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A spritz before midnight

Dover was behaving so well for our forecast outlets, with temperatures holding in the low 80s for highs and low 60s for lows. Nearly everyone had a solid temperature forecast, but only two outlets, Accuweather and Forecast.io fore saw the light rain that scooted past the region late on Tuesday night. It was all tied to a fairly weak line of thunderstorms that got hung up along the coast. There were rainouts in New York City thanks to these immovable storms. Oeven though they mostly failed to infiltrate the Delmarva. Things will change a bit tomorrow.  Forecast.io had the second win in a row, barely edging the other damp forecast.
Actuals: Sunday – Rain reported not measured, High 80, Low 60
Monday – High 82, Low 61

Grade: B-C

Dover, Delaware

Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 81, Low 61
Monday – Increasing clouds, High 83, Low 61

TWC: Tomorrow – Generally sunny. High 83, Low 62
Monday – Partly cloudy. High 83, Low 61

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 81, Low 62
Monday – Humid with some sunshine giving way to clouds (PM storms) Hugh 74, Low 62

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 82, Low 59
Monday – Mostly sunny High 84, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 81, Low 62
Monday – Mostly Sunny, High 82, Low 63

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 81, Low 59
Monday – Partly Cloudy High 84, Low 63

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy overnight. High 82, Low 61
Monday – Light rain overnight. High 83, Low 62

Pretty similar across the board. I hope you enjoy the shaky video stream

Dover, Delaware to Beaumont, Texas

Today’s road trip takes us from the Mid-Atlantic to far Eastern Texas, as we negotiate 1,425 miles between Dover and Beaumont. This will take us 3 days to cover, so let’s see what this trip through the Southeast US brings us!



High pressure is found parked over the Eastern US, making for a relatively pleasant day today as we head west from Dover through Washington, DC and eventually along the spine of the Appalachians in western Virginia. Mostly sunshine is expected for the longest day of the year as we eventually finish the day in Bristol, TN.


High pressure is pushed off further to the south for today, and some layered clouds are expected at the start of the day as an approaching cold front is found over the Ohio Valley. We should push southward quick enough to avoid any of the shower/thunderstorm activity associated with it in the morning. Dry weather is expected for the rest of the day as we pass through Chattanooga and Birmingham, AL as we finish the day in Livingston, AL.


Once again, a fairly quiet day is in store for us as we head down towards coastal MS, then head westward on I-10. There could be a couple afternoon thunderstorms dotting the area as we pass through southern LA, but nothing too widespread that should impede our progress as we eventually make our way into Beaumont!


Clouds but no snow

Last week’s Nor’Easter took its time departing, and even now the remnants lie centered in the Gulf of Maine. At least over the weekend, it stopped importing moisture to the Mid-Atlantic, and the sun broke through on Saturday. Dover was in clouds through the day Friday however. Temperatures stayed cool despite the sun coming out, thanks to the north wind at the back end of the system. Despite the north wind and the moisture that had been associated with the storm, Dover was done snowing before Friday rolled around. The Weather Channel had the top forecast for the day, properly anticipating a fairly autumnal December Delaware Day.
Actuals: Friday, High 41, Low 33
Saturday – High 43, Low 31

Grade: A

Fort Collins, Colorado to Dover, Delaware

It’s time for a road trip. We’re going to take a trek that will consume 3 1/2 days and cover 1769 miles. Thanks to some serious driving through the Plains, we will be able to get our average speed up to 64mph, which will allow us to cover about 513 miles on days 1-3, finishing things off on Monday, which is good, because traffic will be much worse that day. Let’s hitch our wagon and head east, young man!

DAY ONE (Friday)
Fort Collins
There is a monstrous ridge developing in the center of the country. Sure, we have a bit of instability over the Ozarks, but we aren’t driving through the Ozarks. Instead, enjoy the warm (seasonably so) weather in Nebraska. We won’t quite make it to Omaha, instead calling it a day in Greenwood, Nebraska, which is about half an hour from Iowa.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
Some moisture will be riding the back end of the ridge as it slides into the Upper Midwest. There could certainly be some drizzle throughout our drive in Iowa and northern Illinois, but mostly, it will be fairly cloudy as we make our away east. The cloudy skies will not reflect the warmth that will still surround us as we head through Des Moines, the Quad Cities and Chicago. The drive will end in northwest Indiana, around the Portage area. Only a light jacket necessary!

DAY THREE (Sunday)
More of the same on Sunday, though the terrain will be changing. The flow will be essentially the same. Warm air will continue to follow us through the southern Great Lakes, and with it, the clouds and threat of light rain. Nothing will change through northern Ohio, but finally, as we reach the Appalachians in Pennsylvania, we may start to see some more significant wet weather in the western slopes of the mountain range. We will end the day in Bedford in southern Pennylvania, still with a threat of clouds and showers.

DAY FOUR (Monday)
Well, we did it. The clouds will be hemmed up behind the mountains, and high pressure means warm conditions will continue to follow us to the coast. We will make it to Dover with sunny skies and a pleasant disposition. Temperatures will be well above normal.

Dover, Delaware

Have you ever been to Dover? That’s an old Craig Ferguson joke for you, if you want to use it at parties. Anyways, I did want to note that Victoria-Weather has a new, dedicated Twitter account: Its @Vic_wx, so give it a follow!

At 1158AM, ET, Dover was reporting overcast skies with a temperature of 39 degrees, Clearing was just across the Chesapeake, as northern Virginia was reporting clear skies. Unfortunately, across Delaware Bay, southern New Jersey was reporting light snow. It’s all in relation to a larger area of low pressure in New England that continues to import moisture and cooler air into the mid-Atlantic, however the upper level support is diminishing.
Judging by model guidance, ceilings and the threat of light snow showers will continue through the day today before drier air works into the area late this evening. Judging by the visible satellite, Dover seems as though they are on the cusp of the ceilings and snow this afternoon, but with a north wind, expected through the day tomorrow, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see Dover in the clouds and even with an isolated snowflake all the way until Saturday afternoon. Regardless of the sky cover, Dover will be cooler than normal as we head into the weekend.
Tomorrow – Flurries possible, mostly cloudy, High 40, Low 29
Saturday – Mostly cloudy, High 41, Low 30

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 41, Low 31
Saturday – Sunny, High 43, Low 30

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy with partial sunshine High 41, Low 30
Saturday – Sunshine and patchy clouds High 42, Low 30

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 42, Low 29
Saturday – Mostly sunny High 44, Low 30

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy in the morning…then becoming partly sunny. High 42, Low 28
Saturday – Mostly sunny. High 45, Low 30

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 41, Low 30
Saturday – Partly Cloudy High 45, Low 30

It appears as though I am the most pessimistic in all the land. We’ll see how things play out in Delaware! Here is satellite showing just how close clear skies are to the Demarva. Remember, flow is from the north, however.

Drizzle Fizzles

It was overcast skies and foggy skies Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but it wasn’t enough to churn out some drizzle out of the clouds in Dover. The evening rain showers didn’t develop quite as expected as well, making for an overall dry forecast that most of us missed. Temperature-wise, everybody was pretty close, but Accuweather and the Weather Channel come out in a 1st place tie.

Wednesday: High 55, Low 37.
Thursday: High 63, Low 48.
Forecast Grade: A

Dover, Delaware

Today we head off to the capital to one of the smallest states in the country! Let’s see how things are shaping up on the Delmarva Peninsula.

At 1058pm EST, the temperature at Dover, DE was 40 degrees under fair skies. The area of low pressure intensifying over the Central US will continue to keep a southwest flow over the Eastern US. As a warm front lifts through the Northeast, some spotty drizzle is possible during the overnight hours Wednesday into Thursday. It shouldn’t be of much concern though, just more of an early Thursday morning nuisance if anything. The drizzle should fade away by mid-morning as the frontal system slowly pushes its way towards the coast. For the most part, the system will stall out to the west over PA/WV/KY, but while the heaviest precip will fall on the west side of this boundary, scattered showers are expected to wander their way towards the coast during the late evening. Nothing heavy is expected, but they could throw some kinks into Thursday night plans around the area. It should be significantly warmer for Thursday ahead of the front, so that will be a welcome sight, even if the rain showers aren’t.

Wednesday: Increasing clouds, some late evening drizzle. High 54, Low 38.
Thursday: Light morning drizzle, dry during day. Increasing showers in evening. High 66, Low 49.

TWC: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, Some late evening drizzle/light showers. High 55, Low 37.
Thursday: Afternoon showers. High 64, Low 48.

AW: Wednesday: Mainly cloudy. High 55, Low 37.
Thursday: Some sun with a shower. High 65, Low 49.

NWS: Wednesday: Partly sunny, chance of late evening drizzle. High 56, Low 35.
Thursday: Drizzle/light rain shower possible early morning, moreso in late evening. High 65, Low 49.

WB: Wednesday: Partly sunny, late night drizzle. High 56, Low 37.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy, evening rain showers. High 64, Low 48.

Here we see a bunch of high clouds streaming over the region as the front lifts into the region. The main part of the storm continues to roar over the Central US

Medford, Oregon to Dover, Delaware

We are in for a very long journey. It’s 2900 miles, almost on the nose, and our drive time will move into a fifth day. Whew. Average speed for this trip is 64.5mph, so our daily grind will be 516.4 miles. Stretch those legs, it’s time to get going!


There is a weak cold front moving through the Pacific Northwest, and there is a weak mountain trough through the Rockies. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be. The cold front, as I said, is weak and will maybe bring some clouds, while the rain in the Rockies will see its coverage area decrease overnight tonight and through the day on Tuesday. So there will be some clouds in Medford, and perhaps even in Elko, Nevada, where we will end the day, but other than that, no problems.
Things are often stormy at the peaks of the Rockies, and we may be able to see some storm clouds in the Wasatch Range in northern Utah, as well as in the higher elevations of Wyoming. It’s not going to be a widespread, stormy disaster, mind you, but after Salt Lake City and on to Rawlins, Wyoming, we will be under the gun for some isolated showers and storms, with some ample sunshine peaking between the clouds. At least it’s not snow.
A combination of a stalled boundary through Kansas and some lee troughing will make Wyoming a fairly showery area, though things will improve as we cross into Nebraska. Some of those showers may include some thunder, so don’t be surprised if any animals are a bit jumpy. As I said, the stalled boundary is going to lie through Kansas, but these type of things tend to kick clouds north into Nebraska. Don’t be surprise if we see a rogue bit of drizzle from Lexington to Glitner, Nebraska, which is just past Grand Island.
Nebraska and Iowa will leave us with no real problems, just a few showers within a broad swath of clouds. The rain may pick up a bit after we pass the Quad Cities and last until we end the day in La Salle, Illinois. It’s tough to say though, because it’s just a weak, stationary boundary that isn’t all that well organized. Oh well, it’s going to be a Friday, so things could be worse.
It’s the same old song on Saturday. Most of the rain will stay to our south, but not far enough south that we will be able to claim a dry day on the roads. The best chance for rain, as it has been through the entire trip will be late in the day. We will say after Cleveland. Our day will end after we make it into Pennsylvania and Hampton Township, on the north end of Pittsburgh.
Moisture will be trapped along the coast on the east side of the Appalachians, and a persistent rain is possible, especially from Bedford, Pennsylvania eastward. It seems pretty likely that rain will be in the forecast when we finally make it to Dover. Finally.

Dover, Delaware to Pittsfield, Massachusetts

I don’t know if you are like me, but it seems like getting from Delaware to Massachusetts should take more than 6 hours to travel between. But alas, the trip from Dover to Pittsfield is under 6 hours and covers only 328.5 miles. Our trek will be at a pace of only 55.8mph, so it’s not even like we will be going that fast. All right, strap the bikes to the roof, and let’s be on our way.

The day will start amiably enough, driving through Pennsylvania and New Jersey, however a front moving through Pennsylvania will pull easterly flow off the Atlantic, and some bubbly thunderstorms may begin to crop up over New Jersey. As we hit downstate New York, it’s not out of the question that we encounter the front running cells of the broken line moving out of the Appalachians. If it’s not raining in Pittsfield when we arrive, then, well, it will be soon.