Brunswick, Georgia

As much of the nations’ focus will be on brackets tomorrow, let’s look at what’s happening down south in Brunswick!

At 1153pm EDT, the temperature at Brunswick, GA’s McKinnon Airport (SSI) is 52 degrees with a few clouds. An area of low pressure along the SC coastline is lifting northward, and expected to bring plenty of rain to the Mid-Atlantic region over the next day or so. Behind it, high pressure is extending its way from the Northern Plains down to the Gulf Coast and will expand eastward over the next couple of days. This means plenty of sunny skies and warm temps for the Georgia coastline! A beautiful couple of days are in store to… stay inside and watch over 2 dozen basketball games.

Thursday: Sunny. High 71, Low 46.
Friday: Continued clear and sunny. High 70, Low 49.

TWC: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 44.
Friday: Sunny. High 72, Low 47.

AW: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 72, Low 45.
Friday: Plenty of sunshine. High 71, Low 48.

NWS: Thursday: Sunny. High 70, Low 45.
Friday: Sunny. High 69, Low 48.

WB: Thursday: Sunny. High 71, Low 46.
Friday: Sunny. High 71, Low 49.

WN: Thursday: Sunny. High 70, Low 48.
Friday: Sunny. High 69, Low 47.

FIO: Thursday: Partly cloudy in the evening. High 71, Low 42.
Friday: Clear throughout the day. High 72, Low 48.

The Brunswick area is clear tonight, while an area of low pressure near Myrtle Beach will swirl northward over the Carolinas tomorrow.

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