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Muskegon, Michigan to Ithaca, New York

We’re going to turn around and quickly depart Muskegon on the very rare trek that takes us through Canada. bring your passport for this 9 hour trip, covering 574 miles (924km). we’ll cover ground at a pace of 63.7mph (101km/h). No telling if that includes time waiting at customs. (embedding issues continue)


While high pressure is moving into the Great Lakes all the same as it has moved into the Upper Midwest, that high pressure is chasing out a strong area of low pressure moving through the Canadian Maritimes and northern Quebec. Resultant westerly flow will exacerbate some lake effect snows between Rochester and Syracuse, but they will likely be winding down by the time we arrive back in the US. Still, if the roads aren’t cleared completely by the late afternoon tomorrow, that will slow us down. There won’t be many problems in the Finger Lakes, and Ithaca promises to be a Winter Wonderland, but an easily managed one.

Iowa City, Iowa to Muskegon, Michigan

I consider myself someone who is pretty good at geography. It turns out I’m not as good with Michigan as I thought, as I had envisioned the town in the Saginaw Bay area, but its actually on the shore of Lake Michigan. That makes our drive a little bit easier, actually, and we can look forward to a drive slightly longer than 6 hours, and covering 390 miles. Expect a pace of about 64mph, delayed significantly by Chicago, though fortunately probably not by fresh snow. (Map embedding is currently not cooperating. Feel free to follow the link below for our route)


After a week that saw the Upper Midwest get pummeled by a couple of successive snow storms, this weekend looks to be extremely drivable. Of course, there is the cold to contend with. It might actually be cold enough that lingering latent moisture could refreeze on I-80 in eastern Iowa, but temperatures will gradually warm with increasing southwesterly flow in the area. The flow will also be more apparent aloft, rather than at the surface, which nips another concern in the bud. There isn’t likely to be any lake effect snow for the drive up the lakefront.

Deltona, Florida to Muskegon, Michigan

Today we embark on a 1,257-mile, 3-day road trip from nearly coast to coast! The Atlantic Coast to Lake Michigan coast that is. One of my oldest friends lives in Muskegon, so let’s go pay her a visit, shall we??


Okay, I know I was using the Atlantic Coast moniker a bit loosely, with Deltona being found a good 20-miles or so inland from Daytona. But that’s just a quick jaunt to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream! A boundary that’s been lingering over the FL Peninsula is keeping overcast skies around the Deltona area and we can expect some morning fog as we make our way towards Daytona. After that, however, skies should clear up and mostly sunny skies will greet up as we head towards Jacksonville, then head west/north on I-75 and continue into Georgia, with mostly clear skies all the way to Atlanta, our stop for the night.


A strong area of high pressure continues to push down into the Midwest/Ohio Valley, bringing increasing frigid temperatures with it. This is keeping skies mostly clear as well, and today should be more of the same from yesterday. Sunny skies greet us as we push towards Chattanooga and eventually past Nashville before finishing the day in Louisville, much colder than when we started. Put on your party hats, it’s New Years Eve!


Happy New Year! We’re gonna get a late start on the day because, well, hangovers are no fun. Also, the temperature this morning is going to be sub-zero, so lets let things warm up a bit before we head even further north. Mostly sunny skies will start our final leg, but clouds will increase as we head into Lower Michigan and eventually we’ll get caught up in some lake effect snow as north-northwest winds prevail over the region. It’ll be a slower drive throughout the afternoon hours thanks to these bands, but we eventually make it to Muskegon by early evening. Time for more celebrating!

Muskegon, Michigan to Fort Collins, Colorado

Tonight we embark on a 1,156-mile road trip from the Great Lakes to the foothills of the Rockies. We’ll be able to make it in 2 days, but it’ll be a long 2 days. We better get to sleep early, gonna be an early morning tomorrow to get this show on the road!


A low pressure system is pushing into the Western Great Lakes, far less intense than the low that’s inundating the Northeast and New England right now, but it’s pushing a cold front through Michigan down into the Central Plains. Some light shower activity is possible during the morning hours as we head southward along the shores of Lake Michigan into northwest Indiana and eventually into Northern Illinois. Once we get into Illinois we should avoid any more precip for the day, but gusty northwesterly winds will be found throughout the rest of the day, especially as we head into Iowa. Winds will calm down a bit in the evening as we head past Des Moines and finish our day in the small town of Adair, IA


High pressure is found over the Central US today, making for a quieter and much less windy day as we head out of western Iowa past Omaha and through much of Nebraska. An area of low pressure looks to start shifting out of Alberta down into the Northern High Plains late in the day, but with downsloping winds as we get into western NE, temperatures will warm up a bit. Not like that will affect any precip types, however, as dry weather will persist for the rest of the day as we head into northeast CO and eventually end the day in Fort Collins!

Lovely Weekend Weather

Most prognosticators had a fairly pleasant weekend in store for the sexy town of Muskegon, and the weather didn’t disappoint. Temperatures on Friday were a tad warmer than expected, and both days only had some scattered cloud cover during the afternoons. The NWS took home the honors with their excellent temperature predictions.

Friday: High 74, Low 52.
Saturday: High 69, Low 51.
Forecast Grade: A

Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon. Now there’s a sexy name.

At 655PM, ET, Muskegon was reporting a temperature of 66 and mostly sunny skies. A light northwesterly flow off of Lake Michigan will work to keep things pleasant. A trough diving into the Great Lakes will work to pull Andrea northeast along the coast and maintain a pool of cooler air across Michigan.
The invigorating influence of the tropical system will help encourage the northwesterly inflow over the Upper Midwest. It likely won’t mean terribly much for the daily weather in Muskegon directly, but the northwest flow south of Muskegon will prevent temperatures from warming up much over the coming days, but the atmosphere will be moisture starved, so Muskegon will stay dry. Andrea’s rapid motion may lead to a more robust flow off of Lake Michigan on Saturday, leading to some cloudier conditions.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 68, Low 48
Saturday – Mostly cloudy, High 67, Low 48

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 69, Low 52
Saturday – Mostly Sunny High 69, Low 53

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun High 68, Low 51
Saturday – Times of clouds and sun High 71, Low 49

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 73, Low 50
Saturday – Mostly sunny, High 70, Low 51

WB: Partly sunny. High 71, Low 54
Saturday – Partly sunny until midday then becoming mostly sunny. High 65, Low 50

Take a look at the satellite. That’s pretty messy, but there isn’t much in terms of organization with it.

Chico, California to Muskegon, Michigan

Three days, three road trips! This one takes us to the Great Lakes over the course of 4 days and 2248 miles. That puts us at a clip of 67.1mph. How fast is that, exactly? Fast enough that we cover almost 537 miles a day. Let’s go check out Muskegon.


After what has been an active pattern across the country, especially out east, where more forecasts tend to happen, it’s been nice to have high pressure all over. Another ridge will set up over our route, and the drive from Chico, over the Sierras and into Nevada will be harmless. The day will end in Deeth, Nevada.

There is a big old Gulf of Alaska system moving into Western Washington right now, but we should be able to out run it, and the moisture will be hung up in the higher elevations of western Wyoming. I only mention this, because it will be the closest we get to significant precipitation for this leg of the journey. We will end the day in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, which is named after Elk Mountain, which is in Wyoming.

Nebraska is one of my favorite states to drive in. It’s flat, it’s empty, it’s mostly truckers who understand the rules of the road. Pretty great. That said, I’ve never dealt with Nebraska with ugly weather. And we won’t have to this time either! Smooth sailing between Elk Mountain (which is located just east of Rawlins) and Lincoln, the final stop on the way to Muskegon.

The nearest development to our persons at this stage will be in eastern Canada, well ahead of where we are. Another nice day of travel as we make our way through Iowa, Chicago, part of Indiana and then north along Lake Michigan to Muskegon, which will be surprisingly pleasant, and not even snowing.