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We’re headed towards a busy stretch of forecasting, and we’ll see a lot of the country as well, which will provide us a good look at the country as a whole. I think it could be fun!

Napa, California
Road Trip from Lewiston, Maine to Napa

Road Trip from Napa to Cumberland, Maryland

Durham, North Caorolina
Road Trip from Cumberland to Durham

Wheeling, West Virginia

Bay City, Michigan

Louisville, Kentucky

Santa Barbara, California

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Here we are, in the middle of road tripping season, and I think there are several people eager to get out on the open road. Let’s move around the country here in July.

Road Trip from Longview, Texas to Fargo, North Dakota

Road Trip from Kennewick, Washington to Greenville, North Carolina

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Road Trip from Greenville to Fayetteville

Road Trip from Gadsden, Alabama to Reno, Nevada

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In the coming days, our forecast trajectory will take us into the mid-Atlantic and southern New England. We will also be sure to take care to discuss the ongoing spring severe season, which we will be reminded of, undoubtedly, in the next few weeks.

Barnstable, Massachusetts
Road Trip from Washington, DC to Barnstable

Road Trip from Rochester, New York to Charlottesville, Virginia

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Weather continues, and we’re getting to the busiest time of year. Surely, we will have some fun things to talk about in the various forecasts ahead.

Monroe, Louisiana
Road trip from Pensacola, Florida to Monroe

Hickory, North Carolina

Sacramento, California
Road Trip from Hickory to Sacramento

Des Moines, Iowa

Evansville, Indiana

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And away we go, spring is on the horizon and maybe we can start to see fewer snow storms in our forecasts. Multiple cross country road trips beg of that, while there will be only a couple of western forecasts which should remain snow free.

Tucson, Arizona
Road trip from Greensboro, North Carolina to Tucson

Road Trip from Lebanon, Pennsylvania to Madison, Wisconsin

Bremerton, Washington

Road Trip from Bremerton to Richmond, Virginia

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The end of February heading into March can be some of the most active weather times of the year, and the part of the country that contends with that nastiness is the part of the country we will be forecasting for.

Rochester, New York

Hattieburg, Mississippi
Road Trip from Deltona, Florida to Hattiesburg

Killeen, Texas

Road Trip from Killeen to Greensboro, North Carolina