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April brings a break

Jacksonville, North Carolina had a healthy round of severe weather to contend with as March wound to a close. When April rolled around over the weekend, it was as if the climate had changed with the calendar. Temperatures were pleasant and skies were clear as surface high pressure built behind the late March storm. The bad news is, storms will be on their way back as this weekend ends. There was a three way tie at the top of the leaderboard, with Victoria-Weather, Accuweather and the Weather Service drawing level.
Actuals: Saturday – High 75, Low 53
Sunday – High 69, Low 52

Grade: A-C

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Once, a long time ago, during the nascent days of this site, Anthony was scheduled for a forecast for Jacksonville, North Carolina, but instead issued one for the one in Florida. Oops! We are a much more well oiled machine now, I assure you. This is definitely the correct Jacksonville.

At 956PM, ET, Jacksonville was reporting a temperature of 66 degrees with fair skies. Today was a very stormy day, with squall lines rolling through the eastern Carolinas and Virginia today. There were severe storms as nearby as Goldsboro this afternoon. There is still some thunderstorm activity apparent off shore, but now, things on land have cleared out and are much more pleasant.
An upper level ridge is moving in behind the shortwave that brough the showers and storms to Jacksonville today, which indicates there will be no real cool down behind the supposed cold front that swept through today. Expect warm, sunny days for the weekend.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 75, Low 52
Sunday – Sunny, High 67, Low 50

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny,, High 76, Low 55
Sunday – Sunny skies, High 70, Low 50

AW: Tomorrow – Pleasant with periods of clouds and sunshine High 74, Low 54
Sunday – Pleasant with a full day of sunshine High 70, Low 50

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 76, Low 54
Sunday – Sunny, High 69, Low 49

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 73, Low 55
Sunday – Sunny, High 67, Low 51

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 75, Low 54
Sunday – Mostly sunny, High 70, Low 48

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 78, Low 52
Sunday – Partly cloudy overnight. High 73, Low 49

Here is a look at the satellite, showing the high tops of convection off the shore of the Outer Banks,

Afternoon Sunshine in the Sunshine State

While most of the country was seeing dry conditions as high pressure took hold over the Central/Eastern US, there was plenty of thunderstorm activity in the Sunshine State. Luckily, it all seemed to dodge Jacksonville to the south and west, making for a couple of nice days in the area. The humidity did rebound on Friday though, so it was a bit more muggy than the previous couple of days, but still, overall it was a pretty nice finish to the work week! Victoria Weather and NWS tied for the top spot!

Thursday: High 81, Low 66.
Friday: High 84, Low 73.
Forecast Grade: B

Jacksonville, Florida to Duluth, Minnesota

Here we go, back on the road again. We’re going from the Atlantic Coast to the Lake Superior shore, covering 1533 miles over the course of 3 days. Our pace will be 64.7mph, and our daily mileage will cover 517.6 miles. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

DAY ONE (Friday)
It appears that the only real threat for shower activity tomorrow will be in north Florida. It will be remote, as we will be through before noon and steer north into Georgia by the time convection really starts firing. We will stop for the day at the very apex of the Cumberland plateau in the city of Manchester, Tennessee.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
A dome of high pressure will be receding, pulling away from the center of the lower Ohio Valley, but we will be too far north by the time return flow kicks back in, and instead of worrying about light rain filtering north, we will simply enjoy some sunny skies and pretty boring driving. The day will end in La Salle, Illinois.

DAY THREE (Sunday)
High pressure also resides over northern Ontario, or it will over the weekend. Of course, this is cool Canadian high pressure, and at the southern flank of it, there is forecast to be an active boundary over southern Canada. Rain will move into northern Minnesota by the end of the weekend, and though we should anticipate a generally dry, pleasant day of driving, we should also expect a little bit of rain to finish things off.

Grand Junction, Colorado to Jacksonville, Florida

I don’t know if Grand Junction and Jacksonville sound like they are far apart of not. They are nearly a 4 day drive apart, so I guess that answers that question. Let’s get on the road and see where this drive takes us. The two towns are 1990 miles apart, and we will cover the distance at a pace of 65.2mph, which means 521.5 miles a day.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
Grand Junction
I don’t really expect much crazy weather on this trip, and day one should be no exception. There may be a few high based clouds east of Denver after we have finished navigating our way through the Rockies and down sloping winds will stir things up a bit, but other than that, we’re driving through the Prairies under blue skies. The day will end in Park, Kansas, which is in the western part of the state.

DAY TWO (Friday)
It’s fairly warm for this time of year, and there is a threat for a little instability around Kansas City. I’m not buying it. Maybe some clouds thanks to vigorous flow aloft, but nothing that will cause us any navigational concern. The day will end in Wright City, Missouri, just west of St. Louis.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
The weather map in the southeast looks more like late July than late September. The region is expected to be dotted with showers and thunderstorms, but I think guidance, again, is a little over aggressive with the inland showers and storms. I think the best bet for rain will come from Chattanooga south into Georgia, including Dalton and Calhoun, but this encompasses only about our final hour of driving for the day. We will stop just north of Calhoun in Resaca.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
It looks like a weak wave will be moving through the southern US by the weekend, and a large swath of showers and storms are expected for Mississippi and Alabama. This will provide a strong focal point for showers and thunderstorms, and activity will be much lighter over south Georgia and north Florida. There could be a stray shower, but all the thunder will be confined west of our route. Maybe some clouds and a little bit of drizzle in Jacksonville as we wrap up the trip.

Jacksonville, Florida

We’re off to Florida this evening. There isn’t much going on in the world tonight, but Florida might be different. It often is.

At 1026PM, ET, Jacksonville was reporting a temperature of 64 degrees with cloudy skies. Clouds were dense and spread across northeast Florida this evening. A surface extratropical low off shore from Virginia was trailing a band of moisture southwest along the coast and through Florida. At this time, the shower and thunderstorm activity was negligible, and the boundary was manifesting itself only as low clouds over the region.
The system will shift away from the eastern Seaboard overnight tonight, leaving northern Florida at the mercy of sea breezes and diurnal instability. Convective activity is more likely along the Georgia and Carolina coasts, as well as over south Florida, but it is possible for a few afternoon thunderstorms both Thursday and Friday in Jacksonville.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, chance of showers, High 82, Low 66
Friday – Cloudier, with a chance of thunderstorms, High 85, Low 72

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 83, Low 64
Friday – T-Storms High 82, Low 72

AW: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine with a shower or thunderstorm around High 82, Low 63
Friday – Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 83, Low 70

NWS: Tomorrow – A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy High 81, Low 68
Friday – A chance of showers and thunderstorms, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 10am. Mostly cloudy, High 83, Low 74

WB: Tomorrow – Warmer. Mostly cloudy. Isolated showers in the morning…then isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 85, Low 67
Friday – Chance of showers and slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning…then showers likely and slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.High 84, Low 71

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy with Isolated Showers High 82, Low 70
Friday – Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Showers HIgh 82, Low 75

A little damp and rainy for Florida. The IR satellite isn’t nearly as cloudy as it seems like it should be, given the Floridian drear in the forecast.

Columbus, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida

Just last week, we had a trip featuring one Jacksonville, but today, we visit the one that folks are most familiar with. The trip is going to take only 5 hours and cover 291.64 miles. That puts our speed at 58 miles, which isn’t very fast. That should tell you how little time we will spend on interstates. So let’s enjoy the back country of south Georgia!

A cold front over the western Atlantic is trailing into the southeast as a stationary boundary on the Florida-Georgia border, and a weak surface low is churning up a few showers and thuderstorms. The low will flatten out, but the boundary will remain over the region, and bring chances for showers and thunderstorms through the day, but only along and south of the boundary. For our purposes, that boundary will lie around Albany and Tifton, with showers and storms possible south of there. The thunderstorms will really pick up just as we are arriving in Jacksonville, but the heaviest of the activity by that point will be over the central part of the state, and we will probably see a bit of sunshine in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville, North Carolina to Trenton, New Jersey

Today, we take a short road trip up the East Coast. Only 523 miles separates these two cities, which we’ll cover in one day. Time to hop in the car and start heading north!


High pressure is found over much of the East Coast, although a broad southerly fetch from the Gulf Coast up into the Ohio Valley has kept conditions active over much of the Southeast. There might be a couple of early morning showers around Jacksonville as we head northwards. We’ll get away from them as we push into Virginia, but a few more will be developing around midday as the temps heat up. Thankfully, we should be pushing into Washington DC by early afternoon, and the showers should remain off to the south for the remainder of the trip. Scattered clouds are expected for the remainder of the trip as we push through Baltimore and continue towards Philly. Ultimately, we should finish up in Trenton under partly cloudy skies, but conditions will be getting more humid throughout the day.


Jacksonville, North Carolina to Jackson, Mississippi

We travel from one namesake to another as we go off on a 2-day trip through the Deep South. Whoever could have sponsored this journey? Randy? Peter? Michael? Maybe we’ll find out at the finish of our 852 mile trip.

We start off the trip on a cloudy note, as some east-northeasterly flow over the region continues to keep some patchy morning fog and low status clouds over the Carolinas. During the morning the clouds will lift up and the fog will dissipate, we don’t expect to see much sun throughout the day as broken clouds will linger throughout much of the region. Scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms will dot the region as well, which will also be aided by an area of low pressure that’s pushing closer to the Carolina coastline from the waters of the Atlantic. Expect thundershowers to be waning as we pull into Atlanta, GA for the night.

It should be a somewhat less cloudy morning as we continue our westward trek, aided by a general high pressure and an upper ridge not to far off to the north. Breaks in the clouds for sun to sneak through will become more numerous as the morning progresses. However, it won’t be totally devoid of activity, as some afternoon showers and a few isolated thunderstorms are expected to pop up as we trek into through Alabama. It should be easier to dodge them today than yesterday, however, and be a fairly uneventful afternoon as we finish our drive into MS towards Jackson.