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We are continuing our slow transition back to Eastern US forecasting this week after late October seemed to be spent entirely west of the Rockies. Here’s what we will be looking forward to as we close in on Thanksgiving.

Decatur, Illinois
Road Trip from Reno, Nevada to Decatur

Palm Bay, Florida

Road Trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Florence, Alabama

Jackson, Michigan

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As we saw with our monthly review earlier today, we haven’t been terribly active with our forecasts lately and, well, that doesn’t seem to be likely to change in the near future. We’ll still try to make sure to that everyone has a good look at everything that’s going on out there.

Boston, Massachusetts

Toledo, Ohio

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We are getting into the late part of summer, and we start to forget about severe weather (major outbreaks, anyways) and start really focusing on the Tropics. With a light forecasting load, we’ll really be able to dig into the potential storm activity around the world, should it arise.

San Antonio, Texas
Road Trip from Providence, Rhode Island to San Antonio

Monroe, Louisiana

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It’s the hottest time of the summer, so let’s stay in the air conditioning and read about what’s going on outside. How does that sound?

Road Trip from Pocatello, Idaho to Manchester, New Hampshire

Huntsville, Alabama
Road Trip from Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Huntsville

Deltona, Florida

Muskegon, Michigan

Sumter, South Carolina