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Anniston, Alabama to Weirton, West Virginia

As Florence continues to bear down on the Eastern Seaboard, we’re taking a 2-day road trip from northern Alabama to extremely northern West Virginia. Why are we driving into the possible future path of Florence? Heck if we know.


High pressure controls the Great Lakes down into the Deep South, keeping scattered shower activity mainly east of the Appalachians. We can expect increasing clouds throughout the day as we head north to Chattanooga then to Knoxville before continuing northward to Lexington, where we finish up the day.


High pressure loses its’ grip a bit on the region, leading to mostly cloudy to overcast skies throughout the day. While we should see dry conditions on our route through southern Ohio, there’s still a chance a couple stray afternoon showers could dot our windshields. It really shouldn’t be an issue though, so an easy jaunt into Weirton is expected.

Thunderstorm Keeps Things Cool

Everybody expected thunderstorms on Friday at Anniston, and the weather delivered. A morning thunderstorm dropped almost a quarter-inch of rain, along with a nearly 50mph wind gust to boot! That storm, however, along with persistent clouds kept the high temperature significantly lower than anybody though, throwing the numbers out of whack a bit. Saturday was pretty much as advertised, dry and in the upper 60s. The Weather Channel took home top honors.

Friday: 0.22″ of rain in morning thunderstorm. High 68, Low 58.
Saturday: High 67, Low 46.
Forecast Grade: B

Anniston, Alabama

Before I go on vacation, I’m going to finish off with a nice little forecast for the deep south. There is a blizzard in the Twin Cities and I have a flight in the morning. Peachy. At least the forecast down south will be, if nothing else, much much warmer!

At 1053PM, CT, Anniston was reporting a temperature of 71 degrees with clear skies. They found themselves in surprisingly dry air with a dew point in the 50s, while thunderstorms to the west were feasting on dew points in the 60s and 70s. A well formed area of low pressure was moving through the northern Plains towards the Great Lakes, and was extending a cold front through the Ozarks. It was this activity that is leading to the surprisingly warm temperatures at this hour, as well as the thunderstorms west of Alabama.
Those low dew points should come in handy tomorrow. While the storms today have been quite vigorous, they will lose some of their edge tomorrow with less fueld to work with. There is still a possibility of some strong thunderstorms, but the activity won’t be as tornadic or supercellular, with the primary threat coming from frontal momentum, as the system itself is still quite strong. The front will move through in the evening tomorrow and will be out of town by morning on Saturday, giving way to a cool, pleasant beginning to the weekend.
Tomorrow – Thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. High 75, Low 55
Saturday, Clearing and cooler High 66, Low 45

TWC: Tomorrow – T-Storms High 75, Low 56
Saturday – Partly Cloudy High 68, Low 46

AW: Tomorrow – A couple of strong thunderstorms around; mostly cloudy; storms can bring damaging winds High 75, Low 57
Saturday – Sun and some clouds High 69, Low 48

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers and thunderstorms, High 72, Low 51
Saturday – Sunny High 66, Low 45

WB: Tomorrow – Slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning…then thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. High 74, Low 52
Saturday – Sunny. High 69, Low 46

WN: Tomorrow – Isolated Storms High 73, Low 64
Saturday – Mostly Sunny High 70, Low 45

There will be storms, it will be interesting tomorrow, but at least I don’t think it will be quite as crazy there as it has been from southern Illinois to Oklahoma and northern Texas today. Here is a satellite image to demonstrate just how vast the system is.

Anniston, Alabama to Beaumont, Texas

On the road again, through Alabama, Louisiana and a small bit of Texas. It’s a drive that will take just shy of 10 hours and cover 643 miles. That will allow us a pace of about 65 miles. Compared to our last few trips, this is nothin! Let’s hit the road.

After an extremely rainy weekend, the southeast will relish the weather we drive through tomorrow. After some morning fog along the Gulf coast, we can expect things to clear out nicely, giving us now problems as we head to the southwest. A system moving through the northern Plains will tap into the Gulf for moisture, adding to a stream of clouds when we get west of Lafayette, Louisiana. The models are hinting at light rain, but it’s likely just picking up on low clouds. We will see these clouds for only the last couple of hours, from Lafayette to Beaumont. Not bad at all.

Snow in Alabama?!

Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise since I mentioned this for the Anniston forecast a couple of days ago. Yes, they did see snow in Anniston, only a trace on Thursday, but a little bit more on Wednesday, before the forecast period. It stayed fairly cool on Thursday, not even reaching 40 in northern Alabama, and the temperature on Friday bottomed out at a chilly 17, cold for Alabama, and colder than anyone had in the forecast. The Weather Service, however, had the top forecast for the surprisingly wintry Anniston.
Actuals: Thursday – Trace of snow, High 37, Low 21
Friday – High 47, Low 17

Grade: C

Anniston, Alabama

Anthony mentioned that he never gets any weather in his forecasts. Well, I do. Snow in Alabama!

At 1053AM, CT, Anniston was reporting a temperatures of 42 degrees with clear skies. An area of low pressure developing over the western Gulf of Mexico was tapping into some Arctic air driven south by a very cold dome of high pressure and was creating a broad area of snow over Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Anniston is currently in a winter storm warning in anticipation of this boundaries arrival, though there are no reports of precipitation in the state yet.
The low itself was not vertically stacked with it’s upper level support, which suggests continued strengthening as the system shifts northeast, however the strengthening is likely to be an eventual redevelopment over the Gulf Stream. In the short term, there is no reason to suggest that the system will deteriorate as it marches eastward. There may be some rain at the outset, but by sunrise tomorrow, rain will have changed to snow, and a couple of inches are possible in Anniston. Things will clear quickly, and the afternoon will be pleasant, if chilly tomorrow. Expect a sun fueled warm up for Friday.
Tomorrow – Early morning rain changes to snow by sunrise. Clearing by late morning, High 42, Low 29
Friday – Sunny, High 50, Low 22

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies (snow overnight) High 46, Low 27
Friday – Sunny High 48, Low 24

AW: Tomorrow – Colder with clouds giving way to some sun (morning snow) High 44, Low 26
Friday – Mostly sunny High 46, Low 21

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny (early AM snow) High 39, Low 27
Friday – Sunny High 45, Low 22

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy (early AM snow) High 41, Low 27
Friday – Sunny High 48, Low 23

A look at the visible satellite shows the wall of precipitation just now edging into Mississippi. I have it moving a bit slower than my counter parts, which would mean precip later into the day, but the fact remains the same… it’s going to snow in Anniston.

Hopefully, the air conditioning worked

Here in Minnesota, where Victoria-Weather has our headquarters, we get a stretch of 90s, and it’s a big time drain on the energy bill, what with the air conditioning running all the time. I can’t imagine what it’s like down in Alabama, where it’s hot and humid for several months out of the year. Anniston was mostly sunny through the past two days save for a brief thunderstorm both Thursday and Friday. Temperatures were allowed to sneak up into the 90s, like they always do, and the lows never dipped below 75. Victoria-Weather had the top forecast for the steamy city.
Actuals: Thursday – .03 inches of rain in thunderstorms, High 94, ow 77
Friday – Thunderstorms reported, precip not measured, High 91, Low 75

Grade: A

Ames, Iowa to Anniston, Alabama

It’s an alliterative road trip to take us to the end of the week from soggy Ames to humid Anniston. We’ll take almost 2 full days to cover the 922 miles that we we want to cover. The route will allow us to cover 63mph, and about 506 miles on the first day. It’s going to be damp at beginning and end. How about the middle?


The only issue we should have on our first day will be leaving Ames. With the recent flooding the town has seen there is a possibility that some roads could still be underwater, making travel a bit sticky as we try to get out of town. The route will take us along a lot of Iowa state highways, which will introduce us to quite a few fun small towns before we are ultimately surprised to come across Saint Louis. The day will end without incident in Goreville, Illinois in the far southern part of the state.

For the most part, the second day of driving, Friday won’t be too bad either. Sure, when we cross into Alabama, we could start seeing some thunderstorms, but that will only be the last hour or two of the entire drive, so we shouldn’t complain. Expect some thunderstorms in and around Anniston upon arrival.

Anniston, Alabama

Anniston finds itself conveniently located between Birmingham and Atlanta, and as far I know, has nothing to do with Jennifer.

At 853PM, CT, Anniston was reporting a temperature of 82 degrees with mostly clear skies. The area was quiet for now, but a fairly well defined cold front through Kentucky was generating widespread showers and thunderstorms just north of Anniston, and would likely be a focal point for thunderstorms along and south of the boundary through the day tomorrow.
The next two days will see the boundary to the north stall. This will have negligible impact on Anniston, as thunderstorm activity will continue as it has all summer, generally cropping up in the afternoon and diminishing after nightfall. The convection will be somewhat more widespread to the north, however, though it won’t influence the overall forecast in Anniston.
Tomorrow – Thunderstorms, High 91, Low 76
Friday – Thunderstorms continue, High 91, Low 75

TWC: Tomorrow – Variable clouds with thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon. Humid. High 91. Low 75
Friday – Scattered thunderstorms. High 95, Low 74

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 89, Low 75
Friday – Variable clouds with showers and thunderstorms High 93, Low 75

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers and thunderstorms likely. Mostly cloudy High 91, Low 75
Friday – Showers and thunderstorms likely. Mostly cloudy High 90, Low 73

WB: Tomorrow – Thunderstorms likely, High 91, Low 75
Friday – Thunderstorms likely, High 90, Low 74

Pretty even forecasts across the board. I love it when there is just one degree difference between the weather Service and Weatherbug. The satellite looks a lot busier than it probably is.