Florida’s best time of year

Temperatures in the summer can be overwhelmingly warm in the Sunshine state, and in the winter, it gets a bit chillier than the natives can tolerate. In the spring, however, temperatures will b cool enough for anyone to sleep, and may not get to 80. That was what we saw in Palm Coast on the 5th and 6th of the month, Another nice thing about the time of year is that it is easier to leave rain out of the forecast because you can identify larger scale weather patterns. Comfortable temperatures and no rain? They should tell people about this place, they might want to vacation here. Victoria-Weather and The Weather Channel caught up to Weatherbug after a perfect day on the 5th, to end up with a three way victory.
Actuals – April 5th, High 75, Low 46
April 6th, High 66, Low 51

Grade: B

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