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Chicago in the dead of winter

Here is the crazy part about winter in the upper Midwest… Temperatures in Chicago dropped all the way down to 0 both on Friday and Saturday, but it barely registered nationally. After all, it’s about 20 degrees warmer than it was at times last month. The cold weather under high pressure wasn’t, therefore, terribly noteworthy, but it did happen. Victoria-Weather, ever the pessimists, ultimately had the coldest forecasts, and won the first verification of the year.
Actuals: Friday – High 9, Low 0
Saturday – High 18, Low 0

Grade: B-C

Mobile, Alabama to Chicago, Illinois

Really, given some of the distances we have driven recently, Chciago isn’t that far from the Gulf Coast. It helps that I-65 runs from Mobile all the way to the Indiana portion of Chicagoland. Because so much of this drive is on interstate, and the same interstate at that, the drive will come at the rapid pace of 69.5mph, which means on our first day of driving, a full day of motoring up 65, we will cover 555.8mph, leaving the rest to cover on a 5 hour day on Sunday.

DAY ONE (Saturday)

The thing about our drive on Saturday is that it will be strongly dictated by what happens today. A very wet, but unusually cold system is setting up for the southeast. There is a threat for up to 6″ of snow, from Mississippi to North Carolina with heavier snow even further east, towards the Carolinas. The sloppiest area along our route will be between Birmingham and the Tennessee border, iwith lower totals potentially as far north as Nashville. The threat for ice will be high south of there, with a glaze possble anywhere from Mobile to Birmingham, with the heaviest icing from Georgiana to Montgomery. Our day will be dictated by how much ALDOT can clean I-65 up tongiht. They’ve struggled with storms like this in the past. If we can get out of Mobile, we should make it to Bonneville in central Kentucky, but there is a realistic chance that our drive is over before it even gets started.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
If we can dig out of Alabama, and we can make it all the way to Bonneville, our little 5 hour trip on Sunday will be a piece of cake. Chilly high pressure wiill be in place over he Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, so the sun will be out and the only thing with any issues will be our car battery. Like I said, it will be chilly in Chicago. Enjoy the sunshine, though!

Chicago, Illinois

This will be my first forecast of the new year. Well, first that can be verified,, and it isn’t a 5 day road trip. Let’s go to the Windy City. We’re going to use O’Hare as our verification point.

At 1051PM, CT, Chicago was reporting a temperature of 4 degrees with mostly clear skies. A steady northwest wind was ensuring that chilly dry air continues to filter in, while the clear skies mean any warmth that is in the area will radiate to space.
There won’t be much change at the surface, as Chicago will remain under prevailing westerlies, with mostly clear skies. A combination of the insolation and a developing upper level ridge will allow temperatures to moderate a bit through the period.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 11, Low 0
Saturday – A bit warmer and still partly cloudy, High 20, Low 3

TWC: Tomorrow – Plentiful sunshine. High 11, Low 2
Saturday – Plentiful sunshine. High 21, Low 4

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and frigid High 12, Low 3
Saturday – Mostly sunny and very cold High 21, Low 4

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 12, Low 0
Saturday – Mostly sunny High 21, Low 4

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy in the morning then clearing, High 11, Low 4
Saturday – Mostly sunny, High 20, Low 6

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 12, Low 1
Saturday – Mostly sunny, Hiigh 21 Low 5

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting in the morning, continuing until evening. High 13, Low 3
Saturday  – Clear throughout the day. High 22, Low 6

There isn’t much going on in Chicago, but the only way to show anything is to go with the water vapor imagery, as the cold temperatures are polluting the infrared and it’s dark, so no visible satellite. There is a boundary in the Ohio Valley, but clear skies for the Midwest.

The Sun does its job

After a blustery, miserable middle of the week, the sun began to shine to begin the weekend in Chicago. As Anthony said, the verifying point for this forecast was O’Hare, and at the airport, temperatures climbed 13 degrees Friday to Saturday, mostly on the back of sunny skies that finally found the Great Lakes. The weather service ended up with the top forecast, correctly inferring the drastic warm-up.
Actuals: Friday, High 50, Low 31
Saturday – High 63, Low 42

Grade: B

Cleveland, Tennessee to Chicago, Illinois

From the Southern Appalachians to shore of Lake Michigan, this trip will cover 625 miles. We’ll split it up into 2 days and give you a bit of an overnight rest in Indianapolis. Away we go!


As we travel northward to Knoxville then onwards to Lexington, clear skies and calm winds greet us as high pressure looks to take hold over much of the Mid MS Valley and OH Valley. It’ll be more of the same as we make our way past Cincinnati to Indianapolis, our stop for the night.


Nothing much else to speak of today either, as high pressure over the region will keep the trip from Indianapolis to Chicago dry and only seeing a few high clouds. Time to put on the sunglasses and visit Navy Pier!

Chicago, Illinois

After seemingly only forecasting for CA cities, I get to forecast for one of my favorite cities in the country, Chicago! Having grown up in sort-of nearby Rochelle, IL, Chicago has always been a favorite of mine, and owns all of my sports allegiances. Hopefully I have more success in this forecast than the Bears did against DeAngelo Hall this past weekend. Oh, burn!

At 2:51pm CDT, the temperature at Chicago O’Hare International Airport was 44 degrees under overcast skies. Chicago is finally settling down from the giant record-setting low-pressure system that plowed through the Central US a couple days ago, as well as pushing a swath of severe weather from the Central Great Lakes down into the TN Valley. The “Chiclone” as it was dubbed, or to steal jargon from last years’ blizzards, “Windpocalypse”, wound up becoming the strongest non-tropical low pressure system ever recorded on land in the United States, bottoming out at 28.21″ in Bigfork, MN. Always fun to see an all-time weather record fall! So why am I talking about the weather Chicago and the rest of the Upper Midwest has gone through in the last couple of days instead of what’s about to happen as we move into the weekend? Well, because with high pressure moving in behind this system, Chi-town will be bathed in sunlight and dry conditions. So, the fine residents of the city can get out and enjoy some pleasant weather and ponder if the Bears will get an offensive line, if the Blackhawks can repeat, or how long one can sit in traffic on Lake Shore Drive!

Friday: Mostly sunny. High 50, Low 33.
Saturday: Continued sunny. High 58, Low 38.

TWC: Friday: Sunny, High 54, Low 31.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 62. Low 39.

AW: Friday: Sunshine, poor hunting conditions (um, come again?) High 51, Low 30.
Saturday: Sunny. High 59, Low 37.

NWS: Friday: Clearing and sunny. High 51, Low 31.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 61, Low 39

WB: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 49, Low 32.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 59, Low 40.

Here we see the overcast skies still lingering over Illinois. They’ll break up for tomorrow though, and the sun will get to play for a few days