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Dry Front Crashes Temps

Everybody expected the significant drop in temperatures for Fayetteville as a cold front moved though, dropping the temps a solid 15 degrees between the 2 days. Some outlets completely whiffed on when the front would move through exactly, which lead to some very erroneous low temperature verifications. The passage was indeed a dry one, which proved to be the difference that pushed Accuweather to a narrow victory.

Thursday: High 69, Low 35.
Friday: High 52, Low 28.
Forecast Grade: B

Fayetteville, Arkansas

This will be my last forecast for a couple of days, and it couldn’t be for a more scenic stretch of America.

At 953PM, CT, Fayetteville was reporting a temperature of 44 degrees with clear skies. The elevation seems to be playing a minor role in temperature valuations at present, as Fayetteville was seeing temperatures reading a bit cooler than other locations surrounding it. In general, though, the entire Ozarks region was under a dome of high pressure.
A broad upper level trough is going to move south towards the Great Lakes, but is fairly weak. However, at the base of the upper level trough, there will be a pair of perturbations riding the wave. There isn’t a dramatic cold pool diving into the Ozarks as the trough swings through, but these low level eddies will provide just enough instability for some light showers to rotate through the central Plains to wards the Ozarks tomorrow afternoon. Things will clear out for Friday, but a bit of reinforcement will come for the cold air already in place.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, with some light rain, High 71, Low 38
Friday – Mostly sunny, chilly, High 53, Low 30.

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy HIgh 70, Low 45
Friday – Partly Cloudy HIgh 53, Low 33

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and pleasant High 69, Low 40
Friday – Cooler with plenty of sunshine High 53, Low 31

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 70, Low 39
Friday – Sunny High 52, Low 33

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 68, Low 42
Friday – Mostly sunny. High 52, Low 40

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 70, Low 39
Friday – Mostly sunny. HIgh 52, Low 39

Strange that mine is the only forecast that won’t be dry, given that everyone has such a dramatic drop in temperatures. Weatherbug and WeatherNation did not have hourly forecasts that extended long enough to account for the non standard low. Satellite is pretty quiet right now. Have a great Halloween, and I will see you in November!

Living on the edge

The verification for Fayetteville isn’t particularly notable. Everyone had the correct precipitation forecast, but across the board, forecasters were errant on our low temperature forecasts. It was warmer Tuesday morning than anyone had expected, and following the passage of a cold front, it was colder than we all thought. Like I said, we all were correct in our precipitation forecast, in that there was no rain reported just as every outlet believed would be the case. If you looked at radar Tuesday evening, however, you would have seen that the cold front moving through the area sparked up a couple of thunderstorms across the Ozarks. Everyone would have gone bust if one of them had moved into town but Fayetteville and meteorologists everywhere dodged this particular bullet.
Actuals: Tuesday, High 68, Low 42
Wednesday – High 54, Low 31

Grade: C

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Today’s forecast takes us to the Ozarks. We are in a nice little dry pattern over the south central US, which is good.

At 1253PM, CT, Fayetteville was reporting a temperature of 45 degrees with sunny skies. Behind the area of low pressure moving through the eastern US, cold air has infiltrated the mid-south, but things will be changing for the better fairly quickly as a strong area of low pressure begins to emerge from the northern high Plains.
For the Ozarks, the forecast will be pretty good. As the low moves east through the Upper Midwest, it will generate a strong southerly flow that will bring about a quick turn around in temperature. Of further benefit will be the jet trough producing the norther US low and its track. It won’t dip far enough south to provide a return to the cold air mass, which will mean Fayetteville stays dry, though temperatures my cool off a tick on Wednesday.
Tomorrow – Sunny and warm, High 67, Low 36
Wednesday – Cloudier and a bit cooler, High 56, Low 35

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 65, Low 38
Wednesday – Sunny High 59, Low 34

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and increasingly windy High 65, Low 36
Wednesday – Mostly sunny High 58, Low 34

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 66, Low 35
Wednesday – Sunny High 56, Low 34

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy. Windy High 65, Low 38
Wednesday – Mostly sunny.High 54, Low 35

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 66, Low 36
Wednesday – Mostly Sunny High 55, Low 34

Not a terrible forecast. I could go for some of that up here in Minnesota.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Fayetteville, North Carolina

This afternoon we will be planning for a little trip from Alabama to North Carolina. It’s a 578 mile drive between the two cities that we can cover in a day at the meager pace of 62.8 miles per hour.

It’s surprisingly cool in the Southeast today, as it will be tomorrow. Everything is postfrontal at this point, so we aren’t going to have to deal with any weather. There may be some fog when we get to southern North Carolina in the wake of the rain, but it seems unlikely. After all, a stiff west wind and an arrival at about 7pm makes it seem unlikely that haze would still be an issue. So get out and enjoy Fayetteville!

Fair in Fayetteville

Things were pretty awesome for the Father’s Day holiday weekend in North Carolina. They had no shortage of sunshine all weekend in Fayetteville, but the temperatures settled into the low 80s, not too hot at all. The Weather Channel had the top forecast for a pretty splendid weekend.
Actuals: Saturday – High 83, Low 55
Sunday – High 83, Low 56

Grade: A

Rome, New York to Fayetteville, North Carolina

As soon as we arrive in Rome, we turn around and head south, off to Fayetteville, a favorite destination of ours here at the Weather Blog. It will be a day and a half of driving, much of it on I-95, and at a fairly slow pace of 59.6mph. The first day will be through, then, after 477.1 miles. A pretty easy pace for a pretty easy forecast.


High pressure will be our friend as we head south through the Eastern states. There will probably be some some showers that pop up over New York late in the day, but only after we are in about Maryland. Ergo, we will see no problems. Expect smooth sailing (or driving, actually) all the way to Ladysmith, Virginia, which is between Richmond and Fredericksburg.

If you read the forecast posted about an hour ago, you will not that I do not expect any inclement weather in Fayetteville this weekend. The same applies for southern Virginia and most of the rest of North Carolina. Pretty awesome weather.

Fayetteville, North Carolina

We have been spending a lot of time in the Carolinas lately, particularly the one to the north. Off we go again for this evening adventure.

At 853PM, ET, Fayetteville was seeing a temperature of 73 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. It appeared they were unfortunate in that regard, as the Carolinas were blessed by clear skies as high pressure has built into the eastern Seaboard.
The greatest threat to disrupt the tranquil weather in town will e a weak area of low pressure over the eastern Gulf Coast, but it will funnel moisture west of the Appalachians, and high pressure will reign over Fayetteville for another 48 hours.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 81, Low 60
Sunday – Sunny, High 83, Low 60

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 82, Low 57
Sunday – Sunny High 84, Low 57

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny to partly cloudy and nice High 83, Low 59
Sunday – Mostly sunny and nice High 83, Low 59

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 82, Low 58
Sunday – Mostly sunny High 81, Low 58

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 82, Low 57
Sunday – Mostly sunny. High 81, Low 58

Beautiful! Postcard perfect for Fayetteville this weekend. Not bad on satellite right now either.

Done in by popcorn

IF You followed along with Twitter Tuesday for Fayetteville, you may recall that there were some very isolated storms that developed over downstate North Carolina, perhaps a handful of individual little showers that were probably no more than 5 miles across. Naturally, one of those little guys developed right over Fayetteville and was gone in 15 minutes, bringing a trace of rain. This little blip gave the Weather Service and Weatherbug a tie on top.
Actuals: Tuesday – Trace of rain, High 93, Low 67
Wednesday – High 96, Low 72

Grade: B

Fayetteville, North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada

This trip seems familiar, doesn’t it? A trip from the North Carolina/Virginia area to the desert Southwest? It’s going to take us, once again, down I-40 and cover 2336 miles at a rate of 66.1mph. This means that we will cover 529 miles on our first 4 days, leaving the rest for the 5th day. It’s going to be steamy, so make sure the AC works.


A ridge breaking down over the Carolinas will allow for more of the popcorn thunderstorms that are a part of every day life in the southeast in the summer. Still, they will need a little help from higher elevations, and we may be able to avoid the bulk of the thunderstorms by driving through Atlanta, as the convection will be in the Smokeys to the north. Our hot, humid day in the car will end in Forestdale, Alabama, one of the northwest suburbs of Birmingham.

A boundary setting up over the the center of the country will help the area along our route become more humid as moisture is drawn across the south. Some of this southerly flow may induce a few showers and thunderstorms east of the Mississippi. We’ll dry out as we head west through Arkansas, and warm, yet dry conditions are in store as we head to Sallisaw, Oklahoma to call it a night.

A nice little summer time ridge will be building into the south central US, which is good news for us. Sure, it will be hot, but it will be dry. It will be a good day to have the windows rolled down, because it’s going to be warm. A late night thunderstorm will be possible along a dry line over western Oklahoma, after which life will be much more comfortable We will make it the rest of the way through Oklahoma and then the Texas Panhandle before we end the day in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Finally, the day will lack humidity and instead just be hot. Well, it will be until we start heading uphill after Albuquerque, and things will get a little bit more tolerable on the heat front. A fairly uninteresting day (from a weather perspective) will come to a close in Williams, Arizona at the turnoff to the Grand Canyon.

It’s going to be a very dry day. It’s a a pretty boring stretch of road from Williams until you get closer to the Colorado. After we turn off of I-40 and start heading towards Boulder City and eventually Vegas, things will start to look a little more interesting, both in terms of the terrain and the preponderance of casinos.