This has been a weird month for me. It seems strange during this period in history to say I’ve been very busy, but those are the facts. You might not remember what west Texas was like back in the beginning of the month, but I can tell you that, unequivocally, San Angelo was hot, particularly on June 8th. That wasn’t a big surprise though. In fact, none of the hot, sunny weather was a surprise during our forecast period, as everyone came through with pretty good numbers. Nobody was better than Weatherbug, though, gaining a victory.
Actuals: June 8th – High 104, Low 71
June 9th – High 96, Low 75

Grade: A-B

San Angelo, Texas

West Texas always provides for an interesting forecast in May. We’ve missed that month by a week. Does that mean we miss out on a particularly wild forecast? Let’s find out.

At 251PM CT, San Angelo was reporting a temperature of 96 degrees with clear skies. Tropical Storm Cristobal was moving ashore in eastern Louisiana, and while he wasn’t going to make a direct impact on west Texas, the redirected flow of moisture into the region, making skies even crisper.
Cristobal is going to continue to move northward, while angling to the east, and will continue to leave west Texas in a drier regime, free of the threat of convection for the beginning of the workweek. An impulse moving out of the central Rockies on Tuesday will provide a shot of cooler air, and probably a threat of some gusty winds later in the day, but in the absence of moisture, thunderstorms are unlikely.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 104, Low 70
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, High 95, Low 72

TWC: Tomorrow – Mainly sunny. Near record high temperatures. High 105, Low 71
Tuesday – Sunny 98, Low 76

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 106, Low 70
Tuesday – Breezy in the a.m.; otherwise, sunny and hot; caution advised if doing strenuous activities outside High 99, Low 73

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny and hot, High 105, Low 72
Tuesday – Sunny and hot High 98, Low 74

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon, High 105, Low 71
Tuesday – Sunny, High 97. Low 75

WN: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 105, Low 71
Tuesday – Sunny, High 101, Low 74

FIO: Tomorrow – Clear throughout the day High 104, Low 70
Tuesday – Clear throughout the day. High 96, Low 72

Goodness gracious, is that hot. Typically, for a hot dry west Texas forecast, we don’t quite have this dramatic a satellite image. Here is Cristobal!