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Lubbock, Texas to Ithaca, New York

Today we tackle a 1,715-mile, 4-day road trip from Western Texas to central NY. It’s going to take up parts of 2 months to accomplish! Let’s take a look at how March is going to start up on this trip.


A disturbance is working its way through the Lower MS River Valley, but while the bulk of the thunderstorm activity will shift into the Deep South, some lingering shower and isolated thunderstorm activity will remain possible over the Red River Valley region during the day. We’ll avoid most of that activity as we head eastward from Lubbock to Wichita Falls then head north to Oklahoma City. We could encounter some of that shower/storm activity as we push into OK City, but will be scattered at worst as we cruise on through Oklahoma’s capital and finish up in Tulsa for the night.


An area of low pressure over NE/IA is shifting towards the Great Lakes today and is expected to fire off strong to severe thunderstorms from southern MO/northern AR through IL to IN starting in the late morning hours and last through the afternoon as it pushes northeast. Luckily for us, we’ll be chasing the action in a sense, as it will stay ahead of our route as we push out of Tulsa up I-44 past Springfield to St Louis. We’ll eventually finish the day in Effingham, IL, feeling lucky as we only see some cloudy skies and maybe just a couple of stray showers throughout the day.


Well, for as lucky as we were yesterday, today is going to be a rougher day. An area of low pressure will develop over N IL/IN and kick off another round of showers and thunderstorms from the OH Valley down to the Deep South. It’s going to be a soggy start to the day as we head east on I-70 towards Indianapolis and continue on towards Columbus. We’re going to be staying in the warm sector of the store during the day, so at least we won’t be hit by heavy snow (which is expected from N IL into Central MI during the day/afternoon). We’ll finish the day in Ashtabula, OH, on the shores of Lake Erie.


The low pressure system is rapidly pushing out over New England and will shift past Nova Scotia by midday. Northwesterly flow over the Lakes will kick up some lake effect snow over the typically prone areas during the day, so we’ll see some snow showers as we head out of Ashtabula in the morning. We’ll continue seeing this activity as we pass Erie and eventually into southwestern NY. Activity will finally wind down as we head further inland, trickling down to just some isolated snow showers and should mostly tail off as we finish the day in Ithaca around midday.

Fargo, North Dakota to Ithaca, New York

Today we embark on a trip from the Eastern Dakotas to Southern New York. 1,308 miles separate Fargo and Ithaca, so it’ll be a 3-day trek to get there. Buckle up!



An area of low pressure is starting to develop over the Western High Plains, bringing some gusty southerly winds over the Dakotas and western Minnesota. However, with high pressure currently in place over the Upper Midwest, that should be the only negative on this pleasant weather day! Mostly sunny skies are expected for the entire day from Fargo down through Minneapolis and well into WI until we get to Madison, our stop for the night.


The high pressure shifts slightly east during the day, but luckily for us, the axis will be directly along our trip for the day! Some scattered clouds are possible as we depart Madison, but the rest of the day should be just as pleasant as yesterday, and with less winds as well! The biggest thing we’ll have to contend with is traffic and road construction as we drive through Chicago, through northern Indiana, and past Toledo as we end our night in Cleveland.


A pleasant day as we depart Cleveland will eventually lead into overcast skies as a low-pressure system continues to sit just off the New England coastline. Scattered showers are expected to start kicking up as we drive past Erie, PA and will become more of a steady nuisance as we pass Jamestown, NY. The winding roads and persistent showers will slow down our travels a bit, but eventually we’ll make it to Ithaca by mid-afternoon.


Coldest air of the year

Much like Minnesota, where temperatures in International Falls dipped to -43 over the past couple of days, Ithaca is seeing their coldest weather of the season, though thanks to lake effect snow and clouds, temperatures weren’t as dramatically cold. Ithaca saw 2-4 inches of snow, depending on what part of town you were in, which was enhanced by how cold it was (it takes less moisture to get more snow when it’s cold). The fluffy snow and clouds that produced it prevented the temperature for dropping below 1 on Saturday morning, which is plenty cold but still 44 degrees warmer than it was in International Falls. The Weather Channel had the top forecast in Ithaca. The Weather Service didn’t measure snow at the airport, but it was reported both days of the forecast period.
Actuals: Friday – High 19, Low 8
Saturday – High 15, Low 1

Grade: B

Ithaca, New York to Memphis, Tennessee

Back on the road for another road trip, this one taking us from western New York to western Tennessee over the course of two days. It’s a surprising 1055 miles from Ithaca to Memphis, and we will cover the ground at a pace of 62.4mph, allowing us to cover 499 miles on that first day, the last day covering the remainder of the trip. Flurries to start for sure, but what will the rest of the trip bring?


While there may be a brief flurry as we depart tomorrow morning from Ithaca, the majority of the snow will be done in Ithaca, and the snow would be brief as we are leaving town. The reason the snow will be ending in Ithaca, however, is because of a weak little eddy spinning up over Michigan, cutting off flow to Western New York from the Great Lakes, but also bringing the chance for snow in a more focused area. The chance for snow that left us as we left Ithaca will reemerge from about Erie, Pennsylvania to Mansfield, Ohio, before we get south of the snow once again. The end of the day will put us in Jeffersonville, Ohio, which is almost at the midway point between Columbus and Cincinnati.

If we time things right, we shouldn’t have any problems on Sunday either. If we time things right. The drive from Jeffersonville to Nashville shouldn’t be any trouble, but a weak bundle of energy is sliding along a line from Nebraska to western Tennessee over the weekend. It won’t cause much precipitation, but at the very end of our drive, if the GFS model is correct, there might, might, MIGHT just be a flurry to drive through between Nashville and Memphis.

Ithaca, New York

Western New York for tonight’s forecast. Not that far from Elmira, a forecast site from just days ago.

At 107AM, ET, Ithaca was reporting cloudy skies and snow with a temperature of 17 degrees. A fast moving system that has made it’s way all the way from the St. Louis area early this afternoon to its present position centered over western Maryland was wrapping moisture into western New York and northerly flow was tapping into Lake Ontario for more moisture.
An Arctic front ushering in extraordinarily cold air is chasing the low over the Mid-Atlantic. The two systems will merge over the next few hours and explode over eastern New England. By this time, Ithaca will find itself in the throes of a northerly flow which will continue to tap into Lake Ontario and it’s moisture, leading to flurries for the next two days, off and on. There may be a lull Saturday afternoon as a week eddy develops over Montana and generates a period of southerly flow.
Tomorrow – Snow off and on, gradually tapering through the day, High 22, Low 8 (non standard)
Saturday – Intermittent flurries, with colder lows, High 13, Low 3

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with snow flurries and snow showers, especially in the afternoon High 19, Low 7
Saturday – Cloudy (early snow). High 12, Low 3

AW: Tomorrow – Mainly cloudy, breezy and cold with a little snow, accumulating up to an additional inch High 22, Low 8
Saturday – Frigid with variable clouds High 12, Low 3

NWS: Tomorrow – Snow, mainly before 11am High 24, Low 13
Saturday – A chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy High 16, Low 7

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. Widespread snow in the morning…then scattered snow showers in the afternoon. Total snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches High 24, Low 13
Saturday – Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers High 16, Low 7

Interesting. Looks like that cold air is getting into Ithaca as well. Here is the very busy radar.