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Peoria, Illinois to Gadsden, Alabama

Labor Day isn’t usually a holiday that people travel for, but you might. It’s a three day weekend, so even though the one day trip is a long one, it doesn’t necessarily take up the whole weekend, giving us some time in Gadsden, even if we leave tomorrow. The drive will take 9 hours or so, and cover 641 miles, putting us on a pace of 68.8mph, which will certainly get us to Gadsden in plenty of time. 

A cold front is stalling across northern Illinois, with high pressure sitting over the eastern US, sticking its butt end right into our route. The best threat for thunderstorms through the day will be very early on, but through midday there could be a stray shower as the heating of the day actually burns off most of the cloud cover through Southern Illinois. The rest of the drive on into Alabama looks to be quite delightful, if a little steamy for any stops for gas. Gadsden, likewise, will be hot and stuffy for our Labor Day. 

Peoria, Illinois to Spartanburg, South Carolina

Are you ready to press for one long day of driving? That’s what we’re in for, headed southeast from northern Illinois to the upstate of South Carolina. The route will cover 739 miles at a pace of 65mph, slowed in large part to the course through Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, and Knoxville. There aren’t many stretches of unpopulated regions, and those stretches that are will be through the high terrain of the Smokey Mountains. We will have a travel companion – Tropical Storm Alberto. So let’s see if he will make the drive terribly uncomfortable.

When we get going, the center of whatever is left of Alberto will be centered near Evansville, Indiana, but will be fully dissipated into a system moving through the Plains. All that rain pulled in by Alberto needs to go somewhere, though, and without the organizing pull of a tropical feature, it will instead go everywhere. Scattered showers and storms are expected across the extend of our route, but the heaviest activity will be between Indianapolis and Louisville, thanks to the now diminished Alberto. There might be a few more robust downpours during the final stages of our trip, thanks to flow off the Atlantic attempting to climb the Smokey Mountains. You know, I said it was going to be a long drive, but all this rain is only going to make it seem longer. Hopefully there is a good time awaiting in Spartanburg.

Peoria, IL to Idaho Falls, ID

Today we embark on a trip through the Nations Heartland into the scenic Rocky Mountains. 1,402 miles separate Peoria, IL and Idaho Falls, ID, which will take us 3 days to traverse. Will we get caught up in some system, since November likes to be a tumultuous time as the seasons change. Let’s see what happens for our trip!



An area of low pressure continues to develop over the Central Plains, ahead of a system pushing through the Central Rockies. Increasing southerly winds will cause conditions to be kinda breezy throughout the morning as we head out of Peoria to the Quad Cities and continue westward on I-80 through Iowa. Winds will quell a bit as we push through Omaha as we pass by the main center of low pressure and push through the cold front. Dry conditions are expected all day but temperatures will start to fall as we end our day in Grand Island, NE.


Low pressure intensified overnight and moved through the area, making for some very gusty northerly winds when we wake up as well as a mix of some rain/snow showers. Accumulating snow is found in western Nebraska while maybe just a light dusting on grassy surfaces happened in the Grand Island area. We shouldn’t have too many issues as we continue westward on I-80 for the entire day as anything should be cleared off the interstate by the time we get there. Winds will settle down as we continue into Wyoming and fairly benign conditions are expected as we finish the day in Rawlins, WY.


High pressure moving overhead will make for a fairly chilly but sunny start to the day as we continue along I-80 to Rock Springs and then start heading northwest through the mountains. We won’t quite make it far enough north to see Yellowstone, but will cruise on by Grand Teton National Park as we push into Idaho and eventually to our destination of Idaho Falls!

Idaho Falls

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Peoria, Illinois

Another one day trip! This one takes us west from Pittsburgh to Peoria through what will likely be a nasty concoction of wind and precipitation. It is a 569 mile drive, which will take us almost 9 and a half hours at a rate of 60.6mph. Turn those wipers on, and let’s go!

By the time we leave tomorrow morning, all precipitation in Pittsburgh will have made the change to snow, and temperatures will ne cold enough that it will be a fluffy, almost powdery snow. The rapid cool down across the region may be enough to make roads icy from western Pennsylvania through Ohio. They may have been able to get ahead of it in Indiana, since the cool down will happen during the day today, but snow will continue at a somewhat steady pace through Indiana, until we cross into the Land of Lincoln near Champaign. The snow should be fairly manageable, as it won’t be very wet, but howling winds will bring down visibility, and existing ice on roadways in Ohio could be a problem. By the time we reach Illinois, the winds will begin to taper, and the snow will mostly be at it’s end, but don’t be surprised if there are flurries all the way to Peoria.

A Christmas gift

Nothing else to say for Peoria, but wow. Temperatures int he 40s on Christmas? Doesn’t get much better than that for them, does it? The top forecast went to The Weather Channel.
Actuals: Saturday – High 40, Low 20
Sunday – High 45, Low 26

Grade: A

Peoria, Illinois to Corvallis, Oregon

We are destined for a 4 day road trip, somehow beginning on Christmas and culminating in the middle of next week. It’s a 2138 mile journey that we will be able to cover at a pace of 67.7mph. Those long drives through Nebraska are fantastic. We will get 541 miles a day behind us, demonstrating how nice it is to drive through the Plains. Holiday travels ahoy!


So, let’s say you have to drive on Christmas. What would you like our of that drive? I would say good weather and little traffic. You’re in luck! Outside of Des Moines, the Quad Cities, Iowa City and Omaha, there isn’t much traffic! Ok, so there is a little bit of traffic. The weather won’t be a problem, however, and temperatures will get warmer as we go. The day, Christmas day, will end in Bradshaw, Nebraska, which is just past York.

Boxing Day will be a lot like Christmas Day as we drive west. Not a lot in terms of weather, and certainly a lot less in terms of people. The largest city we see will be Cheyenne, and the day will end up in Hadsell, Wyoming, which is near Rawlins. So far so good on this drive, right?

Early in the day on Tuesday, our fortunes will change. There is a chance for some snow as we cross the Bear River Divide in far western Wyoming. It will be about 45 minutes of snow as we try to make it to Utah. When we arrive in the Beehive State, we can then expect clearing (well, in terms of precipitation) through northern Utah and southern Idaho. The day ends in Mountain Home, Idaho, under some bleak looking skies.

Now, things are going to fall apart for us. Expect rain to pour down through western Idaho and eastern Oergon. We will drive our way into the rain shadow of the Cascades, which will mean dry weather and high clouds from Pendleton to the Dalles. Then the elevation, as well as the threat for more showers will go up. It’s probably going to be rainy in Corvallis when we get into town.

Peoria, Illinois

Apologies for the late post! Tonight, off to central Illinois, to visit a city I’ve stayed at a couple of times visit friends, Peoria! Let’s check in and see how their holiday weekend is going to go, shall we?

At 9:54PM CST, the temperature at Peoria, IL was 25 degrees under fair skies. High pressure is in control of the Central Plains at the current time and eastward into the Ohio Valley. Luckily, it appears the residents of Peoria will get to enjoy this pattern for the next couple of days! An area of low pressyre will develop over South Texas in the next 24 hours, but slowly make its’ way to the central Gulf Coast by late Christmas Day, and eventually into central Illinois. However, that won’t be until after the weekend has passed, so in the meantime, it should be sunny skies and enjoyable weather for the residents of Peoria! Merry Christmas readers!

Saturday: Sunny. High 39, Low 22.
Sunday: Sunny. High 42. Low 25.

TWC: Saturday: Sunny. High 41, Low 21.
Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 45, Low 29.

AW: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 40, Low 24.
Sunday: Partly sunny and breezy. High 42, Low 24.

NWS: Saturday: Sunny. High 39, Low 22.
Sunday: Sunny. High 43, Low 25.

WB: Saturday: Sunny. High 40, Low 23.
Sunday: Sunny. High 43, Low 27.

A clipper system passed over eastern WI and far northern IL, but has continued eastward. Sunny skies ahead for the Land of Lincoln!