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October and November are fun months to forecast for, so as October winds to a close, even if the weather is suspect, just know that I am having a blast putting together these forecasts.

Columbus, Indiana
Road Trip from Fort Collins, Colorado to Columbus

Road Trip from Columbus to Barnstable, Massachusetts

Youngstown, Ohio

Joplin, Missouri

Chico, California
Road Trip from Joplin to Chico

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We have a smattering of forecasts to begin October. I said on Twitter today that forecasters prove their mettle in the autumn, so let’s see where we will be showing our skills.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

San Jose, California

Utica, New York

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We have another hurricane headed our way this weekend, ready to take aim at Florida. While we cover that, here are a few of the forecasts that we will touch on as well

Manchester, New Hampshire

Anderson, South Carolina

Road Trip from Dothan, Alabama to Orlando, Florida

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It’s hard to believe it’s already the final throes of summer. If you ever think that things are moving slowly, then look at where you are at in the summer, and it will seem like time is flying.

Columbia, South Carolina

Grand Junction, Colorado

Savannah, Georgia

Santa Cruz, California
Road trip from Santa Cruz to Savannah

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It’s going to be a cool week this week in the east, and with near record breaking heat on the west coast. Will we find a common ground soon?

Cincinnati, Ohio

Manchester, New Hampshire

Road Trip from Manchester to San Jose, California

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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We have a few forecasts and even more road trips this week, in our continuing campaign to forecast for America

Road Trip from Longview, Texas to Pueblo, Colorado

Boise, Idaho
Road trip Pueblo to Boise

Muncie, Indiana

Yakima, Washington
Road trip from Muncie to Yakima