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As we sink deeper into the depths of summer, let’s branch out and see a good cross section of the country.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Valdosta, Georgia

Missoula, Montana
Road Trip from Valdosta to Missoula

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So, yeah. We had our two boys, Liam and Easton on June 4th, and we’ve been enjoying their company ever since. It’s time to try a little bit to get back on the forecasting train.

Road Trip from Muskegon, Michigan to Fort Collins, Michigan

Ogden, Utah

Lexington, Kentucky
Road Trip from Ogden to Lexington

Lansing, Michigan
Lexington to Lansing

Athens, Georgia
Road Trip from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Athens

Albany, New York

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We are getting closer and closer to the birth of my children, and a major interruption in these posts. We’ll see how long it takes to get to these forecasts!

Spartanburg, South Carolina
Road Trip from Peoria, Illinois to Spartanburg

Rapid City, South Dakota


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The weather isn’t particularly quiet this time of year, but the site is likely to be fairly laid back. We only have a few forecasts in the near horizon, and I am in the final countdown before the birth of my sons. Here is what you might expect if we maintain a steady posting schedule for the next few days.

Danville, Virginia

Ogden, Utah

Bremerton, Washington

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OK, now I’m pretty sure winter is on it’s way out. Of course, summer has pushed hard to filter into some parts of the Southwest and along the east coast. How about a little bit of spring, huh?

Jackson, Tennessee

New Haven, Connecticut
Road Trip from Jackson to New Haven

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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All right, we’re in spring now, and forecasts are bound to get a bit more exciting. I am of the opinion that thunderstorms are the most exciting form of weather, and late March is the time to find some.

Terre Haute, Indiana

Road Trip from Terre Haute to Bakersfield, California

Houston, Texas