Odessa roasts

The headlines have been pretty unequivocal. It’s been hot in the southern US, particularly in the southwest. The average highs in Arizona are generally pretty warm, so the 100 streak doesn’t stand out as being as far from normal as the mid-100s do in west Texas, where in Odessa, at least, the average high is down in the 80s. Indeed, for our forecast period, Odessa was at a scorching 103 and 104 on the 9th and 10th. That is some tough work for any outdoor employees. If there is a silver lining, it was that Victoria-Weather crushed this forecast and earned a victory.
Actuals: Sunday, July 9th, High 103, Low 80
Monday, July 10th, High 104, Low 74

Grade: A-B

Odessa, Texas

We are undergoing the hottest stretch the planet has ever seen, and yet, the continental US has been fairly cool. That’s not a blanket statement, though, as the heat is on in the southwest, and Odessa looks to be in the crosshairs for some brutal heat.

At 753PM, CT, Odessa was reporting a temperature of 94 degrees with clear skies. Dew points were below 50 which is among the reasons that temperatures are able to soar during the heating of the day. Low pressure is centered over eastern Oklahoma, and cycling moisture into a lee trough, where severe thunderstorms have arisen from Colorado to the Texas Panhandle. Ridging has started pressing from the southwest already, though, and Odessa is expected to remain dry tonight.
Sunday will remain hot and dry, and the jet will lift well to the north. A fairly strong area of low pressure will emerge in the Canadian Prairies, pulling moisture westward, and likely inducing a bit more activity out of the dry line. It will be plenty warm again on Monday, but there will be a few scattered clouds across west Texas in the evening to spell relief, though rain will predominantly stay in the Panhandle.
Tomorrow – Sunny and hot, High 103, Low 78
Monday – Scattered clouds, High 104, Low 74

TWC: Tomorrow РSunny skies. Hot. High 104, Low 78
Monday – A mainly sunny sky. Hot. High 105, Low 76

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy in the morning; sunshine and hot; stay hydrated when outside in the heat High 103, Low 77
Monday – Mostly sunny, breezy and hot; danger of dehydration and heatstroke if outside for extended periods of time High 103, Low 78

NWS: Tomorrow -Sunny and hot, High 103, Low 77
Monday – Sunny and hot, High 103, Low 77

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, Hot, High 102, Low 78
Monday – Sunny, hot, High 103, Low 78

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 103, Low 77
Monday – Sunny, High 103, Low 77

CLI: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 102, Low 79
Monday – High 104, Low 77

As I said, it’s going to be plenty hot, with temperatures well over 100, and it won’t cool down all that much in the evening. Tonight, looking to the north they may see some flashes of light on the horizon.