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We’ve made it to June, and my favorite stretch of the year. We will feature quite a few forecasts coming up, so that is how I am spending summer vacation.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Road Trip from Napa, California to Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Shreveport, Louisiana

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Dubuque, Iowa
Road Trip from Saginaw, Michigan to Dubuque, Iowa

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Now that all of the Justin Timberlake jokes and meme’s are out of the way, let’s get into one of my favorite months of the year.

San Jose, California

Spokane, Washington

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Road Trip from Spokane to Rocky Mount

Duluth, Minnesota

Kokomo, Indiana
Road Trip from Duluth to Kokomo

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We’ve reached spring break season, and I too am taking a vacation this month. Let’s hope that I am not thinking even a little bit about the weather while I am there! I guess I am saying I don’t want this

Jacksonville, Florida

Road Trip from Jacksonville to Syracuse, New York

Road trip from Tucson, Arizona to Muskegon, Michigan

San Francisco, California

Joplin, Missouri
Road Trip from Anniston, Alabama to Joplin

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Perhaps we have finally found our 2022 groove. We’ll check to see if that is the case as we put together forecasts across the country, with a couple of stops in Texas

Road Trip from Santa Rosa, California to Gadsden, Alabama

Amarillo, Texas

Hickory, North Carolina

Lima, Ohio
Road Trip from Laredo, Texas to Lima

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We will certainly reflect on the devastating tornado that afflicted parts of 4 states, most influentially the state of Kentucky in the next several days. We will also take the time to look at the following forecasts.

Sebastian, Florida
Road Trip from Reno, Nevada to Sebastian

Erie, Pennsylvania

Oxnard, California

Santa Rosa, California

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We are in the Holiday season now, friends, and forecasts become a little bit more important this time, to a lot more people.

San Antonio, Texas
Road Trip from Atlantic City, New Jersey to San Antonio

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Asheville, North Carolina

Road Trip from Asheville to Jacksonville, North Carolina

Lynchburg, Virginia

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Road Trip from Lynchburg to Grand Rapids