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The beginning of a warm up

I shouldn’t say the weather they say in Winston-Salem to begin the week was the “beginning” of a warm up. It definitely did warm up in Winston-Salem. Monday saw a perfect forecast from Victoria-Weather, but Tuesday was such a warm up that we fell off the pace from outlets that had been more optimistic from the outset. The high was still an unusually cool 41 for Tuesday, but that was day one of what would be a swift recovery. The Weather Channel ultimately grabbed the top forecast.
Actuals: Monday – High 26, Low 7
Tuesday – High 41, Low 19

Grade: B-C

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

2 forecasts for North Carolina in the same day! I bet we’ll be able to reuse some of the same information from Durham.

At 1254AM, ET, Winston-Salem was reporting a temperature of 15 degrees with clear skies. Winston-Salem remains in a winter weather advisory because of their recent snowfalls slow melt and continued slick roadways. Clear skies overnight suggest that temperatures will be very chilly by sunrise tomorrow.
The upper level trough swinging through the region will give way to a ridge, being followed by a developing feature in the Great Lakes, which will forcefully draw warmer air northward.  Unlike parts of the eastern Carolinas, there shouldn’t be any prefrontal rain as a cold front develops west of the Appalachians, but Tuesday afternoon will likely be fairly cloudy as snow melts in earnest.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 26, Low 7
Tuesday – Afternoon overcast, High 36, Low 15

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine and some clouds. High 29, Low 6
Tuesday – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 40, Low 18

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and very cold; extreme cold may be dangerous for outdoor activities in the morning High 27, Low 8
Tuesday – Some sunshine giving way to clouds and not as cold High 39, Low 16

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High29, Low 6
Tuesday – Partly sunny (Late rain) High 36, Low 14

WB:Partly sunny in the morning, then clearing. High 27, Low 6
Tuesday – Partly sunny,High 36. Low 18

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 28, Low 7
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, High 36, Low 14

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until night. High 27, Low 5
Tuesday – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 37, Low 15

Pretty similar to Durham! We really did check in for this forecast at just the right time, after the heavy snow and ahead of the next line of thunderstorms. Just some clouds up by Roanoke on satellite.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Florence, South Carolina

Here is a nice short little journey. We’re going from one Carolina to the other in a trip that’s only going to last a little more than 2 1/2 hours. Winston-Salem and Florence are 161 miles apart, and the route between the two burgs doesn’t take us through any of the Carolinas’ other large metropolitan centers. We’ll cover the ground at a 59mph pace. Without those population centers, we don’t get high speed highways, either. Let’s check out the Carolina countryside.


Weather in the Carolinas really couldn’t be in much better condition. Gone is the heat and humidity of summer, and we aren’t yet to that nasty time of year where the primary form of precipitation in the Carolinas seems to be freezing rain. As it so happens, we are only expecting a light northwest breeze, with mostly sunny skies. This will be an excellent little drive, especially if you have something to do in Florence.


Warm in Winston-Salem

It was a quiet forecast for Winston-Salem, with high pressure in place and all. Temperatures rose a bit more than anticipated on Thursday though, throwing some of the forecats off-kilter. However, I doubt many people would care about getting upper 50s instead of low 50s. Forecast IO took home the win

Wednesday: High 42, Low 24.
Thursday: High 57, Low 28.
Forecast Grade: A

Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Salisbury, Maryland

Off on a really cool road trip. It takes us through the Hampton Roads area, across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel, a 13 mile stretch across the mouth of the Bay that goes underwater for a couple miles at a time so as not to block the shipping lanes to Baltimore or Washington. But what about the weather? Obviously, it won’t really matter when we’re underground, but that means most of our drive will be above water. What then? Well, we’ll ne traveling at a pace of only 58.7mph thanks to some slow bridge travel and some time spent navigating metro areas. At that pace, it will take us almost 7 hours to cover the 394 miles between our loci. Let’s go see some seaside sights.

There is a weak bulb of low pressure rotating through the Great Lakes overnight tonight, and it will bring a bit of a westerly flow to the mid-Atlantic, which will lie well south of any associated precipitation. This should mean a bit warmer air for our drive, but I think we are in the clear for precipitation and cloud cover, really. High pressure is sliding away from the southeast, which might mean some breezy conditions, but that’s as bad as it gets. Enjoy the drive!

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Hello, and happy Tuesday. Did you enjoy the State of the Union? Its strong.

At 954PM, ET, Winston-Salem was reporting a temperature of 37 degrees with clear skies. Winds to the north, along the Virginia border were brisk and westerly at the south side of a broad trough covering the eastern United States. The trough would be strong enough to pump moisture into the Winston-Salem area, however an undercutting jet streak across Florida is stemming the flow of moisture to the system, so Winston-Salem is only experiencing the associated cold air at the back end of the feature.
The pattern won’t change much, if at all over the next two days. The trough, instead of progressing, will begin to rotate over eastern Canada, with an associated surface low getting even deeper as it spirals back into the Canadian Arctic. High pressure will remain in place over the Southeast for the next two days. While there won’t be an infusion of warm air via synoptic forcing, it will warm a little bit over the next couple of days thanks to all the sunshine.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 41, Low 25
Thursday – Sunny, High 51, Low 28

TWC – Tomorrow – Sunny, High 41, Low 23
Thursday – Mainly sunny, High 54, Low 27

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and cold High 39, Low 22
Thursday – Milder with plenty of sunshine High 53, Low 26

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 40, Low 22
Thursday – Sunny High 53, Low 27

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny High 40, Low 22
Thursday – Sunny not as cool, High 53, Low 27

WN: Tomorrow – Sunny High 39, Low 21
Thursday – Mostly Sunny High 54, Low 27

FIO: Tomorrow – Clear throughout the day.High 42, Low 23
Thursday – Partly cloudy overnight.High 53, Low 28

Satellite is pretty quiet, but this gives you some perspective as to where the large area of low pressure lies (hint: Look at Quebec)

Grazed by a Nor’Easter

An area of low pressure emerging out of the Gulf Stream first rocked back to the west and grazed North Carolina before pivoting back out to sea and rushing headlong for New England, where it will make for an interesting week. When it clipped North Carolina nast night, there was quite a bit of rain in the central and eastern part of the state, and some worked all the way into Winston-Salem, where it provided over a tenth of an inch of rain. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Precipitation totals were particularly high, considering half of forecasters didn’t expect it to rain at all. Weather Nation kept things weird by getting the top forecast.
Actuals: Sunday – High 52, Low 37
Monday – .12 inches of rain, High 39, Low 34

Grade: B

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Away we go for a late night forecast in North Carolina. We’ll be spending a lot of time there over the next few days. Hope you like it!

At 1154PM, ET, Winston-Salem was reporting a temperature of 50 degrees with overcast skies. A cold front that moved through the region today has left much of the eastern third of the country under a stratus shield that isn’t likely to be broken until morning, though Winston-Salem is done with rain for the night.
A weak ridge will develop tomorrow, but a pair of troughs off shore and over the Lower Ohio Valley will evolve to become one broader, deeper trough as it moves towards the Great Lakes. This will be significantly more impactful elsewhere and later in the week, but during the late afternoon on Monday, the element of the trough in the Gulfstream will generate atmospheric moisture, while the element inland will draw it ashore, and before that, it will begin to more effectively funnel cooler air into western North Carolina. The flow as the system shifts north won’t be right to bring rain to Winston-Salem, but don’t be surprised to see increasing clouds across the region.
Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy, High 54, Low 38
Monday – Mostly cloudy, High 42, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 50, low 34
Monday – Cloudy, High 40, Low 30

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and breezy High 51, Low 38
Monday – Cloudy and colder Low 32

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 51, Low 36
Monday – A slight chance of rain after 2pm. Mostly cloudy, High 42, Low 30

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny High 51, Low 36
Monday – Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of rain in the afternoon High 42, Low 30

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 52, Low 36
Monda – Mostly Cloudy with Areas of Rain High 41, Low 30

WeatherNation’s hourly forecast remains red hot garbage, but I was feeling generous and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Their hourly forecast starts the NEXT calendar day to what you are currently looking at. Seeing as we are looking at a non standard day, the hourlies are important for tomorrow. The clouds in the area are pretty thin, which means they are barely perceptible on infrared satellite… tops just aren’t cold enough.
Winston Salem

Yakima, Washington to Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This is one doozy of a road-trip. 2,694 miles from Yakima to Winston-Salem. Why can’t we fly again?



Are we there yet?! Just kidding. It might seem like that in a couple of days though. Luckily, it’s a fairly quiet day today, as a weak area of high pressure is found over the Northern Rockies. Just some high clouds are expected as we make our way through eastern WA, the stovepipe of Idaho, and into western Montana where we eventually wind up at Missoula, MT for the night.


We continue our jaunt down I-90 today that will take us through mainly southern portions of the state. Unfortunately, 490 miles of driving won’t get us out of Montana. On the bright side, the weather should mostly cooperate once again as we stay ahead of a system working its way through the Northwest. We can expect some increasing clouds through the afternoon and evening, but at least it’ll be dry. We finish the day in Miles City.


It’s going to be a whole lot of nothing to look at out the window today. We’ll travel from Miles City to Fargo, covering about 460 miles. Once again, we’ll luck out as a cold front will tail off north of ND, with precip staying north of the border as we head due east on I-94. Some southerly winds might kick up and give us a fit, but once again, a relatively easy day weather-wise.


Today’s leg takes us from Fargo down I-94 all the way through the Land of 10,000 lakes. Today, weather finally catches up with us! A weak boundary is lingering from southern MN through northern WI and into Upper MI, so during the afternoon we can expected some light rain/snow showers to affect our drive between the Twin Cities and the Wisconsin Dells. Nothing too terrible though and shouldn’t slow us down before we finish our night in Madison


Well, our luck has finally run out. An area of low pressure developed over the Lower MS River Valley and lifted up into the OH Valley throughout the morning. Our day starts off innocently enough between Madison and Chicago, but as we push into northwest IN, we’re going to run into a pretty healthy slug of rain all the way to Indianapolis. It will let up a bit once we make it into eastern Indiana, but still will slow us down a bit. Our soggy day finally ends in Dayton, OH.


The rain changed to snow overnight, so we’ll have a couple of inches we need to brush off the car before we head on towards the Virginias. We’ll actually see some persistent light snow throughout the morning as we head into West Virginia, where upslope snow showers and road construction could slow us down some into the afternoon. Once we finally make our way into Virginia, the snow showers wind down and it’ll be clear sailing the rest of the evening into Winston-Salem!


Almost 90, despite the rain

Things went mostly according to plan in Winston-Salem. The rain came heavier yesterday than it did on Saturday, and like the GFS, (but not the NAM) forecast, temperatures still made it to 89 degrees. If you’ll recall, there was some discrepancy in the guidance, where the NAM was calling for a high of only 82. Those who astutely ignored that forecast ended up atop the leaderboards. Accuweather and ourselves, Victoria-Weather had the top forecast.
Actuals: Saturday – .12 inches of rain/storms, High 93, Low 75
Sunday – 1.01 inches of rain, High 89, Low 74

Grade: A