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Where is all this cold air coming from?

I ask you, the reader, because we outlets have continued to whiff on cold forecasts. Now, our forecast for Rockford from last week wasn’t quite the meltdown that we saw in Lawton earlier in the week, the subzero temperatures on both Tuesday and Wednesday after a little bit of snow really turned forecasts on their heads. Accuweather snuckkin with a forecast that was slightly better than the rest of the competition, but it wasn’t very good either. I will give credit where it is due, in that most of the outlets pegged Rockford’s 1-2″ snow accumulation with this round of flurries, but universally, the crew was several degrees too warm, especially on our morning lows,
Actuals: Tuesday – High .3″ of snow, High 18, Low -7
Wednesday – 1.2″ of snow, High 17, Low -3

Grade: C-F

Rockford, Illinois to Punta Gorda, Florida

Hey, it’s time to get road trippin’! We’re headed from Northern Illinois to South Florida in a road trip most Rockfordians can only dream of. We’ll take 2 1/2 days to cover the miles that need to be covered, which are all told 1,352. Our first two days will be pretty intense, covering 541.25 miles, but that’s thanks to some pretty stark terrain in Illinois and a speed of 67.7mph.

DAY ONE (Friday)

Sunset in Rockford, Illinois, USA.

Thanks to the fact that a route straight south of Rockford to the very bottom of the state takes a big jaunt to the east, towards Champaign, we will stay in the Land of Lincoln for at least 3/4ths of the day Friday, and then blow right through western Kentucky. There will be snow falling in northern Illinois thanks to a stalled boundary extending from the southern Great Lakes into the Plains. It could be breezy, but the light snow will only stack up a few inches, albeit those inches will be falling on a half a foot or so that is falling overnight tonight.. We’ll be out of it somewhere around Bloomington, and it won’t be chasing us on Friday, so conditions will be markedly warmer, and definitely drier as we make it all the way to the outskirts of Nashville.

DAY TWO (Saturday)

As we sleep in Nashville, a vorticity maximum will be gathering organization in the southeastern US, getting ready to mass an assault on Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. It will likely be pouring when we set forth from Nashville. The weather will only get nastier in the higher terrain between Murfreesboro and Chattanooga, with some thunder possible as well, but then, somewhere between Chattanooga and Rome, it will let up. Georgia is a hilly, verdant state, and there may be some haze or fog all the way to Warner Robins before it relents. Then, enjoy some good old fashioned humidity south on to Lake City in north Florida.

DAY THREE (Sunday)

That little vort max I mentioned is really going to haul in the moisture and really latch on to the original cold front that brought problems to us near Rockford. Remember that bugger? So as it sinks south, expect quite a bit of rain and wind, and ultimately a bit of snow and ice through Georgia, the Carolinas and the rest of the southeast. Except Florida. A vigorous flow across the peninsula will likely lead to some stray pop up showers, bot those will diminish towards the coasts. Punta Gorda is on a coast. It won’t be so bad!

Rockford, Illinois

Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, late flurries, High 15, Low 2
Wednesday – Snow in the morning, then cold again, High 18, Low 11

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine early then becoming cloudy later in the day (late snow). High 16, Low -1
Wednesday – A mix of clouds and sun early, then becoming cloudy later in the day (early snow).High 20, Low 5

AW: Tomorrow – A mix of clouds and sun early, then becoming cloudy later in the day (late snow).High 16, low -3
Wednesday – A little morning snow; otherwise, frigid with clouds giving way to some sun; storm total 1-2″High 20, Low 6

NWS: Tomorrow – Increasing clouds High 16, Low 2
Wednesday – A 20 percent chance of snow before noon. Partly sunny High 21, Low 9

WB: Tomorrow – Mosly sunny in the morning then becoming parly sunny. Late snow, High 13, Low 1
Wednesday – Partly sunny, a 20 percent chance of light snow in the morning, High 18, Low 10

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 16, Low 2
Wednesday – Partly cloudy wih a slight chance of light snow, High 21, Low 9

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy until night (late snow). High 14, Low -1
Wednesday – Snow (1–2 in.) until morning. High 20, Low 8

Rockford, Illinois to La Crosse, Wisconsin

Just a short little adventure today. We’re going to drive through southern Wisconsin, covering only 209 miles over the course of 3 1/2 hours. That’s a pace of 59mph, made slower by the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. You’ll enjoy the trip, I’m sure. Let’s check it out.

Sunset in Rockford, Illinois, USA.

Sunset in Rockford, Illinois, USA.

Our drive through Wisconsin won’t be perfect, certainly, but guidance suggests our route will be in between heavier bands of precipitation. We may see a few showers with some snow mixing in from Rockford to Madison. There is a general agreement that western wisconsin will be in the clear through the early afternoon, though, between the solid mass of clouds and rain over the Great Lakes and a secondary band of precipitation in Minnesota. I think we will find our way into LaCrosse with dry weather around us, but that won’t last long.
La Crosse

Victoria-Weather, kings of Rockford

We had two forecasts in Rockford in the past week, and we nailed both of them. The weather was a little bit dicier last go around, but it was a nice couple of days in Rockford this time. Temperatures climbed from the 40s to the 50s yesterday, which was even warmer than what people had called for. Top forecast, like I said, went to us, but we tied with The Weather Channel who was a little bit warmer with their day time forecasts.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 45, Low 21
Thursday – High 52, Low 25

Grade: C

Rockford, Illinois

Hello from sunny Southern California! For the second time in a week, we’re off to northern Illinois to see what’s going on in Rockford. After living in nearby Rochelle for 11 years, I’ve been to Rockford many many times. Will all the local knowledge make way for a flawless forecast? Probably not, but we’ll see if anything has changed there in the last week!

At 7:54pm CST, the temperature at Rockford, IL is 27 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. An area of high pressure is found over southern IL with the tail end of a cold front swinging through the Upper Midwest. Most of the clouds should move through during the overnight hours, and lead to very sunny conditions for most of Wednesday. Temperatures will perk up a lil bit on Thursday as winds out of the southwest make it a little warmer over the area. Clouds will increase some on Thursday night as well, but no precip is expected by midnight, though there is a slight chance of a couple isolated rain/snow showers early Friday morning. Overall, looks like a pretty benign couple of days for the fine folks of northern Illinois!

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 40, Low 20.
Thursday: Partly cloudy skies increasing in evening High 47, Low 25.

TWC: Wednesday: Sunny. High 42, Low 22.
Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 48, Low 28.

AW: Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 38, Low 19.
Thursday: Partly sunny. High 47, Low 25.

NWS: Wednesday: Sunny. High 39, Low 22.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 45, Low 26.

WB: Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 38, Low 21.
Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 45, Low 27.

Here we see some clouds moving through the area, but no precip is expected out of them as trek over Rockford tonight.

Some Black Friday flurries

And no, I’m not talking about a flurry of deals. I’m talking about some real live snow flakes in Rockford on Friday morning. Only one outlet thought that the threat for snow showers could sneak past midnight into Rockford. It certainly did. They saw a trace of snow around 10AM. Temperatures were forecast as though it would be clear in Rockford, another mistake as there was a low spread on both Friday and Saturday. Because of the accurate precip forecast, all other outlets fell behind, and Victoria-Weather had the title of top forecast for the day.
Actuals: Friday – Trace of snow, High 39, Low 27
Saturday – High 34, Low 24

Grade: C

Rockford, Illinois

Hello and happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a forecast for northern Illinois on this day where we all want to get together with our family, reminding us that the weather never stops.

At 1054AM, CT, Rockford was reporting a temperature of 57 degrees with a brisk southerly flow. An area of low pressure over northern Minnesota was threatening to bring a wintry wake up call to the northern tier of states, but in the short term, southerly flow is making things unseasonably warm for the holiday.
The pressure trough that one would typically identify with a cold front is outpacing the change in air mass. What does this mean? The rain and change of wind will come after midnight tonight, with the first wave of cold air coming after most of the rain as pushed east of town, arriving early tomorrow morning. There could be a stray snow flake at the back end of the precipitation, but for the most part, tomorrow will be a chilly but dry day. High pressure will build again on Saturday, but with colder temperatures than Rockford has seen this week.
Tomorrow – Early morning rain/snow mix, then clearing and chilly. High 44, Low 28 (non standard high)
Saturday – Sunny, cold, High 34, Low 18

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy / Wind High 42, Low 24
Saturday – Mostly Sunny High 35, Low 20

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy and much colder with more clouds than sun High 41, Low 23
Saturday – Mostly sunny and cold High 34, Low 20

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny High 40, Low 24
Saturday – Sunny, High 34, Low 20

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny. Blustery. Much colder High 39, Low 24
Saturday – Mostly sunny High 33, Low 20

Looks like I am the only one who suspects precipitation could linger into Rockford through tomorrow morning. I guess we will see, huh?

This was terribly odd

When I punched the Rockford forecast into the verification program, I was struck by something unusual. My forecast in Rockford was exactly the same as what happened in Columbia for the two days I verified a couple days ago. Strange. As it turns out, the weather in Rockford ended up being much warmer than anyone had predicted, climbing into the 80s yesterday. They did even get a brief spot of rain on Thursday morning, just after midnight. It was the tiniest little cell, but it 1 hundredth of an inch of rain. Accuweather had the top forecast.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 79, Low 49
Thursday .01 inches of rain, High 82, Low 54

Grade: B

Rockford, Illinois

Its nice here in the Twin Cities, and I have no reason to suspect it’s not just as pleasant to the southeast, in Rockford.

At 1154AM, CT, Rockford was reporting a temperature of 62 degrees with sunny skies. High pressure had built into the western Great Lakes, and a ridge emerging from the Rockies only sought to reinforce the unseasonably warm weather.
Along the jet ridge, a deep, spring like area of low pressure will move north into Canada. It likely won’t mean much of a climactic shift for Rockford, but as the low in Canada churns, it will attempt to draw moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico. This may mean a few clouds for Rockford on Thursday evening.
Tomorrow – Warm and mostly sunny, High 75, Low 49
Thursday – Increasing clouds late, High 76, Low 58

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine. Near record high temperatures. High 74, Low 48
Thursday – Partly cloudy with a stray thunderstorm High 69, Low 60

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy and very warm with times of clouds and sun High 78, Low 49
Thursday – Clouds giving way to some sun with a shower or thunderstorm around; very warm High 77, Low 57

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny (showers after 7) High 77, Low 50
Thursday – A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, High 76, Low 58

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. Near record breaking warmth likely (storms after 7pm) High 77, Low 51
Thursday – Partly sunny with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms High 75, Low 59

I usually don’t like to question people’s forecast before the weather even happens, but I seriously wonder who was asleep at the switch, forecasting a high of 69 on Wednesday. Satellite shows nary a concern.