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Weather Wayback… what was up in Washington?

When I looked back at an October forecast for Bremerton, opposite Seattle on Puget Sound, I was struck by one thing: The monotony of the temperature forecasts. No forecaster strayed more than a degree for their forecast high from day to day, and the biggest change in the low temperature forecast for any forecaster was 2 degrees. Across the board, including all highs and lows, both for Sunday and Monday, the range in temperatures was a high of 61-64 to a low of 41-45. Wouldn’t you know it, then, that literally every forecast was busted on day one, Sunday the 15th, when the high was 60 and the low 35. Monday cooperated, as well it should have, given the uniformity of the forecasts.  Victoria-Weather had the top forecast for the day.
Actuals: Sunday, October 15th – High 60, Low 35
Monday, October 16th – High 62, Low 41

Grade: C

Bremerton, Washington

Today we visit the shores of the Puget Sound! However, we’ll be looking at a place opposite of Seattle, on the western shores of the sound, Bremerton.

At 838am PDT, the temperature at Bremerton, WA was 37 degrees under fair skies. High pressure is building over the Pacific Northwest, keeping a system moving in over British Columbia off to the north. Weather for Sunday should be fairly pleasant, with some spotty morning fog possible before giving way to partly cloudy skies by afternoon and temperatures in the low to mid 60s. More of the same is expected for Monday, but as the high pressure breaks down late in the day, another system advancing into Western Canada should have enough power to push southward and bring rain to the Western Washington area. Some showers look like they could move in a couple hours before midnight, but the bulk of the precip looks to move in on Tuesday morning.

Sunday: Decreasing clouds during the day. High 62, Low 41.
Monday: Mostly cloudy, isolated late evening shower possible. High 61, Low 43.

TWC: Sunday: Sunny. High 63, Low 44.
Monday: Partly cloudy. High 64, Low 44.

AW: Sunday: Partly sunny. High 64, Low 42.
Monday: Partly sunny. High 64, Low 42.

NWS: Sunday: Patchy fog then mostly sunny. High 62, Low 44.
Monday: Areas of fog then mostly sunny, possible late evening showers. High 63, Low 45.

WB: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 62, Low 44.
Monday: Mostly sunny. High 62, Low 44.

WN: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 62, Low 44.
Monday: Partly cloudy. High 63, Low 45.

FIO: Sunday: Partly cloudy overnight. High 64, Low 40.
Monday: Partly cloudy in the morning, continuing until evening. High 64, Low 42.

On the water vapor imagery from this morning, a system is passing off to the north and then a lull is anticipated before the next system moves in in a couple of days, which is not however the very evident system off the CA coastline.


There aren’t any beaches to speak of in Bremerton. Shoreline, definitely, but probably not anything you would traditionally call a beach. The weather was nice enough that if there were beaches, many Seattle area residents would have been at them on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ahead of a spit of rain coming from the Gulf of Alaska, temperatures were near 70 with mostly sunny skies during the day. Rain inched in just before Wednesday turned to Thursday, which was earlier than expected, throwing off everyone’s forecast. Accuweather was the best around, and earned victory.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 71, Low 41
Wednesday – Rain reported, not measured, High 69, Low 46

Grade C-D

Bremerton, Washington

Our forecast this evening takes us west of Seattle across the Puget Sound to Bremerton.

At 856, PM, PT, Bremerton was reporting a temperature of 56 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The bulk of Western Washington was experiencing a little bit of cloudiness simply because it say in a valley, and wind was flowing off the Sound. Aloft, high pressure was parked over the region.
There is an area of low pressure churning in the Gulf of Alaska west of Vancouver Island. The upper level support for the feature will be slow to pivot to the southeast, and as a result, the surface system will be left mostly stationary until late Wednesday. The threat for rain will increase on the Olympic Peninsula, but the high terrain of the Peninsula will slow rain until early Thursday morning.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy early and late, with some sun through the middle of the day. High 68 Low 40
Wednesday – Increasing clouds late, High 70, Low 42

TWC: Tomorrow – Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds High 68, Low 44
Wednesday – Mostly sunny skies High 72, Low 47

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 69, Low 42
Wednesday – Periods of clouds and sun High 72, Low 46

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 66, Low 47
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 70, Low 49

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 67, Low 45
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 70, Low 47

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 66, Low 46
Wednesday – Partly cloudy, High 70, Low 48

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting in the morning. High 71, Low 45
Wednesday -Partly cloudy until night. High 76, Low 51

That isn’t what you think of when you think of Washington. Here is a look at the satellite, which doesn’t have much going on, until you get off shore.

Wet weekend

Thanks to El Nino, the west coast has had a very soggy start to the year. That soggy start continued through the weekend in Bremerton, I’m sorry to say for local residents. Over an inch of rain fell on Sunday, with another quarter inch continuing through Monday. This system continued up into the mountains where it brought some disruptive snow to the Cascades. The elevation in western Washington leave it possible that there will be an increasing threat for mudslides throughout the Puget Sound region thanks to all the precipitation the region has received. It’s excessive, even for them. If there is any silver lining, It’s that this persistent pattern has been easy to forecast for. Three outlets, Victoria-Weather, Weatherbug and Forecast.io all tied atop the leaderboard with very sound forecasts.
Actuals: Sunday 1.26 inches of rain, High 48, Low 41
Monday .25 inches of rain, High 48, Low 41

Grade A-B

Bremerton, Washington

Yesterday, forecast for Florida. Today, forecasting for the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Can’t get much more variance in your forecast folks. Only here at Victoria-Weather!

At 1235am PST, the temperature at Bremerton, WA was 43 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. A rather intense low pressure system is found off the British Colombia coastline, extending a powerful front pretty close to the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. While the low will slow down and retrograde up towards southeastern Alaska, the front will barrel its way onshore, bringing plentiful rains to the region throughout the day. Conditions should improve by the evening hours, though some lingering showers will remain in the area. After things clear out a bit overnight, Monday morning should be relatively pleasant for the drive into work. However, another frontal system is hot on its heels, and looks to bring another bout of rain to the region for the late evening. More of the same is to be expected throughout the week, as a pair of systems look to hit as the days continue.

Sunday: Rain throughout much of the day, trails off in evening. High 48, Low 43.
Monday: Rain returns in evening hours. High 47, Low 40.

TWC: Sunday: Rain. High 48, Low 44.
Monday: PM showers. High 49, Low 42.

AW: Sunday: Cloudy with rain tapering off. High 50, Low 44.
Monday: A shower in the morning. High 50, Low 42.

NWS: Sunday: Rain then showers likely. High 47, Low 44.
Monday: Rain ends in early morning, returns in late afternoon. High 46, Low 43.

WB: Sunday: Rain in the morning, then showers likely in the afternoon. High 49, Low 44.
Monday: Partly sunny, rain in evening. High 48, Low 41.

WN: Sunday: Mostly cloudy with light rain. High 48, Low 45.
Monday: Mostly cloudy with light rain. High 50, Low 41.

FIO: Sunday: Rain until evening, starting again overnight. High 50, Low 43.
Monday: Light rain starting in the evening. High 48, Low 41.

Here we see the leading edge of showers start to move over the Olympic Peninsula. These will become more widespread throughout the day Sunday.


The Land That Stats Forgot

We’re back from our holiday hiatus! We went back to revisit Bremerton, which looked like it was going to be in for a soggy weekend. Apparently, technology hadn’t quite reached the area, and there weren’t any reported highs/lows for the area for that weekend, or for the entire MONTH until after the forecast period had ended. womp wooomp. I’m sure it was a wet weekend, but just HOW wet? The world may never know…

Saturday/Sunday: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bremerton, Washington to Lynchburg, Virginia

As luck would have it, this is going to be our last post until the Sunday after Christmas. Why is that? Why, it’s because I myself am going on an extended vacation and celebrating the holidays with my family. Anthony will be taking the same time off as well, so the site will be taking a sabbatical. We’ll miss giving your the latest weather forecasts and updates, but we certainly wish you a happy holiday. Now, let’s finish this weekk off with a bang, shall we?

Our trip will cover 5 days and 2827 miles. Broken down ,that means a pace of 69mph, and a daily goal of 552 miles a day. This is the last road trip of the year, and we are definitely going to make it count.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
The Pacific Northwest is getting hammered lately. Round after round of heavy rain and mountain snow are battering the region, and we will be at the tale of the latest round as we get underway. The heaviest rain and snow is coming overnight tonight, but that could still affect our day tomorrow. Driving through Snoqualmie Pass will be slow if the Pass needs to be cleared. Rain and snow will still be falling during the drive as well, and the slightest glaze could really ice up the roads at certain elevations. Traffic in Olympia and Tacoma before that will be slow as well, thanks to the rain. The eastern slope of the Cascades and much of eastern Washington will be dry, tough as the cold front refocuses from Idaho into northern California. We will encounter the wet weather again, which will be more consisternyl snow, from Coeur d’Alene east into hte Montana Rockies. We will start to see some clearing around Missoula, and stop shortly thereafter in Bearmouth.

DAY TWO (Monday)
Weird fact The length of I-90 across Montana is 551.6 miles, which also equals our daily goal. Of course, we will be turning off onto I-94, but who’s counting? The nice thing about the system we will be dealing with is that it won’t be making much of an eastward push on Monday. As we drive through the mountains until we reach flatter ground east of Bozeman, expect pretty consistent snow, with some rain mixing in in flatter ground. It will continue to be a rain snow mix through about Forsythe, east of Billings, but after that, we should be outpacing the wet weather. We will call it a day in Wibaux, Montana, which is a few miles from the North Dakota line.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
The system that was so dangerous in the PAcific Northwest will be catching up to us again in the Upper Midwest. The bulk of it’s associated precipitation will be in South Dakota, but anything we see will be snow. Fortunately, it won’t be terribly windy, which is the real problem with storms this time of year in the Northern Plains. There will be threat for light snow throughout North Dakota, as well as in northwestern Minnesota. We will cross most Minnesota by the end of the day on Tuesday, stopping in Monticello, northwest of Minneapolis.

DAY FOUR (Wednesday)
We will be mixed up with some wet weather for most of the day again on Wednesday. Through the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin, expect some sloppy wet snow. The good news is, it won’t be falling heavily, and those two states are pretty good at keeping their roads clear. The threat for precipitation will continue through Madison, but should start to clear up around Janesville. The dry slow will be working into Chicago as we do. We will be exiting the dry slot in northwestern Indiana, encountering a slow moving cold front. Fronts never move quickly ahead of dry slots. The good news is, from Merrilville to Brookston, our destination for the night, precpitation should be falling as light rain.

DAY FIVE (Thursday)
The rain will continue overnight, but a wave developing in the Gulf will slide up through the Carolinas and draw our cold front a little more quickly to the southeast. Like, really quickly. Like, we won’t encounter precipitation on Thursday again until we reach West Virginia, and even then, it will primarily be in the form of some valley fog and very light showers. Lynchburg is just on the lee of the Appalachians, and it will be among the first paces in Virginia to dry out. Good news for us, as it will indeed be dry when we arrive in Lynchburg.

Bremerton, Washington

Today we’re off to the Olympic Peninsula, and checking in on Bremerton. It’s usually wet in the Pacific Northwest, will it be the same for this weekend? Off we go to find out!

At 855pm PST, the temperature at Bremerton, WA was …well… we don’t know what it is. Apparently the sensor is out. That’s a bummer. The morning hours will bring a brief reprieve to the region after getting inundated by a storm earlier this week, but sadly, it’ll be shortlived. A storm system is taking aim on Vancouver Island and in the process, with dump another bucket of rain on the Pacific Northwest. More of the same looks to be in store for Sunday, but the worst of it looks to trend south over Oregon as a secondary low develops in this system and becomes the focus of heavy rains down there. But still, probably a soggy, dreary day on Sunday. Not a fun weekend for the region.

Saturday: Increasing showers throughout the day. High 46, Low 37.
Sunday: Morning showers, trailing off a bit by afternoon. High 45, Low 36.

TWC: Saturday: Rain. High 44, Low 38.
Sunday: PM Showers. High 46, Low 40.

AW: Saturday: Rain from late morning on. High 47, Low 35.
Sunday: Cloudy with a touch of rain. High 47, Low 41.

NWS: Saturday: Rain. High 48, Low 41.
Sunday: Showers likely. High 48, Low 44.

WB: Saturday: Rain. High 45, Low 38.
Sunday: More rain. High 46, Low 40.

WN: Saturday: Mostly cloudy with light rain likely. High 48, Low 41.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with light showers. High 48, Low 45.

FIO: Saturday: Rain throughout the day. High 48, Low 38.
Sunday: Few early morning showers, then mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 49, Low 36.

It’s relatively quiet around Bremerton at the moment, but rain will once again fill in over western Washington for the weekend, making an already soggy week even worse.


Not the island getaway one would hope for

Western Washington was battered by a north Pacific system yesterday, and 2 inches of rain fell with 34mph gusts reported in Bremerton. This was all quite beautifully anticipated. I mean, it was anticipated that there would be a system that would bring some pretty nasty stuff to Bremerton, but as of Thursday, everyone thought this system would show up on Friday instead of Thursday. Oops. Still, we all forecast rain, and the temperatures were better than they have been recently.The Weather Channel and Victoria-Weather nabbed the top spots.
Actuals: Friday, .07 inches of rain, High 57, Low 46
Saturday, 2.06, High 57, Low 48

Grade: C