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The rain in Maine

Low pressure kept streaking across New England this week, but the most recent rounds merely grazed Portland. Not much ultimately reached the ground on Tuesday or Wednesday, the first at the tail end of activity from a cold front, and Wednesday’s bout affiliated with wrap around flow, with only a hundredth measured on either day of the forecast period. We were the only outlet with rain in the forecast both days, and were near the top of the temperature forecast, collecting the top forecast.
Actuals: Tuesday – .01 inches of rain, High 57, Low 42
Wednesday – .01 inches of rain, High 58, Low 39

Grade: B-D

Portland, Maine to Reno, Nevada

We’re not quite crossing the country, technically, but driving from Maine to western Nevada qualifies as “almost”. It’s a 5 ½ day trip from Portland to Reno, covering almost 3000 miles, putting us at a pace of 67.6mph. we’ll lose most of that time in New England, because I-80 will be very forgiving through the center of the country. Expect 541 a day, which will be pushing it on Day One, but easy in subsequent days.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)

Cool high pressure has infiltrated New England, but that’s only going to last today. Expect a little post frontal trough to rotate through the eastern Great Lakes into tomorrow, and intercept our course in the mid afternoon. The particular concern this time, is that temperatures are going to be chilly enough that snow flurries aren’t out of the question, and starting in Herkimer, New York and continuing west through the Finger Lakes, there will be a chance for some light flurries until we arrive in Dunkirk, south of Buffalo. We’ll potentially have snow on the ground as we call it a night in western New York.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
The nice thing about our burst of snow on Wednesday is that it will move very quickly to the east. We’ll be in clear skies by the time the sun rises on Dunkirk, and high pressure is going to set up across the Great Lakes and central Plains by the end of the week. There won’t be a threat for any showers, storms, or maybe even clouds throughout the day. We’ll make t to Ottawa, Illinois by day’s end.

DAY THREE (Friday)
The drive west on Friday will be a bit more tenuous. There are the early indications of a cold front developing just west of the Mississippi, though nobody is completely sold on the precipitable impact for our route. If we see any wet weather, it will come quickly between the Quad Cities and Des Moines. After Des Moines, expect blustery conditions and a noticeable drop in temperature. We’ll stop between Lincoln and Kearney, in Shelton, Nebraska, where it will be cooler but dry.

DAY FOUR (Saturday)
If we thought we had high pressure on Thursday, well, the ridge setting up on Saturday will really knock our socks off. It’s going to be so stable in Nebraska and Wyoming as the weekend gets underway. We’ll reach Table Rock in south central Wyoming to end the day. Good luck finding a spot to stay, but it’s going to be extremely tranquil, wherever we go.

DAY FIVE (Sunday)
The monsoon season isn”t quite over in the southwest, but it is seriously slowed down. Showers are going to work their way north into Nevada, but a large part of the activity will stay down around Las Vegas. Still, don’t be completely surprised if there is a dark cloud on the southern horizon between Wells and our destination for Sunday night, Valmy, Nevada.

DAY SIX (Monday)
Monday looks like a pretty good day for driving to Reno, so long as you stay out of the mountains. You are staying on the route, and out of the mountains, right? Because there will be some high elevation snow up in those things. Reno? Reno looks real nice. 

Portland, Maine

We’re going to have another New England forecast today, bouncing on off to downstate Maine. My experience with Maine is that it is the New Englandiest part of New England, in the traditional sense of the temperament of the people. It’s also near peak for the fall colors, so I guess we’ll look to the forecast to see if now is the time to head that direction.

At 1151AM, ET, Portland was reporting a temperature of 50 degrees with light rain. An area of low pressure in southeast Canada was headed for the Maritimes, with a cold front running the spine of the Appalachians. Most of the rain right now was in the higher terrain in the Green and white Mountains, and would likely remain so until the cold front arrived on the coast late tonight. The low is moving extremely quickly, and the associated jet is quite strong, so before, during and after frontal passage, expect some blustery conditions.
There may be a bit of rain after the boundary slides through town in the early morning hours Tuesday, but a scouring flow will usher the rain quickly out of town by sunrise, leaving in place a brisk morning. The wind will taper by afternoon, though the day will remain chilly. An inverted trough swinging through Canada behind the initial low will bring even colder air and some scattered showers. Snow is not out of the question in the afternoon, though more likely inland.
Tomorrow – Early showers, then breezy and clear, High 54, Low 43
Wednesday – Increasing clouds, a late sprinkle or flurry, High 56, low 37

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny skies. High 55, Low 43
Wednesday – Partly cloudy high 57, low 42

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny; winds gradually subsiding High 56, Low 44
Wednesday – Partly sunny; windy High 57, Low 44

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 55, Low 41
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 55, low 44

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny High 53, Low 45
Wednesday – Partly sunny, High 55, Low 42

WN: Tomorrow = Sunny, High 55, Low 46
Wednesday – Partly cloudy with isolated showers, High 55, Low 44

FIO: Tomorrow –Breezy until afternoon and mostly cloudy until morning (earl rain). High 60, Low 44
Wednesday – Partly cloudy starting in the morning, continuing until evening, and breezy starting in the afternoon. High 59, Low 43

Literally nobody is on board with my precipitation forecasts. I’m still going to let it ride. Here is the rain in the area this morning

Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Portland, Oregon

After a couple of short, single day trips, we’re headed off for a 5 day trip from the southeast to the northwest. It doesn’t get much longer than this. It does, but not much. The drive will cover 2741 miles, which we will cover at a pace of 68.5mph, and will evenly distribute 548 miles on each of the 5 days.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
With troughing across the east coast and an area of low pressure over the northern Plains, there is a pocket of dry air between those regions. We’ll see sunny skies with above average temperatures from Fort Walton Beach all the way to Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, where we will stop for the night.

DAY TWO (Friday)
Low pressure will deepen rapidly in the Colorado Plains, with southerly flow producing hot, humid air over the central Plains. While driving in our air conditioned vehicle, this won’t mean a whole lot, so what actually is relevant to our road tripping is the continued clear skies through Oklahoma and much if Kansas. We’re going to pull in to Brewster, Kansas to polish off our Tuesday.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
Low pressure will shift north towards the Dakotas and Canadian Prairies. There will be some weak, morning thunderstorms as we leave Brewster in western Kansas, but we will be in the stable cold sector by the time we hit the Colorado line. We’ll make it to Laramie without any problems, but on the back end of the low, temperatures might be cool enough for some mountain snows as we head west through southern Wyoming. Be careful in the Passes! We’ll stop for the night in Purple Sage, Wyoming, near Rock Springs.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
By Sunday, we will be well west of any action, embedded within high pressure over the Rockies. We’ll make it through northern Utah, southern Idaho and right up to the Oregon border in Huntington, on the Oregon side of the Snake River.

DAY FIVE (Monday)
There is going to be another heat wave out west. We’re headed to Portland in the face of another bout of late season warmth. It won’t be anything like we would expect in the Pacific Northwest. Expect sunny skies, and not even a hint of rain.

Not far inland enough

I had suspected that temperatures at the airport in Portland would end up being fairly warm, more so than those forecasting for other outlets anticipated, especially on Wednesday when a southerly flow was expected to fill into downstate Maine. It did, but it brought with it much more cool ocean air than V-W expected. We were well off the pace as a result, but The Weather Channel was definitely on point, earning the victory.
Actuals: Tuesday, High 86, Low 57
Wednesday – High 82, Low 59

Grade: A-C

Portland, Maine

This isn’t going to be your typical Maine forecast. Not with temperatures all the way up in the 90s across New England, it won’t be. How long will the heat last?

At 951 PM, ET, Portland was reporting clear skies and a temperature of 63 degrees. There are clear skies across the region ahead of an upper level ridge moving into the area. Dew points are close to 60, so given the clear skies and low temperature spread even before midnight, a foggy night is expected.
A deep area of low pressure over the Upper Midwest will be forced north towards western Ontario by the ridge advancing into New England. The flow at the leading edge of the low will drive hot humid air into New England through the middle of the week. The upper 80s to 90 degrees are not out of the question. There will be a few showers and storms in the higher inland terrain, but Portland, nearer the coast, will be left to swelter.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, with morning fog High 88, Low 58
Wednesday – Increasing clouds and warmth, High 90, Low 65

TWC: tomorrow- Partly cloudy. High 86, Low 58
Wednesday – Mostly sunny. High 82 Low 61

AW: Tomorrow – Seasonably warm with periods of clouds and sunshine High 80, Low 59
Wednesday – Partly sunny, seasonably warm and more humid High 79, Low 62

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 85, Low 58
Wednesday – Sunny, High 85, Low 64

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 83, Low 58
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 82, Low 61

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 86, Low 59
Wednesday – Mostly Sunny High 84, Low 64

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 81, Low 58
Wednesday – Partly cloudy overnight. High 77, Low 63

I think I am at a distinct advantage here. You see, the airport in Portland, the official ASOS station, is inland of the coast, where many other outlets are forecasting for. Here is a look at the crystal clear satellite.


Corvallis, Oregon to Portland, Maine

This should have been up last night, but real-life intervened. And by that I mean Fall Season Premiere Week (seriously, go watch The Blacklist after you finish reading this post!!!) This road trip will actually cover an entire week, as we’ll need 7 days to cover the 3,270 miles between these two cities. Will we make it to Portland in time for the premiere of Amazing Race? This trip will seem like it’s own race!



A trough is swinging through the Pacific Northwest, bringing plentiful rains to the Cascades and even our first winter storm to portions of Montana and northwest Wyoming. Luckily, it’ll just be scattered showers along our trip past Salem and heading east out of Portland. It will be a showery, gloomy day as we head east on I-84 for the entire day, but the showers won’t give us any breaks as we head southeastward over eastern OR and into western ID. We finish our soggy day in Boise.


Our storm system kinda stalls out over the Northern Rockies down to the Great Basin, but we’ll still be encountering rain showers at the start of our day as we continue eastward out of Boise. The heaviest activity will be found over northwest WY, which is luckily north of our route, so we’ll be subject to more scattered showers just like the first day. We end our day in Rock Springs, WY to regroup for day 3.


The storm system will start lifting out of the Dakotas and into southern Canada during the day today, taking with it most of the precip associated with the system. While a boundary will continue to linger down into the Four Corners region, precip will be found mostly back over the Rockies and leave the Plains windy, but mainly dry. We might see a couple lingering rain showers as we head eastward through WY on I-80 during the day and continue into Nebraska with dry weather for the afternoon and evening. One thing to keep an eye on, however, is flooding along the South Platte, which is a product of the epic CO flooding the other week. We finish the day in Lexington, NE.


Well, during the night the frontal system caught up to us. It’ll be an overcast start to the day with a few possible showers as the front is draped from the Central Dakotas down to the TX Panhandle. We’ll once again encounter a few showers as we continue our eastward jaunt on I-80, but should taper off as we pass by Omaha. The remainder of the day should be dry as we finish up in Davenport.


Finally, a quiet day! A large area of high pressure had taken hold over the Northeast and Eastern Great Lakes, flexing its muscles over pretty much everywhere east of the Mississippi River. Luckily, 99% of our trip today is east of said river, so clouds will decrease through the day and we’ll get plenty of sun as we cruise on south of Chicago and through northern Indiana before settling in Cleveland for the end of the day.


Another day, more high pressure! Not much to really say for today, other than enjoy the scenery as we push eastward through NY and finish the day in Albany. Almost there!


A tiny sliver of high pressure remains over New England, sandwiched between the remains of the oncoming front and an area of low pressure developing off the coast. Thankfully, today’s leg is a pretty short one, and we cruise into Portland safe and sound!

Portland Aerial

Maine’ly cloudy

I think this is a good example of bad puns. But really, if you can decipher my not so clever word play, you can certainly infer that there were some clouds in Portland. There were, along with some pretty thick fog. Temperatures were able to climb above 60 despite the clouds and the flow off the sea on Monday (The ended up 1 degree off the record high). Accuweather had the top temperature forecast, but were waylaid by the drizzle that was squeezed out on Tuesday. This split the forecast, with Accuweather and Victoria-Weather claiming the top forecast, if not top Maine related weather joke.
Actuals: Monday, High 63, Low 44
Tuesday, .02 inches of rain, High 57, Low 48

Grade: C

Portland, Maine

Off to the east coast, which I can promise you will be a decidedly unpleasant forecast. Well, the forecast will be pleasant, the weather will not be.

At 551PM, ET, Portland was reporting a temperature of 50 degrees with overcast skies and a developing bank of fog across the area. A warm front over central New England was allowing moisture to pool in the area, however the real culprit is a sharp trough in the eastern third of the United States that is drawing easterly flow and fog across the Eastern Seaboard. There will be dense fog tonight, and perhaps through most of the day tomorrow.
At the base of the aforementioned trough, there is a great deal of cycologenesis. The new low developing along the trough will rob the cold front of it’s moisture, and it will wither away. That said, a vigorous easterly flow will continue even as the low draws moisture away from downstate Maine. Nearly day long fog will be possible in Portland on Monday and Tuesday. The low that does develop will almost resemble a hurricane on satellite, and begin to bring some light rain to Portland very late on Tuesday.
Tomorrow – Cloudy and foggy, High 57, Low 45
Tuesday – Very cloudy and foggy, with some light rain late, High 55, low 45

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy. Near record high temperatures. High 63, Low 46
Tuesday – Overcast High 54, Low 43

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy and not as cool (PM rain) High 59, Low 44
Tuesday – Variable cloudiness High 57, Low 45

NWS: Tomorrow – Areas of fog before noon. Otherwise, mostly cloudy High 58, Low 46
Tuesday – A chance of rain, mainly after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, High 53, Low 45

WB: Tomorrow – Areas of fog in the morning. Mostly cloudy. Visibility one quarter mile or less at times in the morning. High 56, Low 43
Tuesday – Highs in the lower 50s. Light and variable winds… high 55, Low 45

I just think it will be too cloudy for radiative warming, and drawing moisture off the sea, at least to the 60 degree mark, simply seems…. unlikely. Here is the radar, showing a blip of rain over Maine. That’s where the lingering warm front is.

Portland, Maine to Elmira, New York

We’re taking one day to travel through interior New England, driving from beautiful downstate Maine to beautiful downstate New York. The 462 miles of the trip are mostly not on major interstates, and we won’t move terribly swiftly. We will only inch along at 60mph, but it’s all right, given the scenery.

There is a cold front setting itself up through the mid Atlantic, kind of following an arcing path through that area. It’s going to set off some thunderstorms over eastern New York this afternoon, but will slowly drift out of our route tonight. We’re going to have to deal with some trailing showers, probably after we reach the Oneonta, New York area lasting into Elmira, but the rest of the drive will be quiet and very easily manageable. Enjoy the drive!