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Winter Roars In

Well, the winter temperatures roared in anyways. Only a few hundreths of rain fell on the Janesville area Wednesday, but the reinforcing shot of arctic air brought the mild November to a screeching halt. The NWS took home the win with its nearly spot-on temperature prediction.

Wednesday: 0.03″ of rain. High 60, Low 44.
Thursday: High 44, Low 33.
Forecast Grade: A

Janesville, Wisconsin

Today we head off to Janesville, just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border. I drove through there last month on my way to visit family, and the weather was quite pleasant. Will it be just as nice the next couple of days?

At 1135pm CDT, the temperature at Janesville, WI was 57 degrees with rain showers and winds gusting to 30-35mph. An area of low pressure lifting out of the Central Plains up into the Upper Midwest is spreading rain throughout the region, some areas further south (Lower MS River Valley) were getting 3-4″ today as the slow-moving cold front pushed through. Rain showers will persist throughout the day as low pressure continues to lift north into Canada, with cooler temps pushing in during the evening. However, another cold front is pushing its way into the Northern Plains right now, kicking up historic wind gusts throughout the Pacific Northwest. Spokane, WA set a record today with a 71mph non-thunderstorm wind gust. Want to see how windy it can be during a weather balloon launch? Check out this video courtesy of NWS Spokane!

Anyways, this secondary front is going to push through during the early mornign hours Thursday, dropping temperatures even more. Temps could be as much as 30 degrees lower in 48 hours. Looks like winter wants to make itself heard very quickly!

Wednesday: Rain showers throughout the day, trailing off late evening. High 59, Low 46.
Thursday: Decreasing clouds, very windy. Temperatures dropping throughout much of the day. High 46, Low 31.

TWC: Wednesday: AM rain/wind. High 59, Low 46.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and windy. High 46, Low 34.

AW: Wednesday: Windy, morning rain. High 61, Low 46.
Thursday: Partly sunny, windy, cooler. High 46, Low 34.

NWS: Wednesday: Showers and patchy fog. High 60, Low 45.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and windy. High 44, Low 32.

WB: Wednesday: Rain showers. High 60, Low 46.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 46, Low 33.

WN: Wednesday: Windy with rain showers. High 61, Low 45.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 45, Low 36.

FIO: Wednesday: Rain until afternoon and breezy throughout the day. High 63, Low 46.
Thursday: Breezy until afternoon and partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 48, Low 31.

Widespread rain showers are lifting northwards throughout the region, something that will continue throughout the day Wednesday.

Lima, Ohio to Janesville, Wisconsin

It’s a road trip! There was a bit of snow throughout this area yesterday, but we will be be navigating the ground at about the perfect time. Not only that, but we will be making the trip on a Sunday, so the traffic in Chicago will be manageable. It’s 6 hours between the two cities, and only about 336 miles between the two. Our pace for the day long journey will be a glacial 56.8mph, but rest assured, we will still manage to cover all the ground we need to. Heck, we’ll do it before dinner.

High pressure is swiftly retreating from the eastern seaboard, which will help eliminate the strong west winds over the Great Lakes. It will be dry through northern Indiana, which was really the only part of the trek where we would need to worry about lake effect snow on this particular day. At the back end of the ridge, return flow will begin importing moisture north towards Chicago, with a wintry mix possible Sunday afternoon, but we should skate through Chi-town before there is any significant impact to us. Janesville will be seeing increasing clouds and a brisk east wind when we arrive.

Flurries for Janesville

It was actually rather warm in Janesville, thanks mostly to a tidy little cloud blanket the city saw each of the past two days. Most expected a cool down after the snow showers ended on Monday, but that was not to be. Accuweather was the warmest with their forecast, especially on the lows, and ended up winning the forecast.
Actuals: Monday, snow reported but not measured, High 39, Low 28
Tuesday, High 30, Low 23

Grade: B

Janesville, Wisconsin to Yakima, Washington

After yesterday’s brief trip through the Upper Midwest, we are saddling up for a more robust excursion. It’s 3 1/2 days from southern Wisconsin to southern Washington, in which we will hope to cover 1867 miles at a pace of 67.7mph. The first three days will be through after we have driven 541 miles. Who wants to see some of Montana?

It’s going to be chilly as we depart Janesville, but the good news is that it will be dry. Most of the interstate we will take through about eastern Minnesota won’t have snow to clear, and in western Minnesota and the chunk of South Dakota we pass through, clean up will likely be over after the weekend storm. Winds will be calm, so no blowing snow to worry about either. We will make it to Mount Vernon, South Dakota, just past Mitchell.

A little bit of a clipper will be moving from the Canadian Prairies towards northern Minnesota. When we encounter a system like this, the Dakotas tend to warm up markedly. We will indeed see that in South Dakota on Wednesday. Ther precipitation will stay in North Dakota and Minnesota, however, so we can instead concentrate on what surely will be heavy traffic in Rapid City. The day will end before we reach Billings, in Hardin, Montana.

It won’t be long after we pass through Billings that we encounter some inclement weather. Moisture backing into the Rockies will lead to some up slope clouds and snow showers for a good deal of western Montana. The snow will be heaviest at the various peaks and along the eastern slopes of the various mountains in the area. When we drive through valleys and are descending to the west, the snow won’t be quite as widespread. We will end the day in the 4th of July Recreation Area in the Idaho Panhandle. How is that for a misnomer?

The little disturbance that moved through the Northern Rockies as we drove through them, and subsequently settled in for a night of camping in the woods, will taper off by the time we leave on Friday morning. There might be a little bit of fog around Spokane, but I sincerely doubt it. It looks like a dry arrival in Yakima, so take in the view!

Omaha, Nebraska to Janesville, Wisconsin

On the road, but only for the one day! It’s 450 miles between the two cities, which will take us approximately 7 hours to navigate, for a pace of about 63mph. Shall we traverse Iowa?

Much of the Upper Midwest has battled a combination of rain, sleet and snow as a big occluded system has moved through the region. It will mostly be out of the area when we leave Omaha, and we will likely remain dry as we take I-80 through Iowa. The inverted trough is going to dangle in Wisconsin through the night, however, unwilling to leave. There will be a chance at some flurries for Janesville when we arrive, but for the most part, that will be the only real problem, unless traffic in Des Moines is particularly nasty.

Janesville, Wisconsin

There is another massive system on the maps, but this time, it is moving through the center of the country rather than the east coast. What will this one bring?

At 1245PM, CT Janesville was reporting a temperature of 39 degrees with rain. Areas of mixed precipitation were being seen well to the west in Iowa, snow was afflicting parts of Minnesota and northern Wisconsin but across southern Wisconsin, a broad swath of rain with warming temperatures was being seen.
The system was wrapping in quite a bit of dry air, which made for a formidable dry slot in the system, which will move into Janesville tonight before precipitation begins to turn to a more wintry variety. After a short period of dry weather tonight, there will eventually be a few flurries through the day tomorrow as the back edge of moisture works into southern Wisconsin. Cooler weather and clouds will remain on Tuesday, with only a few flurries on Monday.
Tomorrow – Clouds and flurries with wind, High 34, Low 24 (Non standard)
Tuesday – Fog early, then mostly cloudy, High 32, Low 18

TWC: Tomorrow – Few Snow Showers / Wind High 34, Low 24
Tuesday – Partly Cloudy High 33, Low 20

AW: Tomorrow – Rather cloudy, windy and colder with snow flurries High 36, Low 26
Tuesday – Partly sunny High 33, Low 21

NWS: Tomorrow – A 40 percent chance of snow. Cloudy High 34, Low 26
Tuesday – Partly sunny High 32, Low 21

WB: Tomorrow – Brisk. Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light snow. High 34, Low 24
Tuesday – Partly sunny. High 31, Low 21

The radar right now shows a pretty rainy environment in southern Wisconsin.

Life’s good in Wisconsin

A “warm front” has been trying to work it’s way north through the Upper Midwest the past couple of days. A combination of clouds and the fact that this boundary isn’t terribly strong has meant temperatures that only climbed to the low to mid 80s in Janesville. That’s a nice contrast to last month, when a warm front would lead to temperatures in the 90s or 100s. Weatherbug had the top forecast.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 80, Low 48
Wednesday – High 86, Low 51

Grade: B

Janesville, Wisconsin to Minneapolis, Minnesota

This road trip is going to be a piece of cake. It’s a 301 mile drive that we will cover in 5 hours flat, or a little north of 60mph. That and I think the weather is going to be rather agreeable.

As I said, the weather will be fairly agreeable, and the trip through Wisconsin will be almost entirely problem free. There is some worry that an isolated storm will begin to crop up over southern Minnesota late in the day tomorrow, but if you made me make a decision, I would say that there will be no rain anywhere on the way to the Twin Cities. Temperatures in the 80s with mostly sunny skies will await our arrival.

Janesville, Wisconsin

We’re headed to southern Wisconsin for today’s forecast. Janesville has been in the news lately because it is the home of Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

At 345PM, CT, Janesville was reporting a temperature of 75 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. High pressure was in control for the area, but an offshore Lake Michigan breeze is helping touch a few showers and storms near Chicago.
There is an upper level trough swinging through the Great Lakes that belies the high pressure at the surface, but gives a little impetus for the thunderstorms near the Lakes. The broad troughing across the region also indicates cooler temperatures for places like Janesville. There will be a weak low moving through Ontario that may touch off an isolated shower or storm late on Wednesday, but the threat will be quite low.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 80, Low 53
Wednesday – Partly cloudy, High 83, Low 55

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 82, Low 52
Wednesday – Mostly Sunny High 87, Low 55

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny much of the time and nice High 77, Low 49
Wednesday – Sunshine mixing with cloud (late thunderstorms) High 85, Low 55

NWS: Tomorrow – Patchy fog before 9am. Otherwise, sunny High 79, Low 53
Wednesday – Patchy fog before 9am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, High 86, Low 54

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. High 80, Low 50
Wednesday – Sunny in the morning then becoming partly sunny. Patchy fog in the morning High 87, Low 55

The NAM is calling for a heatwave again, and has been more accurate with the warm temperatures all summer, however the overall upper level pattern is not conducive to the heat. A look at the satellite shows the convective activity surrounding Lake Michigan, but leaving Janesville alone