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Wichita Falls, Texas to Morristown, Tennessee

This is an interesting drive. It’s not exactly urban, but there are good benchmarks, passing through Little Rock, Memphis and Nashville in our journey of nearly two full days. We will cover 984 miles, and will camp for the night at the 539.8 mile point because of a pace of 67.5mph. I think it will be fun.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Wichita Falls
A nascent area of low pressure over southern Louisiana will extend an inverted trough into the Piney Woods of east Texas, and there is a pretty good chance we will encounter some rain in a narrow band from Paris to Texarkana. We will be well ahead and away from any other development through Arkansas, however, and will call it a day in West Memphis. I will leave it to you to figure out where that is.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
It’s a long drive end to end across Tennessee, and very different from Memphis to Morristown, and the Mississippi to the Smokey Mountains. Of course, one thing that will be consistent will be the weather. It should be just fine all the way across the Volunteer State.

Wichita Falls, Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are returning to the open road, as we set forth on a three day trip from north Texas to the City of Brotherly Love. It’s going to be almost exactly 3 days, actually, covering 1520 miles, but day three will be just a hair under a full day, and the average speed will be 64.8mph, which means the daily goal is 518.5 miles.

We are going to head northeast through Oklahoma in simply wonderful conditions, with cool crisp Prairie air moving into the region behind that vast area of low pressure in the Great Lakes. This will change ever so slightly in Missouri, in the Springfield area, when some overcast with a shot for a little bit of drizzle for the rest of the day, which will end in the Bohigian Consevation area, west of Rolla.

It’s going to be a similar day, essentially, on Friday, as it was on Saturday. The drizzly garbage will have shifted east by the time we get moving, and our drive through St. Louis and Illinois will be quite pleasant. It’s when we cross the border into Indiana that things will start to get a little bit dreary. The same overcast, light rain pattern will move in as we head through the Hoosier State and into Ohio. The day will end in Lake Darby, which is just to the west of Columbus.

The low will begin to reorganize as it moves into Canada. We’re not going to start out as dry as it was on Thursday and Friday, and in fact, in western Pennsylvania, the rain will get much heavier through Pittsburgh and Bedford, and then steadily diminish until we get to Harrisburg, after which point, it will be dry on into Philly.

Little Rock, Arkansas to Wichita Falls, Texas

We have a 1 day trip from Arkansas to north Texas. The state of Arkansas, of course was devastated by tornadoes on Sunday evening, notably a large tornado that hit the west and north metro of Little Rock. Our route won’t be taking us through any of these impacted areas, but that doesn’t mean, it won’t be any less on our mind. It’s under 7 hours between the two terminuses of our route, and 411 miles. This will result in a 61mph average speed.


The weather for our Wednesday drive will end up being quite nice. Expect very dry air to be cycled into the route from the southern Plains. Temepratures will be a little bit cooler than seasonable, but with the sunny skies, it will likey feel pretty warm in the car. Expect a need to roll down the windows, and good conditions to hang out outdoors in Wichita Falls.
Wichita Falls

Avoiding the mess

There is a fairly decent winter storm moving through the northern Plains, and a rainy mess out in the Carolinas. Wichita Falls bypassed it all with temperatures comfortable and skies clear. Those temperatures did rise 10 degrees from Monday to Tuesday, which is not what you expect in December. The Weather Channel had the top forecast for this particular Texas town, but only narrowly.
Actuals: Monday – High 68, Low 35
Tuesday – High 78, Low 38

Grade: B

Anchorage, Alaska to Wichita Falls, Texas

We are on a very, very long road trip, crossing into and out of Canada. This is a great idea in December. 8 days in the car, covering 3851 miles. Thanks to Alaska and Canada, we will only move at a 59mph pace. That’s a lot of travel, but only about 472.6 miles a day. Let’s go, I guess.

The good news is that our stretch through Alaska will be under high pressure, and there won’t be any freshly fallen snow as we head first to the northeast and then eventually back to the southeast through the Yukon. We won’t see a lot of civilization as we make our way through the wilderness, so be sure to gas up whenever possible. The day will end near the Burwash Landing in the Yukon. If we have any issues wit will be with the wind, but the valley we drive through may protect us.

This is such a weird trip. Be prepared to do some camping, not only in the Yukon but here on the second day of travel. Cool high pressure will continue to build into the western parts of Canada. As long as our hypothetical RV is working, our night will be just fine along the northern border of British Columbia, near Swan Lake. Hopefully soon, we will start staying in towns!

OK, so day three isn’t the day that we will find a hotel to stay in. We are just going to stop about 60 kilometers south of Fort Nelson, which is on the east side of the Rockies. This can qualify as progress. High pressure is going to be fully in charge over British Columbia at this point, so just watch out for bears.

We still won’t be in terribly heavily populated areas by Thursday, but there will be a little bit more traffic. In fact, we will be travelling along a 4 lane highway through Alberta, which will be nice. We won’t be hitting too many towns but we are going to make a point of stopping in Fox Creek for a real bed and a shower though. This should all go to tell you how vast the dome of high pressure is. We’re talking about places to stay instead of the weather. Let’s keep plugging away.

I suppose I should point out that this week is going to be chilly. I just wanted to make that clear. Canadian high pressure usually means some cold, subzero temperatures in the prairies. It may actually be warmer in the mountains than it will be in Alberta. Our day Friday will include trips through Edmonton and Calgary, and will stop in Lethbridge, which is also a real town. Finally.

That Arctic ridge is going to continue building into the northern high Plains of the United States, brining the cold air from Canada right south with us. The good news is, we have finally reached the United States, and there aren’t any more camping stops. Of course, we have to navigate the entire state of Montana for our first day in the States. We will make it to the Gerryowen travel plaza by the end of the day.

The instability moving over the Rockies will lead to some snow showers across Colorado. Expect cold but dry weather through Wyoming, but overcast and snow showers will encroach shortly after we pass Fort Collins. Expect the snow showers to continue until we reach the Denver suburb of Henderson, where we will stop for the day.

We did it! We’re in America and we are finishing the trip on Sunday, the 8th! The sharp back edge of cold weather will continue to crank out a few snow showers from eastern Colorado to west Texas. It will likely be overcast as we arrive in Wichita Falls, but significantly warmer than it was in Canada. No promises though. This is an EIGHT DAY FORECAST.
Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, Texas

We are going to make a move south to the Lone Star State in our first make-up forecast.

At 1252PM, CT, Wichita Falls was reporting a temperature of 51 degrees with sunny skies. Jet flow was generally overhead, and laminar. There was a decent area of upper level instability, but not a lot of action at the surface. This meant some mid level clouds in the area, but as noted by the current observation, it certainly wasn’t overcast.
There won’t be a lot of change in Wichita Falls over the next several days, despite an increasingly turbulent pattern over the northern Plains. A southerly jet, the one presently cousing the higher clouds will first dip through the southeast, then begin to arc over the region, both helping to amplify a system moving through the northern US and helping build a ridge in the Red River Valley. There may be a few clouds the next few days, but there will also be comfortable temperatures and dry weather.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 73, Low 39
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, warmer, High 77, Low 41

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 68, Low 38
Tuesday – Mostly Sunny High 75 Low 40

AW: Mostly sunny and mild High 69, Low 40
Tuesday – Breezy with sunshine mixing with some clouds High 75, Low 41

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 69, Low 39
Tuesday – Sunny High 76, Low 41

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny. High 69, Low 40
Tuesday – Sunny. High 76, Low 41

So it looks pretty decent in north Texas. It’s certainly not the type of December weather I am used to. The satellite shows the jet stream pretty well. Weather nerd stuff.
Wichita Falls

It’s Wichita Falls. The “Falls” is important

A massive snow storm moved through the middle of the country this week. It was notable Wichita, Kansas, where 14 inches of snow fell, setting a new record. In Wichita FALLS, which is in Texas, there was no snow. They did see thunderstorms, which were well anticipated all across the board. So well anticipated, in fact, that we ended up with a 3 way tie at the top between Victoria-Weather, the National Weather Service and Weatherbug.
Actuals: Thursday – .37 inches of rain with thunderstorms, High 60, Low 32
Friday – High 42, Low 28

Grade: C

Wichita Falls, Texas

Seems that another big winter storm is on its way, this time taking aim at the Central US. Is Wichita Falls in the crosshairs? Let’s find out!

At 952pm CST, the temperature at Wichita Falls, TX was 37 degrees under overcast skies. An evolving low pressure system is finally making its way out of the Four Corners region and shifting out into the Plains. This is the same storm that delayed the 1st Round of the Match Play championships northwest of Tucson because of… SNOW! Kind of hard to golf when the fairways and greens are coated with a couple inches of snow. With plenty of cold air already in place over the Central US, the plume of moisture this is pulling up from the Gulf is set to dump over a foot of snow in places over KS and NE, and ice storm over Arkansas, and still multiple inches up from MO into MN and into the Great Lakes. Luckily, Wichita Falls is far enough south that it won’t have to worry about any of the winter aspects from this storm. The cold front will push through during the early morning hours Thursday, with some showers and a few thunderstorms popping up along it. This should dampen the grounds before the sun breaks Thursday morning, but the precip really shouldn’t stick around all that long. By mid-morning, the showers/storms should push off to the east, and stronger westerly winds will blow into the area, helping scour out the low, overcast skies throughout the day. Temperatures will warm up a big for the afternoon, but throughout the evening and overnight, cooler air will be pulled into the region, bringing for some chilly conditions Friday morning. As the storm pushes northeastward, high pressure builds in over the Southern Plains for Friday, making for a rather quiet, but cooler start to the weekend.

Thursday: Early morning rain showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, then clearing out throughout the day, with increasing wind gusts from the west. High 60, Low 34.
Friday: Sunny but cooler. High 48, Low 25.

TWC: Thursday: Chance of early morning thunderstorms, then clearing throughout the day. Gusty winds in afternoon. High 59, Low 35.
Friday: Sunny. High 50, Low 27.

AW: Thursday: showers or a heavy thunderstorm in morning, turning mostly sunny and windy. High 64, Low 34.
Friday: Mostly sunny and colder. High 49, Low 25

NWS: Thursday: Thunderstorms likely in morning, clearing out in evening. High 61, Low 35.
Friday: Sunny. High 49, Low 28.

WB: Thursday: Chance of rain and thunderstorms in morning, decreasing clouds late. High 60, Low 35.
Friday: Mostly sunny. high 49, Low 27.

Here we see some cells getting going off to the west of Wichita Falls, which will move through the area in the next few hours. After that though, it should be a dry couple of days!

Texas Two Step

Two forecasts in a row, and, while the results were slightly different in Lubbock and Wichita Falls, the cause was the same. Northerly flow with dry air came through and helped temperatures stay manageable during the day time. It didn’t cool off like it did in Lubbock, but temperatures in Wichita Falls stayed on the cool side of forecasts, which meant that Victoria Weather narrowly sealed victory.
Actuals: Sunday – High 86, Low 64
Monday – High 89, Low 55

Grade: B

Lubbock, Texas to Wichita Falls, Texas

What’s this? A short road trip? That will only take 3 1/2 hours to go almost due east (actually a little bit north) a grand total of about 210 miles. The rate of speed, interstate free, will be 60.8mph. The hardest part of this forecast is writing the intro.

It’s going to be downright lazy, atmospherically when we depart Lubbock. A weak lee trough is going to keep everything pretty calm for west Texas, but winds will pick up, and it might get downright breezy by the time we reach Wichita Falls. And…. that’s about it. Temps in the low 80s when we arrive.