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Springfield, Missouri

So many Springfields, so little time! Today we venture to Springfield, Missouri. Sorry if you were wondering about Springfield, IL, or Springfield, MA, or….

At 352pm CDT, the temperature at Springfield, MO was 74 degrees under fair skies. A slow-moving mid-level disturbance has been kicking up plenty of showers and thunderstorms over the Southern Plains as it treks slowly towards the east. This feature is at the southern tip of an overall upper-level trough that has brought record-setting cold to the central and eastern US, with highs only topping out in the 60s and low 70s in portions of KS/OK in the last couple days. Some rain showers are slowly moving in from the west as this feature moves through, and some could linger past midnight into the early morning hours of Friday. They shouldn’t stick around long as they continue eastward, but should lead to a cloudy start to the day Friday. Temps should creep towards the mid 70s once again as only brief bursts of sun get through during the afternoon hours. Luckily, this feature will continue eastward over the TN Valley on Saturday, making way to mostly sunny skies under high pressure for Saturday, a good start to the weekend!

Friday: A brief, early morning shower possible, dry for remainder of day but stays mostly cloudy. High 77, Low 58.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 82, Low 60.

TWC: Friday: Chance of morning showers, then partly cloudy. High 78, Low 58.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 83, Low 59.

AW: Friday: An A.M. shower, mostly cloudy. High 74, Low 58.
Saturday: Partly sunny and warmer. High 80, Low 60.

NWS: Friday: Slight chance of early morning rain shower, partly sunny during the day. High 76, Low 58.
Saturday: Partly sunny. High 81, Low 59.

WB: Friday: chance of a morning thunderstorm, then partially clearing. High 73, Low 59.
Saturday: Partly sunny. High 81, Low 61

WN: Friday: Partly cloudy. High 75, Low 61.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 81, Low 64.

It’s dry right now, but we see some of those rain showers moving in from the west. This shouldn’t affect many of our plans as we move into the weekend however.


Flurries Flummox Forecasters

It always seems like snow lingers around for a good 3-6 hours after it’s supposed to finish, or they just pop out of nowhere. Flurries are very aggravating to forecast for, as we all found out for this forecast, as Springfield saw some light snow both days, but didnt really amount to anything accumulating. The NWS took home the win on their account of putting the chance out for both days, while most other forecasts struck out.

Sunday: 0.01 liquid in light morning snow, not measured. High 31, Low 24.
Monday: Trace in afternoon snow shower. High 40, Low 20.
Forecast Grade: C

Springfield, Massachusetts

There are a lot of Springields in this nation of ours. Of course, I had to pick the one in the state that’s hardest to spell.

At 453PM, ET, Springfield was reporting snow and overcast skies with a temperature of 33 degrees. The culprit for this snow is an area of low pressure sliding past New England on it’s way towards Newfoundland. An inverted trough is angled in through western Massachusetts, perfectly oriented to bring a dose of precipitation to the Springfield area.
The pattern will remain active, with the next system presently in the Great Lakes. The upper level pattern will force the system northwest. As a result, much of New England will see southwesterly flow ahead of the system, with no moisture imported from the Atlantic. As the system clears through town, colder west and northwest winds will arrive. This may cause a few flurries in the Berkshires, but the way it looks, Springfield will stay dry for the next two days, despite a fairly active pattern.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, breezy, High 36, Low 18
Monday – Mostly cloudy, then clearing and cold overnight, High 36, Low 15

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 41, Low 17
Monday – Partly Cloudy, High 38, Low 26

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy and breezy with a snow shower around High 34, Low 21
Monday – Mostly cloudy and breezy; a couple of afternoon snow showers High 32. Low 18

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of snow showers, mainly after 3pm. Mostly cloudy, High 36, Low 22
Monday – Partly sunny High 37, Low 20

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. High 35, Low 24
Monday – Partly sunny High 36, Low 23

Certainly not as busy as the pattern would indicate. Here is the current radar, with snow trying to pull out of town.

Springfield, Missouri to Jonesboro, Arkansas

Man, I can’t remember the last time I did one of these things. Good thing I am easing my way back into things with this 4 hour 218 mile trek. The country we will be traveling through is undulating, and the roads aren’t the 4 lane highways we yearn for, so the rate of speed will only be 52mph, but that’s ok! It’s only 4 hours!

The Arkansas-Missouri border will be right in the moisture pipeline from the Gulf of Mexico north into the northern Plains. This and a little bit of elevation will keep temperatures down, but the humidity will be stifling. Roll the windows up and turn on the air. There won’t be a trigger for showers or storms, but the morning part of the drive will likely be fairly foggy. It may be hazy as we arrive in Jonesboro.

Springfield, Missouri to Cleveland, Tennessee

Bet you thought it was from Illinois to Ohio, didn’t you? Today’s trip is relatively short, from southwest Missouri to southeast Tennessee. It will be a long day, but we should be able to make it in one day. Better head on out!


It’s going to be overcast as we start eastward from Springfield, with some showers not too far off to the west when we get underway. It’ll remain cloudy throughout the morning as we head towards Kentucky, and spend all of 2 minutes in extreme southern Illinois! We continue past Paducah and eventually head southeastward on I-24. Cloudy skies continue to rule the conditions, and while there might be a stray shower as the area of low pressure moves from Missouri into Illinois, we should remain far enough ahead of it to stay dry. On the other side, there’s a mid-level disturbance making its way along the Gulf Coast, and luckily should remain far enough ahead of us that we won’t catch up to the rain it’s dropping in the Deep South. We’re gonna be splitting the proverbial uprights all day! Eventually we’ll travel past Nashville to Chattanooga, and pull into Cleveland for the night


January Thaw

Clear skies have taken hold of much of the nation, which typically means a wide range of temperatures from high to low. This was indeed the case in Springfield over the last two days. Some forecasters, like Weatherbug, went on the warm side, whereas some, like Victoria-Weather erred towards the cool side. As it turned out, we were both right, with verification proving that there were warm, mid-40s highs and cool, low-20s lows. Everyone was very close, but the edge, ever so slightly went to the Weather Service and Weatherbug in a very close battle.
Actuals: Thursday – High 37, Low 22
Friday – High 46, Low 21

Grade: C

Springfield, Illinois

Winter is here for certain now. What will the wintry weather hold for our only city forecast of the week?

At 952AM, CT, Springfield was seeing clear skies with a temperature of 26 degrees. A clipper moving through the Upper Midwest is an indication that things across the country are moving a little bit. The stalled front along the east coast, for example, will finally be pulled off shore.
Out east, as the trough induces some changes long the front, they are expecting a Nor’easter to move up the coast. In Illinois, quiet, cool weather will continue. The strong westerly flow will continue to lie north of the Wisconsin border, keeping any threat for snow well north of Springfield.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 31, Low 25
Friday – Sunny, High 42, Low 21

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 35, Low 26
Friday – Sunny High 45, Low 26

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 32, Low 25
Friday – Partly sunny and milder High 44, Low 24

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 34, Low 26
Friday – Sunny High 46, Low 24

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny high 35, Low 27
Friday – Sunny High 47, Low 23

Fresher model data says cooler on Friday, so that’s what I’m going for, despite other opinions. A look at the satellite shows disturbed flow under the jet over the upper Midwest, while the stalled boundary remains along the east coast.

Breaking free

After what was a crummy day for Springfield on Saturday, things made a decided improvement on Sunday. The weekend was saved! A cloudy, drizzly atmosphere cleared out just enough for a 15 degree improvement. Not a bad way to finish the weekend, eh? A three way tie between ourselves, The Weather Service and Weatherbug was found atop the forecast leaderboard.
Actuals: Saturday .30 inches of rain, High 48, Low 39
Sunday – High 66, Low 38

Grade: C

Springfield, Ohio to Anderson, South Carolina

It’s another 1 day trip tomorrow, this one taking us from Ohio to South Carolina. It’s 527 miles between the two cities, and we will cover that ground at a pace of 59.1 miles an hour. That’s pretty pokey. Into the car, let’s get out of town!

A weak boundary has established itself just south of the Ohio River, and will generally be producing clouds, but some light rain is not out of the question. The drizzle should wind down somewhere between Cincinnati and Lexington, but the southerly drift of this boundary will mean a chance for clouds until we reach Knoxville. Expect things to clear and begin to warm up after we traverse far western North Carolina and arrive in Anderson.

Davenport, Iowa to Springfield, Ohio

A nice little one day journey from eastern Iowa to southwestern Ohio is in the works today. It will take about 7 hours to get from Davenport to Springfield, which are about 439 miles apart. We will navigate the Midwest at a pace of 60.5mph. It’s a slow pace, but it’s only one day in the car!

Well, it’s going to rain. The whole trip, the entire length of the trip from the Quad Cities to Davenport will be under the threat for rain. The heaviest rain will certainly fall on us as we are leaving Davenport, and become less intense, and likely less widespread as we head south and east. It will get a little bit warmer, but not much, as we make our way into Springfield. It’s a good thing the plan is to move slowly, because traffic will not be good. Fortunately, Indianapolis is the largest town we travel through. Better luck on the next road trip, right?