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We’re coming up on the time of year for vacations. I am included in that group, getting ready to leave for a week next week, but there is a chance some of these forecasts sneak online before then.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Sacramento, California

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Road Trip from Columbia, South Carolina to Fayetteville

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We made it to May, which means we have made it to what I believe to be the most fascinating time of the weather year. What spots around the country will we be visiting?

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Road Trip from Lebanon, Pennsylvania to Kalamazoo

Fairbanks, Alaska

Des Moines, Iowa

Raleigh, North Carolina

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After our Kentucky heavy end to this week, we’ll expand our view more nationally towards the end of April.

Anniston, Alabama

Road Trip from Anniston to San Antonio, Texas

Road Trip from Fort Collins, Colorado to Kennewick, Washington

Road trip from Missoula, Montana to Kingston, New York

Worcester, Massachusetts

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Spring is probably my favorite season. I prefer warm weather and baseball, and both return this time of year. With the warmth, the weather can get a little more interesting as well. Will it get interesting in any of the places we have forecasts for this week?

Boston, Massachusetts

Decatur, Illinois
Road Trip from Augusta, Georgia to Decatur

St. George, Utah

Louisville, Kentucky

Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Road Trip from Louisville to Elizabethtown