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Green Bay, Wisconsin to Bloomington, Indiana

Good evening! We have a road trip to take ahead of a pending snow storm in the Upper Midwest. Our drive will cover 445 miles, lasting a little longer than 7 hours. Fortunately, there will always be a spot to use the restroom, as we won’t be spending much time in the countryside. Our pace will be at 62.7 slowed by the suburban sprawl.


An area of low pressure over Hudson Bay has a potent, albeit mostly inactive cold front draped just to the south of Lake Superior, and through the day Wednesday, the boundary will get more active as a southerly flow off the Lake really gets going. A more organized area of low pressure off the Gulf Coast of Florida is staunching the flow of anymore moisture into the Mississippi Valley, and as a result, we will stay dry and sun-dazzled as we head into Bloomington.

Lynchburg, Virginia to Green Bay, Wisconsin

Another two day road trip for the forecast pool. This time, we are going back west, as we head for the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a two day trip between these two towns, covering  933 miles. Unlike the trip from earlier today, our second day will be the short one. Our first day will cover 508.9 miles at a pace of 63.6mph. Let’s see what life is like driving the other direction

DAY ONE (Monday)

This is going to be a nice start to our drive. High pressure is dominating the eastern third of the United States. It is solid, and unimpeachable. We will have no choice but to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine all the way to Greenfield, Indiana.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
The rest of the drive is going to be a little bit more challenging. The tail of a cold front appended to a broad swath of low pressure moving into Hudson Bay will stall right over Indiana. Rain will be heaviest right away, as we pass through Indianapolis, with lighter showers continuing to the south side of Chicago. Undoubtedly, this will slow us way down, but by the time we pass the formerly known as Sears Tower, we will be breaking out into some cooler sunshine. It won’t be nearly as warm as it was ahead of the front, but at least Green Bay will be dry upon our arrival.

Montgomery, Alabama to Green Bay, Wisconsin

A little family travel to the shores of Lake Michigan, perhaps? The drive will be almost two full days, and really isn’t that challenging. I have done a Minneapolis-Montgomery drive before, and it was easy over two days. Of course the weather over this 955 mile trek may be a little dicey. We will average 61.3MPH, which means the goal on Tuesday is 490 miles


We will wake up in Montgomery to some clouds, with rain not far behind. The early morning will be drizzly, but should be dry soon after we bypass Birmingham. The clouds will break apart by the time we arrive in Huntsville, but don’t expect too long a respite. By the time we hit Nashville, and throughout the drive in Kentucky, the chance for thunderstorms will be with us. After we cross the Ohio River from Louisville into southern Indiana, the rain will be torrential and constant. We will end the day in Austin, Indiana, which is about half an hour into the state, north of Louisville.

Wednesday will be an adventure in mixing precipitation. It will remain rainy, though intermittently so for the rest of our drive in Indiana. The precipitation will begin to change to a rain/snow mix in Chicago, but the precipitation will nearly be at it’s end when we cross the state line into Milwaukee. They have barely seen a flake in that part of the world, so the drive north into Green Bay should go off without a hitch.

Gainesville, Florida to Green Bay, Wisconsin

North we head to a part of the country that saw some very active weather yesterday, over a route that is seeing the inclement weather today. It’s a 1266 mile, 2 1/2 day drive, which means the average speed is about 61.6mph, not terribly fast. We’ll cover 493 miles a day through some very pretty countryside as we make our way north.


Fortunately for us, things are getting much clearer in the southeast overnight and into tomorrow. Our drive north from Florida into Georgia and eventually into southeastern Tennessee will be pleasant. Humidity is going to break in the wake of the system moving through, so the summer time driving conditions won’t put a huge strain on our air conditioner. We will end our day in Mont Eagle, Tennessee which is northwest of Chattanooga.

Our second day will be similarly pleasant, though we will be seeing different cities. I happen to really enjoy Louisville, so be sure to stop while passing through, because the weather should be velvety and warm while we are in town. I-65 awaits, however so don’t linger too long. We will make it to Roselawn, Indiana, which is about 20 miles south of Gary.

Come Friday, the party will be over. A cold front will emerge in Illinois as we begin our drive, and there will be heavy rain and thunderstorms as we set forth towards Chicago. Fortunately, it should be early enough in the day that these storms will be more bark than bite, but they will feature very heavy rain. The thunder will likely end, but the rain will continue as we cross into Wisconsin, and it’s going to be pretty wet as we make our way into Green Bay.

A chill to the air

The air has a distinct autumnal feel in eastern Wisconsin at long last. It took until mid-October for the typically fall-like temperatures to return, but they finally did in Green Bay, just in time for our forecast. Clearer than expected skies (for some, anyways) meant temperatures were free to dip to the 30s each of the last two mornings in Green Bay. With the slight chance for some drizzle in the area, many kept temperatures warmer Monday morning, expecting some blanketing clouds. Didn’t happen, obviously, and Victoria-Weather ended up nabbing the top forecast spot.
Actuals: Monday – High 56, Low 36
Tuesday – High 59, Low 35

Grade: B

Green Bay, Wisconsin

We’re off to the land of cheese, where the Packers just allowed a Dolphins touchdown. Uh oh, Green Bay!

At 153PM, CT, Green Bay was reporting a pleasant temperature of 57 degrees with sunny skies and a westerly breeze. The air was very dry in eastern Wisconsin, as an area of high pressure was bulding behind a weak, dry cold front that was making a hard charge into New England.
A weak upper wave was being reflected more strongly in the mid levels, which was leading to some light showers and a lot of clouds for the upper Midwest and high plains. Those clouds will filter into Wisconsin over the next few hours. A cut off area of low pressure will stay out west, and a weak directional trough associated with a Canadian jet will swing south of Green Bay with little consequence The stronger northerly jet will begin to ridge and strengthen, with the weak troughing moving to the east. This is a complicated way of saying that there may be some clouds tomorrow morning, with clearing weather expected on Tuesday.
Tomorrow – Early clouds, then clearing, High 57, Low 38
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, High 59, Low 37

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy early, then afternoon sunshine. High 59, Low 40
Tuesday – Plenty of sun. High 61, Low 35

AW: Tomorrow – Clouds and limited sun High 56, Low 40
Tuesday – Partly sunny High 56, Low 38

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 55, Low 41
Tuesday – Mostly sunny High 60, Low 39

WB: Tomorrow – Becoming partly cloudy, High 56, Low 41
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, High 60, Low 38

Looks like pleasant autumnal weather for Green Bay. A look at the satellite shows all those clouds moving into the Upper Midwest.