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Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Killeen, Texas

Today we embark on a road trip that will take us from the Desert Southwest to the heart of Texas! 1,183 miles separate Lake Havasu from Killeen, and it’ll take 3 days to cover the ground, so sadly it will take all weekend to do so.


Some high overcast skies are expected as we depart the area and head east on I-40 as a system is pushing its way over the Western US, bringing more plentiful rains and mountain snows to the Sierras and Northern Rockies. Luckily, we’ll be ahead of the system today and shouldn’t encounter any significant winds either. We’ll end this fairly uneventful day in Albuquerque.


An area of low pressure develops over the Central Plains out as the energy from over the Western US finally begins to eject out over the Plains. High clouds will continue over the region, and once again, we’ll be avoiding the precip today as the main bulk of it remains caught up in the Four Corners region as well as some light activity possibly being found off to the northeast of our route. Winds will probably be a bit gustier from the south as we make our way past Lubbock and eventually into Abilene for the night


High pressure continues to barrel southward over the Central/Southern Plains, however winds will continue to be elevated as low pressure cutoff over the Southwest will keep the gradient up over the region. Clouds will be more plentiful today, with a lower stratus layer expected to linger through much of the morning. Some of it might break up as our short day ends in Killeen around noon, but sunshine won’t be terribly long-lived today.

Killeen, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

All right, we’re ready to go back out on the road! It’s just going to be a short, one day trek lasting only about 5 hours.┬áThe mileage between our to loci is 346 miles, which will lead to an average speed of 66.3mph. It would be faster, but I hear that DFW can be a mess, especially on a Monday.

It definitely seems like a late season pattern across the country tonight, and that will continue through tomorrow. The Gulf has pretty much shut down, thanks to strong laminar flow through the center of the country, and slow to emerge surface troughing. That said, the Red River Valley is well south of that flow, so it will be warm and dry from Killeen to OKC.
Oklahoma City

Killeen, Texas to Logan, Utah

Two days and change for our trip through the emptiest swath of the continental United States. The drive will cover a total of 1330 miles, but it’s not a straight shot. That means our pace will be a paltry 63.2mph, which will lead to only 505 miles a day. Good luck with this drive. It’s going to be awful lonely.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
It’s full on monsoon season in the Rockies, as well as Omega blocking season in the Mississippi Valley. That means when we encounter elevation, we will also encounter the threat for thunderstorms. Fortunately, on Tuesday, we have a lot of Texas to get through first. Eastern New Mexico will be just as dry as Texas, but it will be a lot closer to the action. We’ll stop for the night at Lake Sumner, and in the distance at night, we will likely see some lightning off in the distance. There is a small chance that one small storm may pop up over us overnight, so plan for that, but don’t expect it.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
A weak wave developing in the northern High Plains is threatening to change the pattern as it emerges out of the northern Rockies. The convection will be limited over the central Rockies, but some murky shower activity will be possible through New Mexico. Flow out of Mexico will trigger deeper convection over southern New Mexico, and turning away from Albuquerque will be of great benefit to us. There may still be valley fog all the way to Cortez, Colorado, but it should clear a bit for the final home stretch. The day will end in Dove Creek, near the Utah border with Colorado.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
This is what you expect when driving out west. High pressure in Utah will help keep things fairly warm, and will certainly be dry. Bring some CDs, because you aren’t getting cell reception out here, and there isn’t a radio tower for hundreds of miles. Logan is going to feel like Manhattan when we get there.

How did that happen?

The city of Killeen has two airports, the one shared with Fort Hood, where official measurements are taken, and Skylark field, where temperatures are measured, but the NWS uses Fort Hood. They are less than a 20 minute drive from one another, and about 10 miles apart. Their low temperatures were each a dozen degrees apart. How on earth… Anyways, with the official Fort Hood measurement, Accuweather had the top forecast.
ACtuals (???) – Monday – High 64, Low 50
Tuesday – High 69, Low 44

Grade – B

Killeen, Texas

If it seems like we do a lot of forecasts in Texas, it’s because we do. There are a lot of cities in Texas.

At 1135AM, CT, Killeen was reporting a temperature off 66 degrees with clear skies and a vigorous southerly flow, with gusts to 25mph. This southerly flow is responsible for the already warm air, as well as the pleasant day anticipated in central Texas. The culprit for this flow is a deep, sharp trough sweeping into the Plains from the Rockies.
While a cold front will begin to emerge over the northern Plains, return flow off the Gulf will bring rain, heavy at times, to eastern Texas tomorrow. The rain will develop further east than Killeen as the upper level front begins to press into Texas. Cooler and drier air, accompanied by northwesterly flow, will move into the region by the afternoon. The cooler air will be short lived, as the trough is narrow, and will move quickly. Expect a return to calm weather and a more laminar flow, with dry west Texas air arriving for Monday.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, but clearing late. High 65, Low 44
Monday – Sunny, High 66, Low 36

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 69, Low 52
Monday – Sunny, High 72, Low 41

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny to partly cloudy High 65, Low 47
Monday – Plenty of sunshine High 68, Low 40

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 66, Low 46
Monday – Sunny, High 68, Low 36

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 64, Low 46
Monday – Sunny High 68, Low 37

That is weather I can seriously get behind. Just a reminder, but be sure to check out the Victoria-Weather forums, where Anthony and I will be discussing the weather and our forecasts and anything else that comes up. Here is the satellite, showing just a bit of junk around southern Texas.

Albany, New York to Killeen, Texas

The drive from Albany to Killeen is a surprising (to me, anyways) 3 1/2 day drive covering 1825 miles. Part of the reason we will cover this ground over the course of half a week is our pace of 63.7mph, which means 510 miles a day. If we were driving out West, you better believe we would get this distance done in 3 days flat. But we aren’t. It’s time to go.


There is another Nor’Easter headed along the Gulf Stream this week, though nowhere near as devastating as the one the region saw earlier in the week. In fact, it’s nowhere close to devastating. There is a chance for some blustery winds and maybe some drizzle or light rain over the New York City area, but by the time we have passed through Allentown, Pennsylvania, we will be problem free to finish off the day. We will make it to Buchanan, Virginia, snuggled against the Appalachians by days end.

We are going to cover Tennessee the long way, which means that we won’t make it from Buchanan to Arkansas all in one day. Instead we will make it to Only, Tennessee. I mean, we will make it only to Tennessee. No, wait, I had it right the first time. And the second time. The weather will be far less confusing, with nothing significant to look forward to for the drive.

It will be raining in Only when we awake to be on our way Thursday morning. There sill be a trough sweeping the nation, much like Disco in the 70s. A surface low will pass just north of the Ohio River, and rain in Only could be vigorous at times. Fortunately, the dry air behind the rain will meet us around Memphis, and our damp drive will be short lived. Any wind gusts will taper as we cross into Arkansas and we will have good weather all the way to Saltillo, Texas, between Mount Pleasant and Sulphur Springs.

Don’t worry about the weather, just keep your eyes on the road. Weather should be good for almost a week in eastern Texas. Well, good if you don’t like rain. Given the drought across the state, they could probably go for a drop or two. No smoking in Killeen!

Columbus, Georgia to Killeen, Texas

We’re staying in the south for our two day road trip, where it will undoubtedly be hot, hot, hot. It’s an 883 mile journey that we will cover at a pace of 62.8mph, also known as a 502 mile daily pace. If you can do the math in your head, that means day two will be a little bit shorter than day one. Let’s burn up the roads that may or may not already be burned up by the 90 degree temperatures.


There is some threat over Alabama and Georgia for a few showers early tomorrow as a front stalls over Tennessee and southerly flow will be strong ahead of it. The added moisture and cooling temperatures over night could bring up some drizzle. However, that drizzle will likely be north of our route and should burn off almost as soon as the sun comes up. It’s going to simply be hot and sticky as we make our way west through Montgomery and Jackson, eventually on to Arcadia, Louisiana, between Ruston and Shreveport.

There could be a bit of haze again as we get our morning cup of Joe (I actually don’t care for coffee… I’ll be having a Pepsi), but by the time we leave things will be in good shape once again. Eastern Texas will be no cooler than Alabama and Mississippi had been, and may even be a tick warmer. Another developing low over the central Plains is expected to touch off some thunderstorms northwest of Fort Worth, but that’s a problem for the future. No problems as we drive into Killeen.

Midland, Texas to Killeen, Texas

Texas is a big state. This is how a trip that stays in state can last over 5 hours. Expect a slow drive (56.7mph on average), as we’ll need to take quite a few state highways and county roads as we cover the 296 miles between the two cities.

Most of Texas will be in great shape tomorrow, and Midland and Killeen are no exceptions. An area of low pressure off the Mexican coast will prevent any moisture from filtering past the Texas coast, while the recent influx of cooler air will keep temperature more manageable than they have been all summer. It should be a happy drive to Killeen.