Rochester, New York to Wichita Falls, Texas

We’re ready for another road trip, as it, I think, a lot of the world, of late. We’ll take a 2 1/2 day trip from western New York to west Texas, covering 1,448 miles. That means a pace of 67.2mph, which is laudable, and a daily goal of about 538 miles. Summer time is here, and it’s road trip season!

DAY ONE (Wednesday)

Rochester, New York

The nasty weather that has been afflicting the southern Rockies for the last couple of days is finally getting ready to climb to the north. It won’t do it with a lot of upper level support, or added precipitation, but it will still have plenty of resources to give us problems on Wednesday. Light rain will be a factor early in the day on Monday, and with heating of the day, the showers might get heavier and thunder could be possible. Don’t be surprised to hear some rumbles of thunder, particularly between Erie to Mansfield. After that, the light rain will return, but patchier, and with spots of sun. The clear skies will be likelier the further we head to the west, improving from Columbus to Knox, Indiana, which is east of Indianapolis, and will be our night one destination.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
Southwesterly flow off the Gulf will draw along the back end of the cold front on the Eastern Seaboard, leading to some clouds and isolated spots of wet weather. Not the clear, blue skies we would normally expect behind a front, but we’ve been groomed by winter. Instead, mostly cloudy skies will dominate the stretch between Indy and St. Louis. I would label it “partly to mostly cloudy” in Missouri, but not a lot better. Less breezy though, I suppose, for what it’s worth. The day will end in Sarcoxie, between Springfield and Joplin.

DAY THREE (Friday)
With low pressure shifting to the northeast, the Gulf will be reopened, and the south central US will get hotter and more humid. Air mass thunderstorms will be possible in the afternoon in eastern Oklahoma, but we should be through and on to Wichita Falls by the time any real thunderstorm activity fires up.

Wichita Falls, Texas

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