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Weather Wayback… back when there was still winter

At the beginning of February, Anthony took a look at Kalamazoo as a weak area of low pressure was moving from Michigan towards the eastern Great Lakes. Behind the feature, westerly winds meant persistent flurry activity in our forecast city. The thing is, the fetch was under high pressure, so the ceilings weren’t terribly thick, so temperatures were able to vary. Accuweather, who scored points for the best temperature forecasts tied with the National Weather Service, who accurately forecast snow on both the first and second of February, but in general, this wasn’t a top forecast for anyone.
Actuals: Wednesday, February 1st – .06 inches of precip, falling as snow, High 37, Low 25
Thursday, February 2nd – Trace of snow, High 25, Low 11

Grade: C-D

Flurries and not enough clouds

A weak little wave moving through the Great Lakes brought clouds and a bit of light snow to lower Michigan. The wave pulled a more significant feature north along the coast, but Kalamazoo in particular got through the middle of the week with only a trace of light snow. Clouds were thinner than anyone anticipated, particularly on Tuesday, Tuesday, when temperatures were able to climb all the way up to 47 degrees. There was only one outlet who saw temperatures getting that warm, Forecast.io, but their bum temperature forecast droppe them back again. In the end, it was The Weather Channel, despite being 4 degrees off on Tuesday, that had the top forecast.
Actuals: Tuesday – Trace of snow, High 47, Low 32
Wednesday – Trace of snow, High 34, Low 26

Grade B-C

Kalamazoo, Michigan

It’s Valentine’s Day, and there is no more romantic city in southwestern Michigan than Kalamazoo. Well, maybe Benton Harbor. We’ll go with Kalamazoo, since that’s where we have a forecast.

At 1053PM, ET, Kalamazoo was reporting clear skies with a temperature of 34 degrees. The unusual clear skies – it being Michigan in winter -were a result of the southerly flow embracing the region, as a clipper moved north of Lake Superior. There is a cut off trough over the southern Plains generating an additional feature over the Plains. The trough producing the clipper is expected to phase with the cut off feature over the course of the next 24 hours.
Most of the precipitation will be associated with the southern wave, blossoming as a major coastal storm late in the week, but as it develops, it will pull light precipitation to the south from the clipper in Canada. Enhanced by the Great Lakes, expect snow showers to fill in throughout lower Michigan late on Tuesday, and continuing through Wednesday morning. In Kalamazoo, the flurries will be short lived, with clearing coming by the afternoon.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds with a late flurry, High 41, Low 30
Wednesday – Early snow shwers, then clearing. Temps nearly steady through the day High 30, Low 25

TWC: Tomorrow – A mix of clouds and sun in the morning giving way to a few showers during the afternoon. A few flurries or snow showers possible. High 43, Low 32
Wednesday – A few snow showers scattered about the area in the morning, otherwise a good deal of clouds. High 32, Low 25

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy with some sunshine giving way to clouds High 43, Low 30
Wednesday – Cloudy, breezy and colder with a snow shower High 34, Low 23

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny (late rain/snow), High 42, Low 30
Wednesday – A 20 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, High 31, Low 24

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny until midday then becoming partly sunny, (late rain/snow) HIgh 41, Low 33
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow showers, High 31, Low 25

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 43, Low 30
Wednesday  Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of light snow showers, High 30, Low 27

FIO: Tomorrow -Mostly cloudy starting in the morning. High 46, Low 33
Wednesday – Overcast throughout the day.

Forecast.io, going with the bold “no precip” forecast for a potential lake effect day in Lower Michigan. We’ll see how that goes. Here is the current satellite, showing distinct areas of activity, in Canada and the southern Plains.


Kalamazoo, Michigan to Iowa City, Iowa

Let’s take a little road trip shall we? Today’s is an easy one, just 350 miles separate Kalamazoo from Iowa City. Perhaps Western Michigan is off to play a non-conference game against the University of Iowa? Let’s see if weather will slow down our jaunt to see some quality athletics!

A few snow showers that fell during the early morning hours, but will have dissipated by the time we wake up and start heading out the door. High pressure is nosing its way over the Midwest, which should keep the entire route over northwest IA, northern IL, and eastern IA dry. There’ll be some passing clouds at times, but nothing we should be particularly worried about. A pretty easy drive!

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo sounds like a funny, far-away place where wacky things happen. While I’m sure some wacky things happen in Southern Michigan, it’s not really that far away at all. Maybe we’ll get some wacky weather!

At 753pm EST, the temperature at Kalamazoo, MI was 34 degrees under overcast skies. One area of low pressure is pushing away from Lake Erie and Ontario while another found just north of Lake Superior is trailing a cold front through the Upper Midwest. A westerly fetch will keep snow showers stirred up over southern Michigan tonight through Wednesday, but additional accumulations shouldn’t be too high, around an inch or so. Westerly winds continue into Thursday, but with high pressure pushing into the region, no real lake effect issues are expected. Skies will remain cloudy throughout the day with temperatures taking a bit of a dip after the cold front moves through.

Wednesday: Scattered snow showers throughout the day. High 35, Low 19.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 23, Low 17.

TWC: Wednesday: Snow showers. High 33, Low 21.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy, isolated snow showers. High 21, Low 17.

AW: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with a snow shower. High 35, Low 21
Thursday: Mostly cloudy and colder. High 24, 15.

NWS: Wednesday: Chance of snow showers. High 32, Low 22.
Thursday: Slight chance of snow showers, mostly cloudy during the day. High 22, Low 16.

WB: Wednesday: Chance of snow showers throughout the day. High 33, Low 19.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 18, Low 15.

WN: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with chance of snow showers. High 32, Low 16.
Thursday: Partly cloudy with chance of snow showers. High 19, Low 16.

FIO: Wednesday: Light snow starting overnight, continuing until morning. High 33, Low 14.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy until evening. High 18, Low 11.

Here we see some light snow showers in the area. Activity is expected to linger in the region until Thursday morning as a system works through the area.

Ducking the dampness

When we looked at Kalamazoo on Tuesday, there was a mass of convection over eastern Minnesota that looked like it was going to steamroll western Michigan. Well, there WERE rain showers in Kalamazoo on Wednesday and Thursday, but as it turned out, everything really collapsed before it found its way into town. There was only a splash of precipitation on both days of the forecast period, and the severe threat stayed in northern Indiana. While Kalamazoo won by not getting pounded by heavy rain, Accuweather won by having the bbest overall approximation of the temperature.
Actuals: Wednesday – .01 inches of rain, High 80, Low 65
Thursday – .05 inches of rain, High 82, Low 65

Grade: A-C

Shreveport, Louisiana to Kalamazoo, Michigan

I think the biggest lesson of road tripping that I have learned that you have to really experience to grasp is just how big Illinois is from south to north. We are taking a two day trip from Shreveport to Kalamazoo, and much of the 973 mile trek will be spent in Illinois. We will pace ourselves at 67.6mph. We will cover 541 miles on that first day which will undoubtedly stop in Illinois.


DAY ONE (Wednesday)
It’s a little surprising, given how rough things have been in the south central United State, but we are actually going to enjoy a dry drive through Arkansas on Wednesday morning. It will be warm and humid, certainly, but roads should be clear and we shouldn’t have a problem on our northeasterly trek. A developing laminar trough axis northwest of our route, but a little parallel to it will emerge through the day from northern Illinois and Missouri to the Panhandle region. Don’t be surprised to see a few clouds to develop over our last hour on I-57 into Marion, Illinois. Of course we finish in Illinois, after that intro.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
There will be a mostly stationary boundary as a result of all that activity in the Great Lakes and northern Plains, and the few showers drifting south towards the Marion area will diminish. While that is good, the rain will consolidate further north, and we will be intersecting the first bands of rain starting around Gilman, Illinois, and it will be at it’s heaviest as we negotiate I-80/I-90 thorugh the southern Chicago suburbs and work to find our exit to I-94. That’s fine, there is rarely any traffic here and it’s pretty easy to figure out (sarcasm). The rain will diminish as we continue north, and if it isn’t over by the time we reach Lalamazoo, it will be fairly soon thereafter.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Over and Out

There was a line of thunderstorms moving through the Great Lakes last Thursday, headed towards the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. They seemed ominous, and poised to ruin Friday morning for Kalamazoo commuters. Fortunately for Kalamazoo, those storms aged a bit faster than expected, and never made it to Kalamazoo. Only Weatherbug had a dry forecast, however it was Forecast.io that won the day, pinning their temperature forecast much closer to the mark.:
Actuals: Friday High 84, low 65
Saturday – High 84, Low 60

Grade B-C

Kalamazoo, Michigan to Mobile, Alabama

Kalamazoo, Michigan to Mobile, Alabama
It’s a beautiful weekend, that I suspect will be best enjoyed by seeing the open road. We’ll take about 2 days to travel from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, covering 973 miles. This drive will be done at the speedy pace of 71.4mph, thanks to free way driving almost the entire way down. With this blistering pace, our goal will be to cover 571 miles. Shouldn’t be much traffic, given that it is a Sunday.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
There is a cold front moving through the Ohio Valley today, and it’s a good one. Behind this boundary,, cool, dry air is filtering into the Great Lakes, and by the time we leave tomorrow, it will fill into the Ohio Valley as well. There will be a few thunderstorms cropping up in the Appalachians late in the day, and a few of these cells may build towards central Tennessee, but I’m not too worried. I think we will make it all the way to Lewisburg, Tennessee, before we pull off for the night.

DAY TWO (Monday)
A trough draped across the northern part of Florida looks more ominous, even, than what we were expecting yesterday. By Monday morning, there will be a local circulation centered near Dothan, drawing moisture on shore and producing widespread rain and thunderstorms. Expect nearly stratiform, often torrential rain, sometimes embedded with thunder, throughout our day. We won’t be at the eastern end of this feature, so we will avoid any threat of severe weather, but that doesn’t make the drive any nicer.