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Muggy in Miami

Ok, so it’s always muggy in Miami, and sometimes when I’m putting together a post I enjoy a little alliteration in the title. Really, the big factor in this verification was the fact that there was a little spritz of rain on Thursday morning, and temperatures were nice and warm during the day, hitting the low 90s on both Thursday and Friday. All of these things combined to give Accuweather the narrow victory. 
Actuals: Thursday – Rain reported, not measured, High 90, Low 79
Friday – High 91, Low 81

Grade: B-C

Miami, Florida

Miami is a fun town. As we reach the height of hurricane season, though, it might get a bit dicey. At the very least, it might warrant a longer look than normal!

At 0153AM. ET, Miami was reporting a temperature of 87 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The clouds have put a dent in the temperatures so far, as 90s have already arrived across the state in Fort Myers and Naples. There was little to suggest that Miami won’t catch up later in the day.
The western Atlantic is fairly quiet, despite Ernesto churning in the central part of the ocean. High pressure east of Florida is preventing most trade activity from strafing the Peninsula, but the southern end lies astride of Miami. For the next couple of days, the light east wind may lead to a few showers clipping south Florida, though sun will continue and highs will remain in the low 90s.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, passing showers, High 92, low 80
Friday – Partly cloudy, passing showers, High 92, Low 80

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible High 88, Low 81
Friday – A few passing clouds, otherwise generally sunny High 88. Low 81

AW: Tomorrow – A passing morning shower; otherwise, partly sunnyHigh 91, Low 82
Friday – Sunshine and patchy clouds, a thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon High 91, Low 81

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 88, Low 81
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 88, low 81

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 90, Low 81
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 89, Low 81

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 88, Low 81
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 88, Low 81

FIO: tomorrow – Humid throughout the day and partly cloudy starting in the morning, continuing until afternoon. High 89, Low 82
Friday – Partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until morning. High 80, Low 81

My rule of thumb is always forecast rain in Florida, but apparently, there are a few people more confident in dry days than me.Here is a look at the tropics, with high pressure east of Florida


Topeka, Kansas to Miami, Florida

Today we embark on a road trip that starts off almost as far away from the ocean as you can get… to one of the most vibrant coastal cities in the USA. It’s 1,525 miles between Topeka and Miami and will take 3 days to cover the distance. We’re coming for you 305!



A storm system shifting into the Plains will be bringing some tumultous weather to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest tomorrow. Meanwhile, further south, we depart Topeka heading east to fairly benign conditions. There could be a few afternoon showers or an isolated thunderstorm as we passs Columbia and eventually through St. Louis, but activity should be minimal. We’ll continue towards the south and end the day in Paducah, KY.


The cold front pushing through the Central US will draw closer throughout the night, but once again, we’ll be continuing our trip southeastward before it really has a chance to catch up at all. The morning hours should be quiet as we drive into TN and through Nashville, continuing towards Chattanooga in the early afternoon. A few scattered thunderstorms could greet us as we make our way through GA, but shouldn’t be anything more than normal daytime pop up thunderstorms in the area. So while we might run into a couple of them, nothing that should totally slow our trip through Atlanta and eventually into Perry, GA for the night.


There could be some lingering activity when we wake up for our final leg in this journey, as plenty of moisture being pumped into the Southeast ahead of that front will put plenty of juice for cells that linger through the night. Good news is that they should mostly die off fairly quickly after sunrise. However, as we cross into Florida, widespread thunderstorm activity is anticipated over the Sunshine state. Luckily for us, the general flow should push most of it towards the western half of the state, clearing things out a bit as we push through Orlando and eventually into our destination of Miami.


Near Perfection

Usually the weather in Miami is darn near perfect, and for the last couple of days, the forecast almost was as well! A couple of showers lingering around the area did bring trace amounts each day, but nothing to dampen the spirits of Miami’s residents. Temperatures stayed pretty steady both days and Accuweather came out on top, missing a perfect forecast by a single degree.

Tuesday: Trace of precip in sporadic showers. High 83, Low 75.
Wednesday: Trace of precip in light morning shower. High 85, Low 76
Forecast Grade: A

Miami, Florida

We are off to sunny south Florida for today’s forecast. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, it will snow this week.

At 653PM, ET, Miami was reporting a temperature of 77 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. A stalled front through the Bahamas and a weak area of low pressure over the western Caribbean has helped to produce a few showers south of Miami, towards Homestead and the Everglades.
An easterly flow will continue off the Atlantic across the Florida coast. Tomorrow, the flow will be stymied by the passage of the Bahamian boundary, and Miami will enjoy 24 hours of sunshine, however as the trades become more vigorous, stratus and light rain will become possible for South Beach.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 84, Low 75
Wednesday – Increasingly cloudy, with drizzle. High 85, Low 76

TWC: Tomorrow – PM Showers / Wind High 83, Low 74
Wednesday – Few Showers High 84, Low 76

AW: Tomorrow – More clouds than sun; windy with a brief shower or two High 83, Low 75
Wednesday – Times of clouds and sun with a shower in spots; breezy High 85, Low 77

NWS: Tomorrow – A 30 percent chance of showers, mainly before 1pm. Mostly cloudy, High 83, Low 78
Wednesday – A 10 percent chance of showers. Mostly sunny High 85, Low 78

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers…mainly in the morning. High 82, Low 74
Wednesday – Partly sunny with a 20 percent chance of showers High 85, Low 77

Several sites north of Miami were reporting rain by the time I was underway on this forecast. It doesn’t look terribly heavy though, does it?