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It’s going to be a cool week this week in the east, and with near record breaking heat on the west coast. Will we find a common ground soon?

Cincinnati, Ohio

Manchester, New Hampshire

Road Trip from Manchester to San Jose, California

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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We have a few forecasts and even more road trips this week, in our continuing campaign to forecast for America

Road Trip from Longview, Texas to Pueblo, Colorado

Boise, Idaho
Road trip Pueblo to Boise

Muncie, Indiana

Yakima, Washington
Road trip from Muncie to Yakima

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Another week to wonder when the typically languid summer time patterns will change…

Columbia, South Carolina

Road Trip from Columbia to Lawrence, Kansas

Road Trip from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee

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Let’s hit some of the country’s largest colleges (especially since they aren’t in session right now) and then move on to visit the western US.

San Diego, California

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Road trip from Tuscaloosa to State College, Pennsylvania

Road Trip from State College to Odessa, Texas

Fort Collins, Colorado

Yakima, Washington

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An active week looms, with a special focus on the eastern 24% of the country.

New Haven, Connecticut

Terre Haute, Indiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
Road Trip from Terre Haute to New Orleans

Jackson, Michigan

Panama City, Florida
Road Trip from Brunswick, Georgia to Panama City