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Lows Lead Forecasts Astray

The early morning showers dodged the area as expected in the Terre Haute area, and made for a dry couple of days. Low temperatures were a bit tricky, however, and made a couple of forecasts look a bit foolish. Those of us here at VW were fooled less than almost everybody else, as we tied with the Weather Channel for the victory.

Tuesday: High 74, Low 57.
Wednesday: High 68, Low 43.
Forecast Grade: B

Terre Haute, Indiana

While most of the country is keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma, and rightfully so, it’s still a few days away from possibly affecting mainland US. So in the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Hoosier State.

At 1053pm EDT, the temperature at Terre Haute, IN was 76 degrees under overcast skies. It was quite the balmy day in Terre Haute today as it got into the 90s, but then the cold front finally swung through during the later evening hours, ushering in some much cooler air over the next couple of days. A decent line of thunderstorms worked its way through the area this evening as well, but luckily for Terre Haute they just missed off to the northeast. A couple of isolated showers are lingering behind the front but should avoid the Terre Haute area as they trek off towards the east-southeast. As high pressure builds in throughout the Midwest over the next couple days, rather cool and pleasant weather is anticipated over the region. Dry weather is expected to last throughout the week actually, so a nice start to Meteorological Fall looks to be in store!

Tuesday: Clouds decreasing through morning, mostly sunny by afternoon. High 75, Low 54.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 68, Low 47.

TWC: Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 76, Low 58.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 69, Low 47.

AW: Tuesday: Cooler with periods of sun, an isolated morning shower possible. High 76, Low 59.
Wednesday: Pleasantly cool with some sun. High 70, Low 47.

NWS: Tuesday: Slight chance of some early morning showers, then mostly sunny. High 74, Low 57.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 71, Low 49.

WB: Tuesday: Mostly sunny, chance of early morning storms. High 74, Low 58.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 67, Low 50.

WN: Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 59.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 72, Low 48.

FIO: Tuesday: Rain overnight, skies clearing by afternoon. High 73, Low 58.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 68, Low 47.

A broken line of thunderstorms rumbled through the region earlier this evening as a cold front moved on through. The next few days will be much nicer however!

Weather Wayback… A flurry of activity

It seems crazy to think that it was just three months ago that we were talking about snow in our forecasts, but that was just the case on March 13th in Terre Haute, Indiana. There was just a flurry in Terre Haute, but that’s still pretty late in the year, especially in southern Indiana. Most of our outlets weren’t fooled back when we issued the forecast, however, with 6/7 calling for the flurries. It was a result of a massive system moving up the coast, prepared to bring some significant weather to the Mid-Atlantic coast, and even on the periphery, nearly everyone was on point. If I recall, the forecast was a little overwrought in the big cities, but at least there was success in Terre Haute. WeatherNation won this March forecast, and did so with panache.
Actuals: March 13th – Trace of snow, High 33, Low 21
March 14th – High 34, Low 18

Grade: A-C

Terre Haute, Indiana to New Orleans, Louisiana

If you stuck around after our initial forecast, you will know that the weather in New Orleans for the next day and a half of this drive will be in excellent shape, but what about the 783 miles in between? We’ll cover that mileage at a pace of 68.5,mph, at which pace we will cover 548 miles on Thursday’s drive.

DAY ONE (Thursday)

Indeed, warm weather and sunny skies have come to the Mississippi Valley after a long stretch of busy weather in the area. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of people just outside and enjoying it at any stop that is made. Maybe have lunch by the river in Memphis. It’s going to be nice day, is what I’m saying. We’ll make it to Mississippi and the town of Richland, which is about 75 miles northeast of Jackson.

DAY TWO (Friday)
Like I said in the intro, New Orleans is going to be very nice to drive through. So too, will Jackson and all parts in between. It will even be tolerably cool. Not quite to the dog days yet, but they are coming soon.

Terre Haute, Indiana

All the talk today is going to be on the Northeast and New England states, as a powerful winter storm takes aim. Will it be the snowiest Pi Day in history for them? Probably. But alas, we’re focused on Indiana today! Let’s see how the Midwest is faring.

At 1153pm EDT, the temperature at Terre Haute, IN was 30 degrees under overcast skies. Snowfall from earlier today has pushed off to the east mostly, getting ready to cripple the Northeast. There could be a couple lingering snow showers in the area early this morning, but conditions will settle down throughout the day as high pressure begins to build in over the Midwest. Wednesday looks to clear out as high pressure settles overhead, with sunny skies and temperatures a lil bit warmer perhaps. Wednesday morning will be chilly with the clear skies, but a lot nicer than the last couple days have been!

Tuesday: Isolated snow shower possible, otherwise cloudy. High 31, Low 22.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 35, Low 18.

TWC: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, slight chance of snow shower. High 33, Low 23.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 35, Low 17.

AW: Tuesday: Cloudy with a snow shower; breezy. High 33, Low 24.
Wednesday: Partly sunny and cold. High 35, Low 17.

NWS: Tuesday: Chance of snow showers. High 34, Low 24.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 35, Low 17.

WB: Tuesday: Chance of snow showers. High 32, Low 19
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 33, Low 18.

WN: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with chance of light snow showers. High 34, Low 21.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 36, Low 18.

FIO: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy until evening. High 35, Low 21.
Wednesday: Clear throughout the day. High 38, Low 20.

Some higher clouds associated with tomorrow’s Northeast blizzard are shifting out of the Ohio Valley, while additional clouds stream in from the west. A deck of low clouds is found over IL/IN this evening, but is expected to clear out for Wednesday.

Terre Haute, Indiana to Palm Bay, Florida

Another road trip already? Didn’t we just get to Indiana?! I guess the hotel must have been pretty bad because we’re apparently high-tailing it to Florida. It’s just over 1,000 miles to Palm Bay and will take 2 days to cover. Back in the car everybody!



Rain showers will be over the region as we travel south out of Terre Haute, thanks to an area of low pressure shifting northeastward out of Missouri. Luckily, the worst of it should have moved through overnight, and it’ll just be light showers as we move into Kentucky. As we continue southward, the showers will continue to disperse and for the most part, things should be dry as we continue through Tennessee and eventually into Atlanta for the end of the day.


An area of low pressure is quickly intensifying over the Lower MS River Valley this morning as we start to head southwards out of Atlanta. By midday, showers and a few thunderstorms are going to spread into southern GA and portions of northern FL. We might have to dodge rain showes as we continue southward past Orlando and finally into Palm Bay for the night.

Palm Bay

Burlington, Vermont to Terre Haute, Indiana

We have back to back road trips for you! Today, we embark from New England to the Hoosier State. This can be a rather precarious route to take during the winter, with lake effect streams possibly hampering the commute. Will it this week? Let’s take a gander!


High pressure is found over New England and the Northeast as we head out in the morning. While we can see some clouds filter in throughout the day, dry weather will greet us all the way through NY and PA as we finish our day in Erie, PA.


Overnight, a system is shifting into the Mid-MS River Valley, and pushing up a lot of moisture ahead of it. It’ll be dry as we head out of Erie towards Cleveland, but as we push towards Columbus, we can expect rain showers to spread over the area. It’ll be on the chilly side of things too, but not cold enough to swap it over to snow, that should stay to the north and west of our route. Once we get towards the OH/IN border, we should only be seeing some light rain showers and low clouds. Kind of a murky end to the trip, but at least we should avoid the snow!


Crisp fall mornings

The temperature both Tuesday and Wednesday never seemed to get as warm as many outlets expected in Terre Haute the last two nights, and that might be because the mornings were so chilly. Tuesday morning, the low was all the way down at 39. The Wednesday morning low was 42. The Weather Channel, for example, had a forecast low of 50. This was the dividing line, those overnight lows, because they really influenced the highs, and guided the coolest forecaster, Victoria-Weather, to the best forecast in Terre Haute.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 73, Low 39
Wednesday – High 75, Low 42

Grade: B

Terre Haute, Indiana

My fiancee just so happens to be in Indiana today, so I’m curious a to how the weather will be in town this week.

At 1053AM, ET, Terre Haute was reporting sunny skies and a temperature of 58 degrees. High pressure was firmly in charge of the Great Lakes, and there wasn’t rain or even clouds anywhere for hundreds of miles.
The upper level ridge that is helping engender the surface high pressure is vast. There isn’t anything to suggest that high pressure and warmer air will clear out through midweek. Expect a pleasant couple of days in Terre Haute.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 72, Low 40
Wednesday – Sunny, High 77, Low 44

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 75, Low 47
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 78, Low 50

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny; patchy morning fog, then nice in the afternoon High 71, Low 42
Wednesday – Nice with a full day of sunshine High 74, Low 45

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 70, Low 43
Wednesday – Sunny High 76, Low 47

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny High 71, Low 42
Wednesday – Sunny High 75, Low 48

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 70, Low 43
Wednesday – Mostly Sunny High 75, Low 46

Not bad in the Hoosier state. I’m guessing Katie will be just fine.
Terre Haute

Terre Haute, Indiana to Hanford, California

Quite the haul we have today! A 2,095-mile marathon from Western IN to the Central Valley of California. Better get a move on!


Starting off our trip in Terre Haute, an area of high pressure has taken hold of the Central US. A front draped across the East Coast will continue bringing some precip to the Eastern US, but everything will be well off to the East of our starting point, so it should make for a rather easy start to the day as we make our way towards St. Louis. In fact, all of today should be smooth sailing as we drive towards the heart of the high pressure dome, so not much to worry about as we make our way past Joplin and eventually into Tulsa for our night.


Hey look! More high pressure! Okay well maybe not quite so much today. The main chunk of high pressure continues to mosey on off towards the east, and with a system pushing through the Northern US is going to kick up some pretty strong southwesterly flow over the Southern Plains. It will continue to be fairly sunny throughout the day as we drive through Oklahoma and the TX Panhandle, however keep both hands on the wheel as it’s going to be pretty blustery all day. We’ll finish our day in Eastern NM in the small city of Tucumcari.


As an area of low pressure is ejecting out into the Central Plains, the associated precip with it should remain north of it over the Central Rockies and into the Northern Plains. Winds may still be an issue as we make our way through the rugged landscape of western New Mexico and into Northern Arizona, but dry weather is expected throughout the day as well. A deck of high clouds is anticipated as the aforementioned system continue developing, so while keeping the sun at bay at times, we shouldn’t have to turn on the windshield wipers. We’ll finish our day in Flagstaff, AZ, just one more day to go!


We continue our lovely trip on I-40 through Western AZ and past Spring Break hotspot Lake Havasu. High pressure is controlling much of the Intermountain West today, with an area of low pressure expected to cutoff and drop southward along the CA coastline throughout the day. Luckily, most of the precip associated with it looks to remain offshore or right along the coast. Meanwhile, our route keeps us inland as we pass through Barstow and by Edwards AFB. Conditions will probably be cloudy due to the low pressure, but the precip will remain out of the region. Eventually we make our way past Bakersfield and finally further into the Central Valley as we make it into Hanford.