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New Orleans, Louisiana to Pueblo, Colorado

Today we’re traveling from one vacation destination to another, albeit for entire different reasons. New Orleans for their lovely warm weather and rich culture, Pueblo for their plethora of nearby winter activities in the Rockies. It’s 1,188 miles between the two, so it’ll take a couple days to complete the trek

New Orleans


High pressure controls most of the Eastern US, but a weak lingering boundary along the central Gulf Coast continues to keep moisture hovering in the region. Some low clouds and fog are expected in the New Orleans area as we depart in the morning, and can’t rule out an isolated shower either. As we continue through Northern Louisiana and towards Dallas, showers should remain to the south of our route, but clouds are expected to linger over much of the area. Increased southerly gusts are anticipated as well as an area of low pressure continues to intensify over the Central Rockies. Eventually we end our day in Wichita Falls, TX.


The aforementioned low pressure system pushes out over the Central Plains during the morning hours, with quite gusty winds anticipated as we depart Wichita Falls. A few scattered showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm are possible in the area as we make our way northwest towards Amarillo, as a strong cold front is pushing through the region. Lucky for us, the worst of it will develop well after we’re out of the area, moving out of Texas and into far northeastern New Mexico. Strong westerly winds could slow us down some as the fill in behind the front, but at least we’ll avoid the severe weather that’ll pop up over the Plains. We might see some very light precip starting up over Pueblo as we pull in for the night, but nothing that we can’t handle.


Storm stifled

Strong storms developed over the southern US on Thursday, though the densest severe activity was found over southern Alabama, New Orleans was covered by heavy rain and cloud through most of the day. Temperatures fell off the forecast highs because of all the clouds, which meant otherwise good forecasts were reduced to rubbish. OK, that was overstating it. They just weren’t as close to perfect as they could have been. WeatherNation claimed the top spot for the day.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 78, Low 61
Thursday – .20 inches of rain, High 72

Grade B-C

New Orleans, Louisiana to Racine, Wisconsin

Well, Spring Break is over, so time to head on back. Looks like it’ll take 2 days to get back from our Gulf Coast soiree to Racine, WI. It’s just over 1000 miles so it will take two days to return. Party’s over folks!

New Orleans


As alluded to in my forecast for New Orleans yesterday, an intensifying area of low pressure is shifting through the Mid-MS River Valley and trailing a strong cold front through the Southern Plains. Numerous thunderstorms developed today from MO down into central TX, stirring up cells capable of strong winds and large hail. This front will continue moving into the direct path of our route northward in the morning, but luckily the worst of the cells should have died off a while ago. We can expect showers and thunderstorms as we go northward through western MS, passing Jackson and continuing towards Memphis. By early afternoon, the cold front should be west of our route, so outside of a couple straggling showers, no more precip is expected on this leg, just some gusty northwest winds as we progress through extreme northeast Arkansas and eventually into Sikeston, MO, our destination for the night.


Today’s weather will be MUCH nicer for the final leg of the trip, as high pressure settled into the area overnight. Relatively light winds are expected and some sun is anticipated, but we can expect some increasing clouds as we make our way past Chicago and eventually into Racine for the night, as low pressure developing over the Upper Midwest will muck things up, but remain dry.


New Orleans, Louisiana

We’re in the throes of Spring Break! I’m heading to Vegas later this week, another coworker is making his way to Florida the same day. While nobody I know is heading to New Orleans, it’s quite a popular destination as well. Let’s see what it’ll be along the Gulf Coast for the next couple days!

At 1053pm CDT, the temperature at New Orleans, LA was 63 degrees under overcast skies. A patch of stratus is keeping the light of the full moon at bay tonight, but should break up some late Wednesday morning. An area of low pressure is getting revved up over the Central Plains, which looks to give plenty of snow in the Upper Midwest over the next 36 hours. Meanwhile, on the southern end, a cold front is pushing its way into the Southern High Plains of OK/TX. As the low shifts into the Mid-MS River Valley on Thursday, the cold front will swing through TX into LA, kicking up a few isolated morning showers in the area, but scattered thunderstorms are anticipated to develop during the day along the front. A few could be strong as they slide through, with most of the activity shifting east of New Orleans by sunset.

Wednesday: Increasing clouds. High 77, Low 60.
Thursday: Thunderstorms, possibly strong, clears out late evening. High 78, Low 63.

TWC: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 77, Low 61.
Thursday: Thunderstorms. High 76, Low 62.

AW: Wednesday: Breezy with partial sunshine. Isolated showers possible. High 77, Low 61.
Thursday: A strong afternoon thunderstorm. High 74, Low 60.

NWS: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 76, Low 59.
Thursday: Showers and thunderstorms start early morning, possible through afternoon. High 75, Low 59.

WB: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 76, Low 59.
Thursday: Thunderstorms. High 75, Low 63.

WN: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 77, Low 59.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy with thunderstorms. High 75, Low 64.

FIO: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 75, Low 60.
Thursday: Light rain until afternoon, starting again in evening. High 78, Low 62.

While the Gulf Coast is fairly quiet overall (we can still see some stratus hanging around Southeastern LA), we see a mass of clouds stirring up over WY and into the Northern Plains. This will be the system that produces an early Spring snowstorm up this way, meanwhile the developing front will affect the Gulf on Thursday.


Sultry temperature suppression

It looked like we were in for some warm, albeit dry days to begin the 4th of July weekend in New Orleans. Make no mistake, the temperatures were quite warm. Dew points in the 60s (a little cooler than usual, actually) did a pretty good job of holding the temperatures back, despite abundant sunshine. It didn’t reach 90 once over the entire weekend in New Orleans (at least not through Saturday), which was the primary flaw in everyone’s forecast. Weatherbug ended up having the best forecast in town, though everyone was clustered just behind them.
Actuals: Friday – High 89, Low 78
Saturday – High 88, Low 75

Grade: B

New Orleans, Louisiana

The US won the battle of New Orleans in the midst of the War of 1812. Well, actually, they won it after the war had been resolved. But that’s how I am tying this into Independence Day.

At 353PM, CT, New Orleans was reporting a temperature of 89 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. High pressure dominates the center of the country, and is even strong enough to prevent any formidable sea breeze or on shore flow, with only some high overcast across the region.
Hurricane Arthur will become extratropical through the weekend A moist feeding flow out of the Gulf will be pulled east across the northern Florida Peninsula, with a northerly flow continuing in Louisiana. A lower level ridge will continue to be in place in the Big Easy, suppressing clouds and precipitation, but allowing for some warm temperatures.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, a little breezy, High 90, Low 75
Saturday – Warm and sticky, but dry, High 91, Low 73

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 92, Low 77
Saturday – Sunny High 92, Low 73

AW: Tomorrow – A shower or thunderstorm in spots in the morning; otherwise, times of clouds and sun High 91, Low 77
Saturday – Times of clouds and sun High 92, Low 76

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 92, Low 77
Saturday – Mostly sunny High 91, Low 75

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy. High 92, Low 78
Saturday – Partly cloudy. High 91, Low 77

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy, High 91, Low 79
Saturday – Partly Cloudy, High 91, Low 77

Hot, but a rare couple of days without the threat for thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast in the summertime.
New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana to Iowa City, Iowa

Back to back road trips for us. While the trek from New York to Louisiana will have to deal with some general rain showers, our journey north along the Mississippi will contend with some more sinister conditions. The drive is going to take almost two full days and cover 920 miles at a pace of 64.8mph, which means our first day’s mileage will be 518. Into the teeth of the tiger we go!

New Orleans
Our charge upstream along Old Muddy will be warm and humid. Expect some very dense fog as we leave New Orleans, but otherwise fair conditions. A vast system organizing in the northern Plains will make our Sunday drive even more intimidating, but for Saturday, it will mean only an influx of summerlike air. The day will end in Kewanee, Missouri, which is just north of the Bootheel.

Sunday is where the crap hits the fan. The cold front associated with this low will stretch from southern Iowa to northern Kansas, but an undercutting trough associated with the upper level low will light up fairly early in the day. We will dodge rain drops and embedded thunderstorms as soon as we start out, though the coverage won’t be comprehensive.. The strongest storms we encounter will be on the west and north side of St. Louis. When we get north of this line, we start moving into the stalled boundary over Iowa. Somewhere between Hannibal and the state line into Iowa, we will run into a wall of water. Not just rain for the rest of the trip to Iowa City, torrential, unrelenting rain. Areas like Mount Pleasant in southeastern Iowa will see maybe even 3 inches of rain. That reminds me. Maybe we should check our windshield wipers before we go.
iowa city

Glens Falls, New York to New Orleans, Louisiana

Good morning! Thanks for stopping by for the fresh details on this 3 day journey from upstate New York to the Mississippi Delta. The mileage stands at 1479 miles, which will set our pace at about 65.7mph. For a trip through the eastern US, that’s pretty awesome, actually. At that pace, the first two days will be through after 525.5 miles. Let’s begin our voyage!

Glens Falls
A cold front is moving through New York and Pennsylvania at this hour, and it will likely be on top of Glens Falls by the time we set out this morning. For the first bit of our drive, I suspect we will be buffeted by wind, and blanketed by clouds but ultimately remain dry through New York City. Somewhere between NYC and Allentown, however, we will encounter the rain band as it progresses towards the south and east. I’m not expecting thunderstorms or snow, because it will be in the mid to upper 60s, but there will be some steady rain for our entire drive through Pennsylvania. It will lighten up for the quick jog through Maryland and West Virginia as we get ahead of the front. Ahead of this boundary, warm and sunny conditions, aided by a brisk south wind will be the norm. Arriving in Raphine, Virginia, which is north of Lexington, we can expect temperatures in the 70s.

Sometimes, I’ll be writing a post at 230 in the morning and wonder if what I am saying is making a bit of sense. The Day One portion of this road trip is one of those times. I reread it 4 times, and I think I got it but I’m not really sure. I do know that DAy Two, representing Friday, will make a lot more sense. High pressure and warm temperatures will greet us as we hurtle down the open road. We will end up in Ashville, Alabama, which is just down the road from Gadsden. Enjoy this day of travel, because it should be nigh on immaculate.

An area of low pressure moving through the northern Plains and Great Lakes over the weekend will induce a southerly flow across the central Gulf Coast. Heavy precipitation will be tied with the low itself, well to the north of New Orleans. A prefrontal trough will touch off some scattered thunderstorms, some of which are likely to be severe, over Oklahoma and Texas. The activity will be more isolated, but still possible over southern Mississippi and into New Orleans. Generally speaking, it will be mostly cloudy and dry, but that threat is worth mentioning. Oh, and the beginning of the day in Alabama and central Mississippi looks AOK by anyone’s standard. Even if it rains, New Orleans should be fun.
New Orleans

A chill to the Big Easy

Temperatures inĀ New Orleans only cleared 70 degrees by 2 and 7 degrees respectively. It’s not really the high temperature that caught my attention though, it was two other things. First, the fact that I forgot to upload a satellite image (oops) and second, the low temperature on Saturday morning was 49 degrees. Brr. The Weather Service and Weatherbug handled the forecast best, and ended up atop the leaderboard.

Actuals: Saturday – High 72, Low 49
Sunday – High 75, Low 58

Grade: A

Danville, Virginia to New Orleans, Louisiana

Let’s take a road trip! It’s going to take us a day and a half to get from southern Virginia to southeastern Louisiana. It’s an 844 mile journey between the two cities. Our first day will be complete after just about 500 miles on the nose, thanks to a 62.5mph average speed.

Don’t be surprised if traffic is a little bit heavy as we head south out of Danville. It’s Veteran’s Day weekend, and the sun will be out throughout the southeast. We will drive through Greensboro, Charlotte and Atlanta, and if anyone wants to take advantage of some of the late season warmth, those would be the places where traffic would be heaviest. There isn’t much in the weather that would slow us down. Or day will end in Tuskegee, Alabama.
Not much is expected to change on Sunday. Sunny skies will greet us as we gegin the day, but I suppose there is a chance for some clouds as we cross Lake Pontchartrain into New Orleans, but we won’t have to turn the wipers on, so it’s not all bad. Who am I kidding. It will be pretty great.
New Orleans