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We have a lot of time in the northern United States on the horizon. Between forecasts and road trips we will see a big section of the country, but nowhere south of Iowa.

Iowa City, Iowa

Road Trip from Iowa City to Muskegon, Michigan

Road Trip from Muskegon to Ithaca, New York

Olympia, Washington
Road Trip from Ithaca to Olympia

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February is on it’s way, so we are going to spend a lot of time considering warmer climates, if for no other reason than for my sense of sanity.

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Napa, California

Bakersfield, Califonia

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Road Trip from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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We’re taking a small step back this week, appreciating the broader scope of the weather across the country. As opposed to digging into local forecasts, but there is one road trip that promises to deliver some weather.

Road Trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Pascagoula, Mississippi

Toledo, Ohio

Bangor, Maine

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As we really sink our teeth into the new year, we’re going to really sink our teeth into many forecasts.

Scranton, Pennsylvania

San Luis Obispo, Califonia

Corpus Christi, Texas

Lawrence, Kansas
Road trip from Corpus Christi to Lawence

Waco, Texas

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We are in the throes of winter, no doubt about that. Of course, with storms blitzing the south, we in the north have been left out for a while! What’s to come with the Christmas rapidly approaching? Will things start to even themselves out?

Rapid City, South Dakota

Johnson City, Tennessee to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

San Diego, California

Lima, Ohio

Pueblo, Colorado

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The holidays are approaching, and with Thanksgiving in particular coming up next week, we won’t have much for targeted forecasting, but we will have a few posts more generally about the weather.

Decatur, Illinois

Canton, Ohio

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Halloween is coming up on Wednesday, with November coming the following day. The tropical season is nearly at its end, but the winter season is right around the corner. After the past two years, that’s probably better. Let’s look a little more short term, though and see what’s in store for the next few days.

Duluth, Minnesota
Road trip from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Duluth

Huntsville, Alabama

Decatur, Illinois

Tallahassee, Florida

Deltona, Florida

Road Trip from Deltona to Muskegon, Michigan

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October is approaching it’s end, and winter is coming very soon. The eastern part of the country, particularly in the Great Lakes, has already been set to by snow showers. Will we get a brief reprieve in the coming weeks, or is more wintry weather forthcoming? 

St. Cloud, Minnesota
Road Trip from Morristown, Tennessee to St. Cloud

Road Trip from Lexington, Kentucky to Sherman, Texas

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania