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El Centro, California to Columbia, Missouri

Who is ready for a three day venture through the wild west? Our route definitely takes us through the old cowboy towns of the desert southwest on this drive, which will cover 1570 miles.  Our drive will cover 1570 miles at a pace of 66.3mph. The result is that our first two days of driving will be a touch longer, covering about 530 miles a day. Let’s pile in and put on our bandanas.

DAY ONE (Monday)
El CentroWe’re going to be clambering through some fun terrain on either side of Phoenix as we attempt to get from El Centro to I-40 in northern Arizona. We’ll  make it to the buttes and mesas of New Mexico by the time our drive ends on Monday. The majority of the drive, and certainly the drive to reach I-40 will be dusty and dry, but a departicng wave over the central Rockies will attempt to bring some high clouds and a very isolated chance for light rain. I expect it to be dry, however, and for a partly cloudy snset in Wingate in northwestern New Mexico.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
There might be a rumble of thunder in the Plains overnight Monday, but expect those storms to move quickly out of the region, with dry heat returning the high Plains. We won’t get a whiff of any showers or storms as we move through the Panhandles and into Kansas, in the city of Plains. Hmm. Makes sense, I guess. It’s between Dodge City and Liberal.

DAY THREE (Wednesday)
It’s a weird little feture, but it’s showing up on all of the guidance at this point. There is a small area of rain showers forecast throughout the day on Wednesday for southern Missouri. Some sort of surface wave that is unusually well analyzed on all of the models, perhaps. It seems spurrious, to say the least. This is a long way of saying that there isn’t much that we should truly be worried about on our final day of driving, if we’re spending that much tie talking about this little feature. Expect a nice arrival in Columbia.