretty great SoCal weather. Not bad in Oxnard.

New Orleans, Louisiana to Racine, Wisconsin

Well, Spring Break is over, so time to head on back. Looks like it’ll take 2 days to get back from our Gulf Coast soiree to Racine, WI. It’s just over 1000 miles so it will take two days to return. Party’s over folks!

New Orleans


As alluded to in my forecast for New Orleans yesterday, an intensifying area of low pressure is shifting through the Mid-MS River Valley and trailing a strong cold front through the Southern Plains. Numerous thunderstorms developed today from MO down into central TX, stirring up cells capable of strong winds and large hail. This front will continue moving into the direct path of our route northward in the morning, but luckily the worst of the cells should have died off a while ago. We can expect showers and thunderstorms as we go northward through western MS, passing Jackson and continuing towards Memphis. By early afternoon, the cold front should be west of our route, so outside of a couple straggling showers, no more precip is expected on this leg, just some gusty northwest winds as we progress through extreme northeast Arkansas and eventually into Sikeston, MO, our destination for the night.


Today’s weather will be MUCH nicer for the final leg of the trip, as high pressure settled into the area overnight. Relatively light winds are expected and some sun is anticipated, but we can expect some increasing clouds as we make our way past Chicago and eventually into Racine for the night, as low pressure developing over the Upper Midwest will muck things up, but remain dry.


Racine, Wisconsin to Barnstable, Massachusetts

And we’re into the wind again. This two day road trip will get us to Barnstable in plenty of time for Labor Day. The drove is 1115 miles and will be at a pace of 63.1 mph. That means our first day, the shorter of the two, will be through after 8 hours and about 505 miles in a day.

This first day is going to be a real bear, if only because we have to take the longest, slowest route through Chicago. There will be a little bit of rain in the southern Great Lakes throughout the day. Temperatures near 90 surrounding this batch of instability suggest that most of the rain showers will be embedded with some thundersr. There is a weak upper level gradient suggesting elevated convection, and a high amplitude ridge is pressing into the area, so there will be some movement to the activity, but it won’t be strong or appear well organized. The threat will increase as the day goes on thanks to the advancing ridge and increased heating, with the heaviest storms likely over northern Ohio. We will slip into Pennsylvania and the town of Fairview, right along the coast of Lake Erie.

High pressure will hang out over southern New England through most of the day on Sunday. Some of that shower activity will filter east away from the southern Great Lakes, with showers and an isolated storm popping up in the Buffalo area in the early afternoon. That’s wonderful, but by that point, we should be in Syracuse, continuing to head east towards Barnstable, where the last weekend of summer will be warm and wonderful.

Racine, Wisconsin to Odessa, Texas

Well that was a short stay in Racine! Must have been at the in-laws. I’m kidding! I’m sure they’re swell folk. But anyways, now we must depart for Odessa, TX, a 1,286 mile, 3-day trip away. Away we go!



It’ll be a pleasant start to the day as we head south past Chicago and towards Bloomington-Normal. We can expect an increase in clouds and perhaps a few thundershowers between there and St. Louis, but luckily most of the heavy stuff should be off to the easy by the time we push on by. There might be a few lingering showers in southern Missouri as we make our way to Springfield for the night, but nothing too harrowing.


A boundary lifts north during the overnight hours, and by morning pretty much any precip should be well north of Springfield as we start our day heading towards Tulsa. Not much in the way of storms are expected today and we anticipate fairly sunny skies for the rest of the day as we cruise through Oklahoma City and eventually down into Wichita Falls, our stop for Day 2.


Lots of sun and a few high clouds are expected today on our relatively short leg, just 300 or so miles between Wichita Falls and Odessa. Given the speed limits in the state, we should make it there by lunch, then enjoy the rest of the day roaming the city!


Charleston, West Virginia to Racine, Wisconsin

Everytime I see Racine I’m reminded of the movie A League Of Their Own. Solid movie if you haven’t seen it. Today’s trip there will only take one day, but it’ll be a long one. Hopefully nothing from the sky slows us down!


A cloudy morning is expected with perhaps a couple sprinkles dotting the landscape as we head off towards southern Ohio. An area of low pressure is trailing a trough through the Ohio Valley and showers and thunderstorms are expected along it throughout the morning hours. We’ll have to dodge these as we make our way past Dayton, but once we get past it and head towards Indianapolis, it should be smooth sailing the rest of the way. We should get some sun even as we make our way around Chicago and cruise along the shores of Lake Michigan and into Racine.


Unexpectedly balmy

Leading into Easter weekend, it seemed as though Racine was expecting to nose into a more respectable spring time pattern. Racine went above and beyond our estimation, with highs reaching the 50s each of the two days of the forecast period, even climbing to 57 on Saturday. Accuweather, thanks to hitting the precipitation forecast as well as having the best overnight lows, netted the victory.
Actuals: Friday – High 50, Low 28
Saturday – Rain reported, none measured, High 57, Low 30

Grade: C

Racine, Wisconsin

I’m running behind today, so now I am Racine to get this forecast done. Yeah? No? Oh. Sorry.

At 753PM, CT, Racine was reporting a temperature of 39 degrees with clear skies. The upper level pattern was devoid of any significant waves, and at the surface, a weak pressure pattern had become entrenched over the Great Lakes.
Unfortunately, the next wave to influence the country will be coming from the Yukon. The next two days in Racine will likely be quite pleasant and with notes of spring, but late in the day into the evening on Saturday, some showers will move into the region, portending a chilly end to the month.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 43, Low 27
Saturday – Increasingly cloudy with some rain showers late, High 47, Low 29

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 45, Low 27
Saturday – Mostly Sunny High 54, Low 34

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 44, Low 26
Saturday – Intervals of clouds and sunshine (rain after 8) High 50, Low 30

NWS: Tomorrrow – Sunny High 45, Low 33
Saturday – A 10 percent chance of rain after 5pm. Mostly sunny, High 53, Low 33

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny. High 43, Low 29
Saturday – Partly sunny. A 20 percent chance of light rain in the afternoon. High 45, Low 33

Quite the discrepancy between the WEather Service and Weatherbug today. Odd. Very lonely clouds on the Great Lakes satellite tonight.

Racine, Wisconsin to Asheville, North Carolina

It’s the only legitimate forecast that we Victoria-Weather meteorologists will put forth this week, and it’s for a day and a half trans-Appalachia road trip. We are covering 733 miles at a pace of 60.1mph, slowed by a trip through Chicago and some elevation changes. This will even out to about 481 miles on the first day on the road, finishing it off on Wednesday. To the Forecastmobile!


It’s not often that we leave our first location and spend a couple hours driving through an urban environment, but driving through Chicago, that’s exactly what we will do. We will pass through Indiana, the corner of Ohio where Cincinnati lies, and eventually Lexington, Kentucky, meaning a busy, fairly urban day that will end in Barea, Kentucky, which is about an hour south of Lexington. It’s cool today in Racine, but we can expect a quick warm up in town tomorrow as we leave, and some gusty headwinds until about Indianapolis. After that, though, no problems on our way to Barea.

An area of low pressure developing in the Great Lakes will generate a cold front in the Ohio Valley in the early morning on Wednesday. As long as we leave Barea on time, we will be able to get to Asheville without any problems, but if we dawdle too much, we might see a stray shower. When we are in Asheville, the rain will follow shortly after we arrive, no matter how the rest of the day goes.