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August is right around the corner – tomorrow, actually – and we are going to dive right into hurricane season. What does the forecast plan look like as all eyes turn to the north Atlantic?

Syracuse, New York

Trenton, New Jersey
Road trip from Yuba City, California to Trenton

Danville, Illinois

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The weeks ahead are going to be hot, and if they are anything like the last few days, fairly active as well. We’re going to dot the country with a variety of forecasts for your viewing enjoyment in the coming weeks.

Odessa, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Road Trip from Harrisonburg to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Louisville, Kentucky

Cumberland, Virginia
Road Trip from Louisville – Cumberland

Orlando, Florida

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Watch out, world, here we come. We’re back to a few posts a week, we might even have some days with more than one post in a day, and not just today! Ironically, it will likely take my being snowed in to get there. Oh well.

Michigan City, Indiana

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Road trip from Michigan City to Fond du Lac

Utica, New York

Dothan, Alabama

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2023 is here! We are two weeks in, only 50 to go. I can’t tell you what is all going to happen this year, but I can tell you what you can expect from Victoria-Weather in the next couple of weeks.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Road Trip from Lawrence, Kansas to Indianapolis

Greensboro, North Carolina
Road Trip from Logan, Utah to Greensboro

Coming Soon…

The question when I tell you what is coming soon is, as always “how soon”? I don’t have a good answer for that, but my hope is a more regular schedule between now and the holidays, before things invariably go sideways again. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Jefferson City, Missouri

Road Trip from Jefferson City to Casper, Wyoming

Racine, Wisconsin
Road trip from Lakeland, Florida to Racine