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The holidays are approaching, and with Thanksgiving in particular coming up next week, we won’t have much for targeted forecasting, but we will have a few posts more generally about the weather.

Decatur, Illinois

Canton, Ohio

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Halloween is coming up on Wednesday, with November coming the following day. The tropical season is nearly at its end, but the winter season is right around the corner. After the past two years, that’s probably better. Let’s look a little more short term, though and see what’s in store for the next few days.

Duluth, Minnesota
Road trip from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Duluth

Huntsville, Alabama

Decatur, Illinois

Tallahassee, Florida

Deltona, Florida

Road Trip from Deltona to Muskegon, Michigan

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October is approaching it’s end, and winter is coming very soon. The eastern part of the country, particularly in the Great Lakes, has already been set to by snow showers. Will we get a brief reprieve in the coming weeks, or is more wintry weather forthcoming? 

St. Cloud, Minnesota
Road Trip from Morristown, Tennessee to St. Cloud

Road Trip from Lexington, Kentucky to Sherman, Texas

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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We are in the throes of hurricane season, and the first major threat to the coast is coming for the Carolinas. We are going to have a forecast for Blacksburg,, Virginia left over from the last Coming Soon and we will get a follow up later on in the week. This will be terrling. Not only that, but we have this array of forecasts across the country.

Joplin, Missouri
Road Trip from Blacksburg, Virginia to Joplin

Blacksburg, Virginia

Utica, New York

Pascagoula, Mississippi
Road Trip from Utica to Pascagoula

Manchester, New Hampshire

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As we sink deeper into the depths of summer, let’s branch out and see a good cross section of the country.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Valdosta, Georgia

Missoula, Montana
Road Trip from Valdosta to Missoula

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So, yeah. We had our two boys, Liam and Easton on June 4th, and we’ve been enjoying their company ever since. It’s time to try a little bit to get back on the forecasting train.

Road Trip from Muskegon, Michigan to Fort Collins, Michigan

Ogden, Utah

Lexington, Kentucky
Road Trip from Ogden to Lexington

Lansing, Michigan
Lexington to Lansing

Athens, Georgia
Road Trip from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Athens

Albany, New York