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Deltona, Florida to Muskegon, Michigan

Today we embark on a 1,257-mile, 3-day road trip from nearly coast to coast! The Atlantic Coast to Lake Michigan coast that is. One of my oldest friends lives in Muskegon, so let’s go pay her a visit, shall we??


Okay, I know I was using the Atlantic Coast moniker a bit loosely, with Deltona being found a good 20-miles or so inland from Daytona. But that’s just a quick jaunt to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream! A boundary that’s been lingering over the FL Peninsula is keeping overcast skies around the Deltona area and we can expect some morning fog as we make our way towards Daytona. After that, however, skies should clear up and mostly sunny skies will greet up as we head towards Jacksonville, then head west/north on I-75 and continue into Georgia, with mostly clear skies all the way to Atlanta, our stop for the night.


A strong area of high pressure continues to push down into the Midwest/Ohio Valley, bringing increasing frigid temperatures with it. This is keeping skies mostly clear as well, and today should be more of the same from yesterday. Sunny skies greet us as we push towards Chattanooga and eventually past Nashville before finishing the day in Louisville, much colder than when we started. Put on your party hats, it’s New Years Eve!


Happy New Year! We’re gonna get a late start on the day because, well, hangovers are no fun. Also, the temperature this morning is going to be sub-zero, so lets let things warm up a bit before we head even further north. Mostly sunny skies will start our final leg, but clouds will increase as we head into Lower Michigan and eventually we’ll get caught up in some lake effect snow as north-northwest winds prevail over the region. It’ll be a slower drive throughout the afternoon hours thanks to these bands, but we eventually make it to Muskegon by early evening. Time for more celebrating!

Atlanta, Georgia to Deltona, Florida

Just a short road trip for us today, about 435 miles over neighboring states. However, it’s going to be ripe with interesting weather. Mother Nature is making sure it’s no picnic of a trip into the Sunshine State!

As we start our day off, the main area of low pressure is shifting through IL towards the Southern Great Lakes. A strong cold front trailing the low has been pushing eastward over the last couple of days and has been pumping copious amounts of moisture out ahead of it. While the front itself won’t make it to our route southward, plenty of showers and thunderstorms will spread over GA throughout the late morning and early afternoon hours. By early afternoon, we’ll have made our way across the FL state line and passing by Jacksonville, so most of the activity by now affecting us will just be some scattered showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. This will be the case for the remainder of the trip down the east side of the FL Peninsula as we continue into Deltona. The heavier rains and stronger thunderstorms won’t make it down that far until the overnight hours into early Thursday morning, but hopefully we should be asleep as they roll through.