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Not as toasty as advertised

The heat was expected to roast the Yakima Valley at the end of the most recent work week. Forecast highs for Yakima on Thursday and Friday were universally in the 90s, but thanks to the spurious winds of the inter-mountain west, that potential was only barely reached. It remained in the 80s on Thursday, and climbed up to 93 on Friday, but with temperatures dropping all the way to the mid 50s on both days of the forecast period, it never seemed as warm as had been feared. Weatherbug had the coolest forecast of all outlets, and won the forecast.
Actuals: Thursday – High 88, Low 55
Friday – High 93, Low 55

Grade: B-D

Yakima, Washington

All right, pals, let’s go to the Pacific Northwest and see if we can’t stir up some weather.

At 953PM, PT, Yakima was reporting clear skies and a temperature of 72 degrees. Winds were brisk through the Yakima Valley, but that was simply the bluster of undulating terrain and not a sign of any significant weather to come.
A sharp, short waved ridge is moving through the Pacific Northwest over the next couple of days, and it will keep Yakima in the sun and warmth.  An upper level trough will inch into the region late on Friday and may take a bit of the edge off the heat late in the day, but won’t significantly impact the weather otherwise.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 90, Low 60
Friday – A few clouds, High 92, Low 64

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny. High 91 Low 60
Friday – Sunny. High 95, Low 60

AW: Tomorrow – Periods of clouds and sunshine High 91, Low 54
Friday – Mostly sunny and hot High 96, Low 58

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 91, Low 57
Friday – Sunny, High 94, Low 61

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 89, Low 57
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 93, Low 58

WN: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 91, Low 57
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 93, Low 61

FIO: Tomorrow – Clear throughout the day. Highh 85, Low 59
Friday – Clear throughout the day. Hiigh 88, Low 63

More hot weather in Washington, but the fire danger is waning. Here is the national satellite, because the local imagery is just a map of Washington.

Weather Wayback… A happier time

The second weekend of the year in eastern Washington may have seemed like a rough weekend, as temperatures were not anticipated to climb out of the lower 20s. In fact, those temperatures couldn’t even clear the mid teens in Yakima, where we issued a forecast on January 14th. Unanticipated was an overcast that brought some light snow all the way down to the Yakima Valley both Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th. The forecasts were calamitous, all across the board, with The Weather Channel narrowly winning the day on a particularly awful forecast. Now, this past week, however, the warm weather has led to rapid snowmelt, accompanied with heavy rain earlier this week has led to some significant flooding in the city of Yakima. Fortunately waters are receding quickly, and after this post, we won’t have to worry about the other disaster – the forecast from January 14th.
Actuals: Saturday, January 15th, snow reported and not measured, High 15, Low 1
Sunday, January 16th – Snow reported and not measured, High 16, Low 12

Grade F

Yakima, Washington

Today we head off to the valleys of the Pacific Northwest! Specifically, Yakima Valley, where over 3/4 of the hops grown in the US are located. Who knew?!

At 853pm PST, the temperature at Yakima, WA was 7 degrees under fair skies. High pressure is sitting over the Pacific Northwest/Northern Rockies, and really isn’t budging much over the next few days. One area of low pressure attempts to make a run at the region, but gets deflected southward by the dome of high pressure. This lack of activity has lead to an Air Stagnation Advisory for the region all the way through Monday. So unfortunately, while it’ll be fairly dry for the next couple of days, it still won’t be very pleasant outside, especially with morning lows dipping into the single digits.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 20, Low 5.
Sunday: Cloudy. High 25, Low 9.

TWC: Saturday: A few clouds early, otherwise mostly sunny. High 19, Low 7.
Sunday: Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 21, Low 9.

AW: Saturday: Mostly cloudy, freezing fog. High 23, Low 4.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy, freezing fog. High 22, Low 6.

NWS: Saturday: Patchy freezing fog. High 22, Low 4.
Sunday: Chance of light snow and patchy freezing fog. High 23, Low 5.

WB: Saturday: Cloudy. High 22, Low 10.
Sunday: Cloudy. High 20, Low 10.

WN: Saturday: Mostly cloudy with patchy freezing fog. High 21, Low 3.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with chance of very light snow. High 23, Low 5.

FIO: Saturday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 25, Low 7.
Sunday: Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 29, Low 14.

Here we see a very active western US and also the system spewing ice all over the Central US. Most of what is moving over the Pac NW though is mainly high-level clouds, so Yakima will be spared through the weekend.

No relief

June finished off very warm in Yakima, with the high temperature peaking at 100 degrees on Wednesday, and cooling off a bit to 96 degrees on Thursday. Cooling off to the mid 90s. Yikes. The nice thing about this part of the country is that things usually do cool off nicely overnight thanks to low dew points and clear skies. Not this time. Heat struggled to radiate, and lows didn’t stray too far from 70. Oppressive. The National Weather Service had the top forecast for the day m but everyone had forecast lows in the low to mid 60s, meaning there weren’t any all stars in Yakima.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 100, Low 72
Thursday – High 96, Low 69

Grade: C-D

Yakima, Washington

So much of our attention has been on the center and eastern portion of the country, we will swing out west for this forecast trip.

At 553PM, PT, Yakima was reporting mostly sunny skies with a temperature of 97 degrees. Much of the Yakima Valley and inland Washington and Oregon was baking, while temperatures on the other side of the Cascades were nearly 40 degrees cooler. Regionally, the city of Yakima was the hot spot, thanks to its position in a bowl, susceptible to downsloping from all directions.
High pressure lies under an upper ridge over the western United States, with the monsoon active in the Rockies and semipermanent low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska very weak at the moment. Hot weather is expected again through the day tomorrow and on into Thursday. There will be a little bit of organization over the North Pacific through the day on Thursday, which may bring about a bit more pertinent of a southerly flow, which may actually ebb the temperature by a degree or two.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 98, Low 63
Thursday  – Mostly sunny, a touch breezy, High 95, Low 62

TWC: Tomorrow — Sunny skies High 99, Low 64
Thursday – A mainly sunny sky. High 94, Low 63

AW: Tomorrow – Very hot with the temperature approaching the record of 103 set in 1948 with sizzling sunshine High 99, Low 62
Thursday – Very hot with a full day of sunshine High 93, Low 61

NWS:: Tomorrow – Sunny High 96, Low 66
Thursday – Sunny, High 94, Low 66

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 98, Low 63
Thursday – Sunny,Sunny, High 91, Low 64

WN: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 95, Low 66
Thursday – Sunny, High 93, Low 66

FIO: Tomorrow – Clear throughout the day. High 99, Low 64
Thursday – Clear throughout the day.High 91, Low 61

Whoo, is that going to be hot. Here is a look at the satellite, showing onlya few isolated storms popping up over the Cascades.

Yakima, Washington to Modesto, California

Today we embark on a tour of sorts of the West Coast! This is a 728-mile trip that will be split up into two days. Perhaps a hearty family could make the trip in a single day, but that would be a LONG day, and who really wants to only spend one day looking at the beauty of the mountains?!



A cloudy start to the day is expected as a frontal system approaches the Pacific Northwest, bringing rain to the coastal areas and the Cascades, but isn’t quite able to make it over the mountains to our route southwards out of Yakima down into Central Oregon. That will kind of be the theme for today: cloudy, but dry. Not too many problems are anticipated as we make our way into CA and finish our day In Redding.


Some rain showers are possible as we start our day as the front from yesterday pushes further inland. A surge of moisture could be strong enough to bring some rain showers to far northern CA, but as the morning continues, it’ll dry out and we’ll be left to deal with just some mostly cloudy skies as we head towards Sacramento. Clouds will break up a bit as we make our way through the capital and eventually into Modesto!


Warmer Wednesday Messes Up Forecasts

Much like Florence a couple days ago, most of the forecasts for Yakima wound up being fairly off, at least as our standards go. However, I doubt anybody cared, as temperatures were a good 5degrees warmer for both the high and low on Wednesday, peaking into the upper 60s. Thursday was more in line with predictions. The National Weather Service took home the narrow victory over the Weather Channel

Wednesday: High 67, Low 38.
Thursday: High 61, Low 31.
Forecast Grade: C

Yakima, Washington to Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This is one doozy of a road-trip. 2,694 miles from Yakima to Winston-Salem. Why can’t we fly again?



Are we there yet?! Just kidding. It might seem like that in a couple of days though. Luckily, it’s a fairly quiet day today, as a weak area of high pressure is found over the Northern Rockies. Just some high clouds are expected as we make our way through eastern WA, the stovepipe of Idaho, and into western Montana where we eventually wind up at Missoula, MT for the night.


We continue our jaunt down I-90 today that will take us through mainly southern portions of the state. Unfortunately, 490 miles of driving won’t get us out of Montana. On the bright side, the weather should mostly cooperate once again as we stay ahead of a system working its way through the Northwest. We can expect some increasing clouds through the afternoon and evening, but at least it’ll be dry. We finish the day in Miles City.


It’s going to be a whole lot of nothing to look at out the window today. We’ll travel from Miles City to Fargo, covering about 460 miles. Once again, we’ll luck out as a cold front will tail off north of ND, with precip staying north of the border as we head due east on I-94. Some southerly winds might kick up and give us a fit, but once again, a relatively easy day weather-wise.


Today’s leg takes us from Fargo down I-94 all the way through the Land of 10,000 lakes. Today, weather finally catches up with us! A weak boundary is lingering from southern MN through northern WI and into Upper MI, so during the afternoon we can expected some light rain/snow showers to affect our drive between the Twin Cities and the Wisconsin Dells. Nothing too terrible though and shouldn’t slow us down before we finish our night in Madison


Well, our luck has finally run out. An area of low pressure developed over the Lower MS River Valley and lifted up into the OH Valley throughout the morning. Our day starts off innocently enough between Madison and Chicago, but as we push into northwest IN, we’re going to run into a pretty healthy slug of rain all the way to Indianapolis. It will let up a bit once we make it into eastern Indiana, but still will slow us down a bit. Our soggy day finally ends in Dayton, OH.


The rain changed to snow overnight, so we’ll have a couple of inches we need to brush off the car before we head on towards the Virginias. We’ll actually see some persistent light snow throughout the morning as we head into West Virginia, where upslope snow showers and road construction could slow us down some into the afternoon. Once we finally make our way into Virginia, the snow showers wind down and it’ll be clear sailing the rest of the evening into Winston-Salem!


Yakima, Washington

Our forecast takes us to the Yakima Valley of southern Washington. No foolin!

At 1053AM, PT, Yakima was reporting a temperature of 53 degrees with clear skies. There is an upper level trough preparing to move through the Great Basin. There is a little bit of rain through the Columbia Gorge, but as the trough swings southeast into the 4 Corners, energy and moisture will be pulled away from the region, and central Washington is expected to stabilize through the day.
With an absence of upper level flow of any significance, a surface ridge will develop across Yakima, leading to sunny, albeit a little cool, days ahead. The next cold front will move to the west coast late in the day on Thursday, which will bring some late clouds to Yakima, but fortunately, precipitation is not anticipated, as the Cascades will shield the forecast city.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 62, Low 32
Thursday – Mostly sunny, with some clouds late, High 61, Low 27

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 64, Low 33
Thursday – Partly Cloudy High 62, Low 35

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun High 62, Low 30
Thursday – Mostly cloudy High 62, Low 30

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 63, Low 31
Thursday – Partly sunny (late rain), High 62, Low 31

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy High 59, Low 32
Thursday – Partly cloudy in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. High 58, Low 31

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy Hig 63, Low 30
Thursday – Scattered ShowersHigh 63, Low 32

Looks like some people either think the low off shore is moving faster than I do, or they don’t trust the Cascades. Here is a look at the satellite showing clouds that are associated with the rain over the Columbia Gorge.