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Memphis, Tennessee

As snow showers plague much of the northern US, we head down to the lovely city of Memphis to see what kind of weather they’ll be greeted with to start the weekend. It’s gotta be warmer than up here!

At 1054pm CDT, the temperature at Memphis, TN was 54 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. A weak disturbance is kicking up some rain showers and spotty thunderstorms already over eastern Arkansas which looks like they’ll drift over the Memphis area in the pre-dawn hours Friday. By daybreak this activity should dissipate and shift off to the east, however, as an area of low-pressure develops over the Red River Valley, it’ll set up a warm front over eastern OK into western AR, sparking a wide area of showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. Best chance of seeing this activity roll through will be in the late-afternoon and evening hours before activity starts to push south of the area late-evening. Some light showers look to linger in the area through midnight but then dies out early Saturday morning. Clouds remain throughout the day until a nose of high pressure pushes into the region in the afternoon, clearing out the remaining clouds and making for a very nice rest of the weekend.

Friday: Scattered rain showers and possible thunderstorms. High 61, Low 45.
Saturday: Few isolated pre-dawn showers, clouds decreasing through the day. High 48, Low 37.

TWC: Friday: Rain. High 58, Low 47.
Saturday: Morning clouds, afternoon sun. High 50, Low 33.

AW: Friday: Heavy rain and a thunderstorm. High 60, Low 47.
Saturday: Breezy with clouds breaking, spotty morning showers. High 50, Low 35.

NWS: Friday: Showers likely then showers (huh?). High 60, Low 44.
Saturday: Slight chance of showers. High 49, Low 36.

WB: Friday: Thunderstorms. High 57, Low 47.
Saturday: Some early morning showers, then mostly sunny. High 47, Low 37.

WN: Friday: Cloudy with showers. High 60, Low 44.
Saturday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 49, Low 36.

FIO: Friday: Rain overnight and in the morning and breezy starting in the evening. High 56, Low 46.
Saturday: Isolated morning shower, breezy until morning and mostly cloudy until evening. High 47, Low 33.

Some shower activity is already developing over Eastern Arkansas and looks to continue expanding eastward during the early morning hours Friday. Better bring your umbrella cause it’s gonna be a soggy day.

Memphis, Tennessee to Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we embark on a 1,534-mile road trip from Memphis, TN to Lake Havasu City, AZ. From the shores of the Mississippi River to the Colorado River, it’ll take 3 days to cover the distance. We’ll get there just in time for Thanksgiving!


Massive high pressure is sitting over the Eastern US, so dry and fairly pleasant conditions are expected throughout the entire day as we head westward through Little Rock and Ft Smith, AR and finish the day in Oklahoma City.


Today will be more of the same as we spend the entire day on I-40 westward. A bit of a trough will sag over the Plains as we head out of Oklahoma City towards Amarillo. A few more clouds might be expected for the morning, but should mostly clear out as we head into New Mexico. We finish the day in Albuquerque.


More high pressure! The Desert Southwest will be firmly underneath it so just some high clouds are anticipated as we cruise by Gallup and Flagstaff before finally turning south at Kingman and eventually into Lake Havasu City in the late evening. A easy weather trip!

Memphis, Tennessee to Monroe, Louisiana

Short trip as we head closer to the weekend. We’re only covering 321 miles, on a trek that will last only half a day. We will keep a pace of 68.3mph, as we will keep it to the interstates.

Much as it has been for a few days now, there will be a band of showers and storms mirroring the more intense swath at the base of an upper level trough along the Canadian border, reflected from the Carolinas to the Lower Mississippi Valley. A few bands of isolated showers and storms will crop up as we tick past noon, which means that the second half of our drive will be the most suspect. There will be an isolated shower or thunderstorm as we press south, probably from Winona, Mississippi, through Jackson and then west towards Monroe. It won’t be a washout by any means, but the threat for a remote storm doinking us certainly enough to consider, especially since rain could be heavy enough to slow traffic. Fortunately, Monroe is not a town with a lot of traffic.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee

Just a short little trip as the Independence Day holiday winds down, we just have a half day trip through Mississippi for our journey tonight. It’s 298 miles between the two towns, which we will cover at a pace of 65mph. It’s going to be a hot, short trip, so let’s go before the sun heats up the car in the lot.


Unfortunately, there actually is a deep digging trough into the lower Mississippi Valley, even this late into the summer. The low itself lies over central Missouri and will generate a cold front through central Arkansas. Moisture feeding the boundary will bring showers and storms to northern Mississippi, but there is a chance that some isolated showers and storms crop up outpacing the main area of rain fall through central Mississippi. That remote chance will sneak into our route north of Kosciusko, while the more persistent activity will enter the picture around Batesville. Slow moving showers and storms, with the potential for flash flooding will arrive as we reach Memphis, so wear your galoshes!

An underdog victory

Memphis mostly dodged the threat of rain for the past two days, as much of the activity materialized much further to the east, along the coast, and was even lighter than anticipated in western Tennessee. Even if the activity wasn’t robust, there was still a little bit of shower activity in the region on each day of the verification period.Victoria-Weather was the only outlet that kept rain out of the forecast on either day, keeping things dry on Monday. That means we our forecast busted ever so slightly on the precipitation forecast. On the other hand, V-W was no less than 6 degrees better than all other comers on the temperature forecast thanks to an adherence to the short range model guidance, which kept temperature ranges narrow on Monday and much broader on Tuesday. Because we did so well on the temperatures, V-W edged out the field, who were otherwise very tightly packed.
Actuals: Monday – .01 inches of rain, High 69, low 61
Tuesday .07 inches of rain, High 83 59


Grade: C

Memphis, Tennessee to Sumter, South Carolina

We’re on our way for a long one day trek, from western Tennessee to eastern South Carolina. It will take almost 10 hours to cover the ground, although a trip through Atlanta might make things a bit slower.  The trip will cover 652 miles, which we will navigate at a pace of 66.4mph. Let’s see how the weather holds up.


The way it looks right now, the richest flow associated with an area of low pressure over west Texas will be focused… east of the Appalachians? There is a coastal trough from Virginia to northern Florida that will amplify the flow forced by the back end of a ridge in the Atlantic and that weak trough in the southern Plains. Expect our drive to be mostly dry, if a bit cloudy, and warm. By dry, I mean “rainless” because it will be quite humid. We’ll first start to encounter rain around Anniston, Alabama, with heavier rain beginning to fall closer to Greensboro, Georgia. Steady rain will occupy our horizon through the state of South Carolina, and will provide a dismal welcome to Sumter.


Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is nice. We don’t forecast enough along the banks of the Mississippi. Let’s see how it goes.

At 1154PM, CT, Memphis was reporting overcast skies with a temperature of 64 degrees. Cold high pressure is parked over the Appalachians and will drift southeast and away from Memphis, but for the day tomorrow, it will still ensure a cool, dry start to the week.
Over the central Rockies, a weak upper level trough is working it’s way towards the Plains. By tomorrow afternoon, the Great Plains will be blanketed by rain showers, attempting to work their way to the east. Guidance suggests that the most activity will belong an emerging warm front north of the Ohio River, but destabilization brought forth by increasing moisture due to the induced southerly flow leads me to believe that there will be a few scattered showers and storms in the area.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 69, Low 57
Tuesday – Hot, with a chance for a shower of thunderstorm, High 81, Low 59

TWC: Tomorrow – Considerable cloudiness. Occasional rain showers in the afternoon High 72, Low 56
Tuesday – Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 80, Low 61

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a little rain High 70, Low 56
Tuesday – Periods of clouds and sun with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 78, Low 61

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of showers, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 1pm. Cloudy, High 70, Low 58
Tuesday – Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 1pm. Mostly cloudy High 78, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – A chance of showers in the morning, then showers likely and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, High 68, Low 58
Tuesday – A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning, then showers and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon Mostly cloudy. High 77, Low 62

WN: Tomorrow – Cloudy with Chance of Light Showers High 70, Low 63
Tuesday – Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Storms High 77, Low 63

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain in the evening and overnight. High 72, Low 55
Tuesday –  Light rain in the morning and afternoon. High 81, Low 62

I will definitely be watching the Memphis radar tomorrow! Here is a look at the satellite, with clouds off to the west.


Knotted in Memphis

It was a blustery day in Memphis on Friday as a cold front swept through. There was a little bit of rain as the system exited in the morning, but that was because the cold air hadn’t entirely departed. I asked if the day would be a non-standard day, wondering about time the day’s low temperature would show up, but I should have wondered about the high as well. It was 61 to start the day, dropping off precipitously after that point. It was, of course, a non standard day, thanks to the front’s slow pace through Memphis, but everyone came around with their forecast on Saturday. It ended up being a three way cluster on top between The Weather Channel, Accuweather and the Weather Service on top of the forecast heap.
Actuals: Friday – Trace of rain, High 61, Low 41
Saturday – High 55, Low 35

Grade: C

Memphis, Tennessee

Long distance information, get my Memphis Tennessee, help me find find the forecast that tried to get in touch with me

At 1154AM, CT, Memphis was reporting a temperature of 73 degrees with clear skies and a gusty south wind. An area of low pressure was moving through the mid-Mississippi Valley, however the associated cold front was between Memphis and Little Rock, and it appeared highly unlikely that thunderstorms would pose a threat to the Memphis area this afternoon.
As the system over Missouri continues northeast towards southern New England, it will dramatically intensify, causing a cool down in Memphis, but also a great deal of bluster. Expect sunny skies, but a stout northwest wind tomorrow, with the wind abating on Saturday.
Tomorrow – Sunny and windy, High 54, Low 43
Saturday – Sunny skies continue, High 55, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – Abundant sunshine. High 54, Low 42
Saturday – Mainly sunny High 53, Low 32

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy and cooler with times of clouds and sun High 54, Low 42
Saturday – Plenty of sunshine High 54, Low 35

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 55, Low 40
Saturday – Sunny High 55, Low 33

WB: Tomorrow – Much cooler. Mostly sunny High 55, Low 40
Saturday – Sunny High 54, Low 33

It will be interesting to see whether or not tomorrow will be a non-standard day. Constant northwest wind would lead me to believe that it will not be, because there isn’t going to be a dramatic change during the day tomorrow. Here is the satellite, with the most interesting thing to me is the swath of clouds along the Gulf Coast. Surprising dew points in Memphis could hit the mid 50s.

Well don’t I feel sheepish

The weather Memphis, if you have been following along with Twitter Tuesday, has simply been hot and humid for the past couple of days. Really, the most interesting thing about the forecast was that I simply forgot to transcribe the Weather Service forecast. Strange. The Weather Channel had the top forecast of outlets I actually checked, thanks in some part to the forecast of warm overnight lows. In fact, those lows never dropped below 73. Awful for sleeping. Nice work, TWC.
Actuals: Sunday – High 91, Low 73
Monday – High 93, Low 73

Grade: B