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Brunswick, Georgia to Panama City, Florida

We’re going to take a road trip, but we’ll make sure it’s brief today, as we head from the Atlantic coast of southeast Georgia to the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle. The cities of Brunswick are separated by 332 miles and a little over 5 hours. A big chunk of the day will be slowed by travelling through Jacksonville, but we will still maintain a pace of 64.9mph. We are spending quite a bit of time in north Florida, so I hope you like it.

There isn’t much organization in the southeastern US, but with low pressure continuing to ebb and fade in the northeast, sea breezes will continue to collide with slightly drierair inland, and produce some scattered showers and thunderstorms. Rain won’t be widespread, by any means, but don’t be surprised by a few scattered showers here and there as we pass through north Florida. The best area for convergence is always around Lake City, so if you want to make bets or something, bet on seeing a shower there. Also, if you want to make bets, you have a gambling problem. The threat for rain will still be present in Panama City, but it should be more sun than rain.

Pleasant and near perfect

The temperatures in Brunswick to start the week were in the low 70s, which is downright refreshing in the southern part of Georgia. Of interest to us is how near to the mark so many outlets were. There were three outlets, the National Weather Service, Weatherbug, and WeatherNation all missed only by a degree on their forecast, and tied atop the leaderboard. Good weather leads to good forecasts.
Actuals: Monday – High 75, Low 68
Tuesday – High 72, Low 55

Grade: A-B

Brunswick, Georgia

All right, we have a forecast to issue. Shall we head down to the Georgia coast?

At 215PM, ET, Brunswick was reporting a temperature of 70 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. A brisk northerly flow in response to an area of low pressure in the western Atlantic was helping induce some coastal clouds. A remnant boundary remained over north Florida, and stood to enhance the threat for shower activity in the region.
Still, high pressure was building at the surface, forcing overcast conditions further south.  After the clouds are out of the Brunswick area, it seems unlikely that there will be continued drear in the area. The NAM suggests some light rain in the area, but even that is in the face of a developing upper level ridge, and seems unlikely.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 73, Low 56
Tuesday – Mostly sunny, High 71, Low 56

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 75, Low, 59
Tuesday – Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 73, Low, 54

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 75, Low 57
Tuesday – Sunny to partly cloudy and nice. High 73, Low 54

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 75, Low 57
Tuesday – Mostly sunny, High 72, Low 55

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 75, Low 58
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, Hgh 73, Low 55

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 75, Low 57
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, High 72, Low 55

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy until night. High 76, Low 61
Tuesday – Partly cloudy until night. High 73, Low 58

Another day with another nice forecast. We are just good luck, I think. Here you can see clouds hugging the Georgia coast. They won’t lasst long.



The beginning of the month was a stormy one on the Georgia Coast, but then,  when isn’t it stormy in the southeastern US during the late summer? It was perhaps because of this well documented seasonal pattern that everyone had the correct precipitation forecast in Brunswick. Thus, it came down to the temperatures, which were able to drop off somewhat significantly overnight, despite the musty temperatures. The power of sea breezes, I guess. Forecast.io had the top forecast for southeast Georgia, thanks to their delicate sensibilities, and appreciation for the finer things in life (Forecast.io is a machine)
Actuals: Sunday – Thunderstorms reported but not measured, High 95, Low 73
Monday – Thunderstorms reported, but not measured, High 93, Low 71

Grade: B-C

Saginaw, Michigan to Brunswick, Georgia

Let’s hit the road, jack! We’re preparing for a 2 day excursion, headed from the crook of the thumb of Michigan to the Georgia coast. We will cover 1026 miles, with much of that coming in the Appalachians. Expect a pace of 67.2 mph, with the longer day, day 1, concluding after about 537.6 miles.

DAY ONE (Monday)
The best way to describe the eastern part of the country is “congested.” Showers and thunderstorms will blanket New England and the southeast by the afternoon, with a smattering of showers developing over the Ohio Valley. There will likely be a few isolated showers on our journey on Monday, but we should, at the very least, make serious progress in the morning without a drop. After we pass through Lancaster, Ohio, and then to about the West Virginia line, we will see some scattered showers. Much of West Virginia will be dry, but as we begin to descend towards Virginia, we might see some more rain, particularly from Beckley south towards our Monday stop in Ingelside, at the south end of the Mountaineer State.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
It won’t be a total washout on Tuesday either, with shower and thunderstorm activity remaining calm until we have exited the Virginias. Thunderstorms will have become widespread across the Carolinas into Georgia with the heating of the day, but there projects to be something of a rain shadow in North Carolina, which will line up along I-77. It will really get active, however, after we take a southeasterly turn out of Columbia, South Carolina. Thunderstorms will be heavier and more widespread as we finish off the drive through downstate South Carolina, on into the Georgia Coast.

Brunswick, Georgia

Time to get going on a long overdue forecast. We’re headed for the Georgia Coast to see what’s going on down in he Peach State.

At 835PM, ET, Brunswick was reporting a temperature of 88 degrees with clear skies. There were very isolated thunderstorms across the region, most notably a fairly noisy cell drifting towards Savannah. There is a band of thunderstorms just inland from the coast running from South Carolina all the way to the Savannnah area.
A weak trough in the eastern part of Canada has a discordant lobe over the Great Lakes. There is a weak upper level boundary setting off the showers and storms presently seen in the region,  though they are expected to peter out with nightfall. The trailing trough, however, will ensure that there will not be a change in air mass over Brunswick to stabilize the region. The troughs will phase over the next two days, which means the threat for showers and storms will only increase for Monday afternoon.
Tomorrow – Isolated showers and thunderstorms. High 95, Low 79
Monday – Scattered thunderstorms, High 95, Low 79

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 93, Low 77
Monday – Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 94, Low 75

AW: Tomorrow – Sunshine and patchy clouds (PM Storms) High 93, Low 80
Monday – Partial sunshine with a thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon High 93, Low 79

NWS: Tomorrow – A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 1pm. Mostly sunny, High 94, Low 79
Monday – A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Mostly sunny, High 94, Low 77

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning. Then a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 93, Low 78
Monday – Partly cloudy, a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 93, Low 76

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy with Isolated Storms High 93, Low 81
Monday – Partly Cloudy with Scattered Storms High 91, Low 79

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain in the afternoon and evening. High 94, Low 77
Monday – Light rain until evening. High 93, Low 76

Nothing out of the ordinary, really, but perhaps a bit more organized than is normal. Take a look at the radar imagery to see where the thunderstorms are moving through.


Fuel for the fire

There is a massive complex of thunderstorms rolling through the Florida Panhandle at this hour. We’ll discuss it in a bit further detail later tonight, but the origins of this system were seen developing as the days played out in Brunswick earlier this week. Temperatures exceeded expectations, hitting the mid to upper 70s when only he low to mid 70s were expected. This was a function of southerly flow in front of a rapidly developing system in the Lower Mississippi Valley. There was one outlet that went several degrees warmer than all the rest and ended up collecting the victory.
Actuals: Friday – High 77, Low 53
Saturday – High 75, Low 55

Grade: A-C

Corpus Christi, Texas to Brunswick, Georgia

Today we embark on a 1,145-mile journey from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Georgia shoreline. It’ll be a lengthy 2-day journey, but at least we don’t have to worry about mountains or snow on this road trip!

Corpus Christi


Mostly overcast skies will greet us as we start to head up along the Gulf Coast in the morning, with perhaps some patchy fog as well. While that should clear up as we make our way towards Houston, the clouds will continue to stick around as we continue into Louisiana. There could be a few spotty showers throughout the afternoon and early evening hours, but anything of a convective nature should remain off the to the northwest of our route today. We might encounter a couple heavier rain showers in the late evening hours as we pass by Lake Ponchartrain and into our stop for the night at Britney Spears’ hometown, Slidell, LA!


It’s another long day today, and we could be greeting by a soggy start as the boundary dips a bit further south during the overnight. Some showers are expected in the area, and while there could be an isolated thunderstorm between us and Gulfport to start the day, odds are that they should be further inland. We may have to dance by a few more showers as we continue towards Tallahassee, leaving more storms in our rearview mirror. After we pass by Florida’s capital, conditions should improve and dry weather should remain for the rest of the trip as we continue towards Jacksonville, then head north for the final couple of hours into Brunswick.


Brunswick, Georgia

Georgia doesn’t have much coastline, but today’s forecast is for just that area! Lets see what Brunswick, GA has in store as we head into the final full week of February.

At 1153pm EST, the temperature in Brunswick, GA was 62 degrees under fair skies. High pressure continues to linger over the Southeast coast and into Florida, however, it continues to push out over the Atlantic as a developing system over the Ohio Valley shifts eastward. This area of low pressure will shift through the Virginias by Sunday evening and trails a boundary down over Central TX. The boundary mostly stalls out on Monday from SC through central GA and continues into TX, becoming the focus of plenty of showers and scattered thunderstorms. Luckily, the boundary should stay far enough north that Brunswick just sees mostly cloudy skies, but remain dry. Tuesday sees much better chances for some convection to slide into the area.

Sunday: Increasing clouds. High 71, Low 52.
Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 70, Low 54.

TWC: Sunday: Mostly cloudy. High 75, Low 54.
Monday: Cloudy. High 75, Low 55.

AW: Sunday: Partly sunny and beautiful. High 71, Low 52.
Monday: Clouds and breaks of sun. High 71, Low 55.

NWS: Sunday: Partly sunny. High 74, Low 51.
Monday: Mostly cloudy, isolated late evening shower. High 72, Low 54.

WB: Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 74, Low 51.
Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 73, Low 54.

WN: Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 72, Low 50.
Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 70, Low 54.

FIO: Sunday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 73, Low 55.
Monday: Overcast throughout the day. High 73, Low 54.

We have some high clouds moving through the region as a boundary lingers off to the north. Dry weather is anticipated for most of the next couple days, but gets a bit wet as Tuesday comes around.

Sweatin’ On The Shoreline

It was expected to be a hot and humid forecast for Brunswick, making conditions ripe for scattered thunderstorms. They dodged the area on Wednesday, but did impact the city on Thursday. However, something went goofy and no rain was measured. Hmmmm, peculiar. Let’s chalk it up to the dog days of summer. Victoria Weather brought home the win with their higher than expected temperatures for Thursday.

Wednesday: High 93, Low 71.
Thursday: Thunderstorm, no rain recorded. High 95, Low 75.
Forecast Grade: B