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Canton doesn’t go anywhere

Last week’s snow storm didn’t really cream the eastern Great Lakes like it did further to the west. Canton was far enough to the east that they didn’t really get caught up in the heavy wintry precipitation. It rained plenty on Monday, before temperature cooled off enough for some flakes to fall in the evening. The thick layer of clouds meant that temperatures were in the 40s, until they started to fall off on Monday, making it all the way down to 31. Everything seemed to happen on Monday night, huh? Accuweather was the winner of this particular forecasting venture.
Actuals: Sunday, High 49, Low 43
Monday – .36” of precipitation, mixed, High 48, Low 31

Grade: A-C

Canton, Ohio

I think of Thanksgiving as the “football holiday.” It starts with games on Turkey Day, followed by rivalry day for the college game on Saturday, and then more NFL action on Sunday. Of COURSE we should have a forecast for the home of the Hall of Fame!

At 1251AM, ET, Canton was reporting a temperature of 47 with overcast skies. The areas across the  Eastern Great Lakes were streaked with a few clouds, as one of several small scale disturbances lies north of the Great Lakes. Stronger systems lie over the Mid-Atlantic and western Atlantic, with a developing feature in the Central Plains.
A strong trough over the Upper Midwest is going to broaden and strengthen across the region, which in turn will help the rapid intensification of low pressure centered over Oklahoma and moving towards the Great Lakes. Warm air will stream north into the Upper Ohio Valley ahead of the showers, which will start shortly after midnight on Monday morning. Cold air at the back end of the system will turn rain to snow by Monday afternoon. Precipitation will be waning when snow arrives, so accumulations will be tempered. 
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, High 49, Low 40
Monday – Rain early, switching to snow in the afternoon. 1-2″ of accumulation, High 45, Low 30

TWC: Tomorrow – Areas of patchy fog early. Cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High 48, Low 40
Monday – Rain showers in the morning with precipitation turning to a mixture of rain and snow in the afternoon.High 47, Low 32

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 51, Low 42
Monday – Cloudy, breezy; rain and drizzle in the morning, then a shower in spots  (Snow late) High 47, Low 32

NWS: Tomorrow – Cloudy High 49, Low 41
Monday – Rain likely before 3pm, then a chance of rain and snow. Cloudy High 45, Low 30

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy (late rain), High 47, Low 41
Monday – Cloudy. ain likely in the morning then a chance of rain and snow in the afternoon. Little or no snow accumulation. High 45, low 32

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 49, Low 41
Monday – Cloudy with chance of light wintry mix, High 45, low 41

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 47, Low 40
Monday – Mixed precipitation starting overnight, continuing until evening, and breezy starting in the evening, continuing until night. High 46, Low 32

Nothing to ruin the weekend as it winds down, but certainly, we can expect some commute issues when Tuesday morning rolls around. Satellite doesn’t yet look ominous.

Weather Wayback… Cold means something different in August

Shortly after the eclipse, Anthony put together a forecast for Canton, Ohio in what can only be described as “unseasonably cool” conditions, thanks to an advancing front. Sure, it was nearly 80 on August 23rd, but by golly, that cold front came in and knocked it down to only 74 on the 24th, which is appalling when you have grown accustomed to the 80s and 90s. Right now, it sounds pretty nice. Accuweather won that forecast way back in August.
Actuals: August 23rd, High 79, Low 58
August 24th – .14 inches of rain in thunderstorms, High 74, Low 52

Grade: B-C

Canton, Ohio

Apologies for the lack of updates yesterday, I was out (along with about 10 million other Americans) chasing after the total eclipse! I’ll update in a later post about my adventure, but I was able to see the totality in all of its’ brilliance! The 11+ hours of traffic to get home however… yikes. Today’s forecast involves a locale that is also known for their stars, football stars that is. Canton, OH! Home of the NFL Hall of Fame! Let’s see how their midweek forecast looks like.

At 1251am EDT, the temperature in Canton, OH was 67 degrees under partly cloudy skies. A cold front worked through the region earlier today, bringing some showers through during the afternoon and evening. High pressure will slowly work down into the OH River Valley over the next couple of days in its wake, leading to some very pleasant late summer conditions! There is a slight chance of some wayward showers getting kicked up lake-effect style. Nothing much would come from them, just a couple hundreths if anything. Temperatuers will dip down into the low 70s for Thursday as well, hard to complain about those kinds of readings in late August!

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy in afternoon. High 77, Low 60.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy, a slight chance of an isolated afternoon shower. High 71, Low 56.

TWC: Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 77, Low 60.
Thursday: Partly cloudy, an isolated shower. High 71, Low 57.

AW: Wednesday: Pleasant with periods of sun. High 78, Low 60.
Thursday: Partly sunny with a shower. High 72, Low 57.

NWS: Wednesday: Mostly Sunny. Slight chance of showers before midnight. High 76, Low 59.
Thursday: Chance of showers then partly sunny. High 70, Low 56.

WB: Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 74, Low 58.
Thursday: Chance of showers. High 69, Low 56.

WN: Wednesday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 77, Low 57.
Thursday: Partly cloudy with scattered showers. High 72, Low 57.

FIO: Wednesday: Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 72, Low 61.
Thursday: Partly cloudy starting in the morning. High 68, Low 55.

We see some showers and embedded thunderstorms shifting through PA/WV, away from Canton. Most of tomorrow should be fine but keep an eye on the radar for some late night sprinkles.

Coming on to soon

This is going to take a little bit of recollection, but do you remember back, wow, nearly 3 weeks ago, when we assembled a forecast for Canton, Ohio?  Well, it’s finally time to review it. The temperatures were in the low 90s, which was a little warmer than expected on day one, but Day 2 was pretty well in line with forecasts…until 10pm that night. A line of thunderstorms moved through town, and brought over a quarter inch of rain before midnight came on the 14th. Nobody hit the forecast, so it came down to temperatures. A perfect day on Day 2 gave Accuweather the top spot.
Actuals: Tuesday July 12th – High 90, Low 66
Wednesday – .31 inches of rain, High 91, Low 66

Grade: C-D

Canton, Ohio

Off we go to the home of the Football Hall Of Fame! What summer wonders will Canton have for us today to start the workweek?

At 851pm EDT, the temperature at Canton, OH was 71 degrees with a few clouds. An area of high pressure sitting over the Northeast will keep eastern Ohio dry Monday as temps start to increase towards the upper 80s. The high pressure shifts towards the east for Tuesday, increasing some of the warmer, more humid southerly flow out ahead of a system found shifting its way into the Great Lakes. Temps are expected to push into the 90s for Tuesday, but luckily precip should hold off for another day.

Monday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 62.
Tuesday: Increasing clouds, hotter. High 90, Low 66.

TWC: Monday: Partly cloudy. High 88, Low 60.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 93, Low 65.

AW: Monday: Plenty of sunshine. High 87, Low 61.
Tuesday: Partly sunny; hot, more humid. High 91, Low 66.

NWS: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 59.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 90, Low 64.

WB: Monday: Partly cloudy. High 83, Low 61.
Tuesday: Very hot. High 88, Low 67.

WN: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 61.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 90, Low 64.

FIO: Monday: Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 85, Low 61.
Tuesday: Mostly clear. High 91, Low 64.

Most of the cloudy cover in the region is found off to the north as a disturbance works through the Central Great Lakes. Fortunately, that’ll be the closest bad weather gets over the next couple of days!


Winding down

There was a lot of snow last week across the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes, with a lot of rain seen to the south and east of it. It was driven by an upper level low that was urging a cold front eastward. Urging, not forcing. That front was moving slowly. That low finally started to reorganize and really move out by mid-week. Before it did so, there was a little business, and a little bit of moisture to eject over Canton, Ohio on Wednesday morning. The low also started to independently draw warm air northward, which through forecasts off a bit on Thursday, but lingering clouds had the opposite effect, keeping things cooler on Thursday. The National Weather Service had the top forecast, earning their stripes with good temperatures on Wednesday, in particular.
Actuals: Wednesday – .2 inches of snow, High 45, Low 32
Thursday – High 39, Low 26

Grade: C – D

Canton, Ohio to Macon, Georgia

There isn’t much good about this route. It takes us north to south through the Appalachians first, and then through a well populated tract of the southeast, through Winston Salem, Charlotte, Columbia, Augusta and eventually into Macon. As a result, expect to take a day and a half to accomplish this trek and a pace of 65.2mph. Kinda slow for Google.

DAY ONE (Friday)
High pressure is in chargeover the Ohio Valley, and it will build across the southeast through the day tomorrow. Tempertatures are still a little cool across the region, but it IS December. Don’t complain. Clear roads are all we could ask for. We will make it through the treacherous part of the drive, passing through West Virginia, western Virginia and western North Carolina. It will flatten out in South Carolina, and we will stop for the night in Blytheville, north of Columbia.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
More of the same, but warmer than 50. The westerly drive through South Carolina and into central Georgia will be backed by a light breeze. I’ve been to Macon. Nice town. Hope you enjoy it too.

Canton, Ohio

Hey, everyone. Let’s take a look at the Great Lakes today, and turn our eye to the sky.

At 1024PM, ET, Canton was reporting a temperature of 36 degrees with overcast skies and flurries. A significantly weakening upper level low is moving through the Great Lakes, providing the light snow showers currently seen in Canton. At the southern end of the feature, moisture is being wrapped around the entire low and not driven off of Lake Erie, which is keeping accumulations at bay, or at the very least, nearer to Ashtabula.
A relatively heavy round of snow is shifting towards the West Virginia Panhandle and western Pennsylvania, but the threat for snow is not over in Canton. A secondary boundary was evident on radar from Dayton to Owensboro, Kentucky, and could be extrapolated towards Sandusky. Through mid morning tomorrow, this band will fill in and present a chance for flurries. The upper level trough will dampen and allow warm air to reemerge in northeastern Ohio, but it will take it’s time, waiting until Friday morning. Thursday will be a chilly day, therefore, but expect a sunny rebound under emergent high pressure on Friday.
Tomorrow – Flurries in the morning, High 40, Low 32
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 43, Low 30

TWC: Tomorrow – Overcast, High 43, Low 32
Friday – Sunny skies. High 49, Low 31

AW: Tomorrow – A couple of flurries in the morning; otherwise, breezy with clouds breaking for some sun High 44, Low 34
Friday – Partly sunny High 47, Low 31

NWS: Tomorrow -A slight chance of rain and snow showers before 11am, then a slight chance of rain showers between 11am and 1pm. Cloudy, High 43, Low 32
Friday – Sunny High 45, Low 30

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy. A chance of snow showers in the morning, little or no snow accumulation. High 43, Low 33
Friday – Mostly Sunny, High 45, Low 30

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy with Chance of Light Wintry Mix High 43, Low 34
Friday – Mostly Sunny High 45, Low 30

FIO: Tomorrow – Light snow in the morning. High 43, Low 33
Friday – Foggy in the morning. High 49, Low 31

Here is a look at the entire Great Lakes on radar, so you can get a good picture of what I described above. It won’t be snowy for too long tomorrow, and then a nice warm up!

Seems like spring

Canton didn’t offer too many surprises on the forecast. Generally speaking, folks were within a few degrees of every verifying temperature, save for one: the morning low yesterday was 54, which was significantly warmer than most outlets had anticipated. The outlet who was closes to the mark was The Weather Channel, but they had given a dry forecast and were bumped down to a tie for 3rd place, as The Weather Service and Victoria Weather, who had the next best temperatures as well as the correct rain forecast, ended up sharing the top spot.
Actuals: Monday – High 69, Low 40
Tuesday – Trace of rain, High 73, Low 54

Grade: C