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Muncie, Indiana to Yakima, Washington

While neither scity at the end points of this road trip are typically through of as tourist destinations, a late summer drive along this route would be quite interesting. There will be praries and mountains and valleys and national parks all along the way for us to stretch our legs and enjoy. We are in for a 4 day trek covering 2187 miles. We’ll just be quartering up the days, so our approximately 68mph pace will mean a daily goal of about 547 miles.

DAY ONE (Saturday)

Unusually cool air is expected to develop behind a cold front moving out of the Great Lakes, setting up the terrible pattern of being cool when you get into the car, but too warm after driving with the sun beating down on you. Do you turn on the AC? Roll down a window? Heaven for bid you try to take off a layer while driving through central Illinois. A developing system in the central Plains will kick some clouds and warmer air north late in the day, but we will stay dry to start the weekend, stopping in Rudd in northeastern Iowa to finish our first of four days.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
That developing system in the central Plains is going to be a heck of a rain maker in Missouri and southern Iowa this weekend. As we get going, some of that might bleed into Rudd, and stay with us during the first leg of Sunday’s drive to Mason City. Unlike driving in the wake of the feature on Saturday, we will not be blessed with dry air and clear skies. Instead, expect moisture to wrap into the still developing upper level trough behind the leading edge of the feature, leading to cooling clouds and rain showers. This is a broad, open trough, and these clouds and showers will stay with us all the way to Wicksville, South Dakota, between Wall and Rapid City. This will be our stop to conclude the weekend. Hope the sleeping bag is warm!

DAY THREE (Monday)
One other difference between the Day One Great Lakes low and the Day two Plains low, is that the high pressure behind the trough will be much stronger in the northern High Plains. Expect it to settle in and keep things mostly sunny, dry and increasingly warm from Wicksville to Whitehall in southwestern Montana.

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
There was a lot of rain in the High Plains this week, but the Pacific Northwest will remain completely dry through the 4 days we are headed out towards Yakima. The central Valley will remain very hot as we move in, and it will continue to be quite smoky throughout the region, as there is a continue threat for wildfire initiation to go along with the fires that are already raging. It will be hot and smoky in Yakima, so maybe find a spot with a good air filtration system.

Morning Mischief

The forecast for Muncie, IN wasn’t too difficult, only the chance of a stray shower was the real wrinkle. However, the temperatures really muddied things up as the Sunday diurnal was far greater than anybody expected, mainly due to conditions really clearing out overnight Saturday. Sunday’s chilly morning temps caused some poor scores, but VW/FIO tied for the win, mainly by keeping things dry all weekend.

Saturday: High 58, Low 40.
Sunday: High 72, Low 34.
Forecast Grade: C

Muncie, Indiana

At 11:53pm EDT, the temperature at Muncie, IN was 47 degrees under fair skies. A dome of high pressure has taken hold from the Northern/Central Plains through the Great Lakes. This is keeping a frontal boundary camped out over the Ohio Valley down into the Southern Plains. An area of low pressure is expected to ride along the boundary throughout the day Saturday, but luckily for us, it should remain south of the Muncie area, sparing them of precip for the day. High pressure continues to linger over the region into Sunday and with mostly clear skies expected, temperatures will warm nicely throughout the area. Looks like a nice end to the weekend is in store!

Saturday: Cloudy, clearing a bit late. High 58, Low 43.
Sunday: Sunny and warmer. High 68, Low 41.

TWC: Saturday: Cloudy, some isolated showers. High 56, Low 43.
Sunday: Sunny. High 68, Low 39.

AW: Saturday: Cloudy and breezy, a shower possible. High 55, Low 42.
Sunday: Sunny and warmer. High 68, Low 39.

NWS: Saturday: Chance of showers. High 51, Low 44.
Sunday: Sunny. High 66, Low 41.

WB: Saturday: Chance of rain showers. High 53, Low 43.
Sunday: Sunny and warmer. High 66, Low 42.

WN: Saturday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 52, Low 43.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 66, Low 41.

FIO: Saturday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 62, Low 42.
Sunday: Partly cloudy overnight. High 70, Low 40.

Some rain showers are pushing out of the area near Cincinnati, with a fairly dry overnight period ahead. While tomorrow will remain overcast, clearer skies are ahead!

Squashed temperatures

There is a strong wave moving into the upper Midwest, but it wasn’t enough to bring a significant warm up to the Hoosier State. I mean, it did warm up, but only by 4 degrees from Wednesday to Thursday in Muncie, but never to the 70s as had widely been anticipated. The low brought north more moisture than expected, which mean a partly to mostly cloudy day on Thursday, rather than mostly sunny, and that did the trick. The National Weather Service and Weatherbug were the two outlets that kept their forecast highs somewhat low, and ended up with the top forecasts.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 64, Low 43
Thursday – High 68, Low 45

Grade: A-B

Muncie, Indiana

Hello, and good evening. Today, we are returning from our western sojourn to spend some time working on some more Midwestern climatology.

At 953PM, ET, Muncie was reporting a temperature of 53 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. High pressure has descended upon the area after a couple of turbulent days and is allowing for clearing skies. A thin layer of high clouds will prevent temperatures from cooling off much more than they have already tonight.
The thing to look at on Wednesday will be how effective insolation alone can be in warming things up. A trough developing over the Plains and the ridge shifting to the east will allow for a bit more warm advection. This will mean warmer temperatures, but should also mean a stickier environment.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 65, Low 42
Thursday – Warmer, a touch more humid, High 73, Low 44

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 65, Low 43
Thursday – Mostly cloudy, High 71, Low 46

AW: Tomorrow – Plenty of sun High 64, Low 42
Thursday – Sunshine and some clouds High 72, Low 44

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 64, Low 42
Thursday – Mostly sunny High 70, Low 45

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 64, Low 42
Thursday – Partly cloudy, High 70, Low 45

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 64, Low 45
Thursday – Partly cloudy High 70, Low 45

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy overnight. High 64, Low 40
Thursday – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 70, Low 42

I am leaning towards a warmer solution, because we are approaching a good time of year for the sun angle, and what it can do for temperatures. Here is the satellite imagery, with a tendril of high clouds spilling into the Ohio Valley.

High Pressure Logjam

After the storms moved through on Wednesday, high pressure settled in nicely over Indiana for the end of the workweek. Muncie saw some very pleasant temperatures both days, with Thursday being a bit breezy as it moved in. This caused all 5 forecasts to be within a grand total of 2 degrees from one another. Accuweather and VW came out in a tie for first, barely.

Thursday: High 78, Low 58.
Friday: High 79, Low 54.
Forecast Grade: B

Erie, Pennsylvania to Muncie, Indiana

Today’s trip is only going to last us one day. At a pace of 59.9mph, it will take us about 6 1/2 hours to cover the 383 miles between today’s two cities in question. It’s a nice, brief little trip. We will see a lot of Lake Erie on this little trip.

It will probably rain overnight tonight in Erie, but that nastiness will be shifting out of town by the time we trek out to Muncie. There may be a few clouds as far west as Cleveland, thanks to some northwesterly winds coming off of Lake Erie, but after that, we will drive through nothing but sunshine as we continue on to Indiana.

Muncie, Indiana

We are headed off to central Indiana for today’s forecast. What can we expect in Muncie to end this week?

At 1153AM, ET, Muncie is reporting mostly cloudy skies. Eyes will be on the radar, as a complex of thunderstorms was pushing through Terre Haute and Crawfordsville, and was on its way towards Indianapolis and inevitably towards Muncie. Muncie is within the slight risk for severe thunderstorms today, as these storms, as well as storms to the northwest of Muncie are expected to strengthen as they are propelled eastward by a cold front associated with a deepening area of low pressure moving through northern Quebec.
Behind this cold front and the associated strong thunderstorms, high pressure is expected to build into the Great Lakes. After a very long stretch of hot, humid and oftentimes rainy weather, Muncie will be in store for some nice, comfortable weather.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 80, Low 58
Friday – Sunny, High 82, Low 55

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 80, Low 60
Friday – Mostly Sunny High 78, Low 57

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and less humid High 80, Low 59
Friday – Mostly sunny and pleasant High 80, Low 56

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 79, Low 61
Friday – Sunny, High 79, Low 57

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 78, Low 61
Friday – Sunny. High 79, Low 58

Here is a look at that messy radar. It’s going to be a stormy afternoon for Muncie.

Roanoke, Virginia to Muncie, Indiana

We are off on a one day summer time road trip. It’s 461 miles between the two cities, and much of the route takes us over and through the central Appalachians. It will be scenic, but it will also be slow, with a pace of 56.8mph. We won’t be on an interstate for very long though, so I suppose this makes sense. Let’s navigate Appalachia!

The Appalachians are getting squeezed by a broad low emanating from the Canadian Prairies and a stagnant low off the coast of South Carolina. As we leave tomorrow morning, the weak area of low pressure will seep north into the Carolinas from the Atlantic, and there is a decent chance that we will see some showers in Roanoke north through Charleston, West Virginia. As we descend out of Charelston towards Dayton, Ohio and eventually northwest to Muncie, there will be no shortage of sunny skies, but at the same time, the instability provided by the low in Canada and the hot humid air north of the Ohio River will mean there is a slight chance for some thunderstorms all the way from Dayton to Muncie. Hopefully our arrival in Muncie will remain dry, but even if it isn’t, we can wait it out in the car for a moment, and we’ll be fine. Besides, the AC will be on in the car.

Suddenly, it’s fall

Well, that’s what it feels like across the northern US. Anthony wrote about that last night. Tonight, I’m talking specifically about Muncie, where an area of low pressure moving through kept temperatures quite cool. There was rain in northern Indiana on Friday, and the temperatures failed to recover after they started seeing sun on Saturday. We at Victoria-Weather are typically dour and pessimistic, and it paid off with a victory.
Actuals: Friday, .06 inches of rain, High 72, Low 58
Saturday, High 74, Low 58

Grade: A