Lewiston, Maine to Salisbury, Maryland

This is going to be a 1 day trip that will touch 8 states! Sure, it will be a long 1 day, but that is still pretty incredible, considering we will be covering just 570 miles. Driving through the urban landscape of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, we’ll also only be slugging along at a 57mph pace. Plenty of time to take in all the sites.

Lewiston, Maine

Low pressure is looming as we approach mid-December. Winter has been slow in coming to the country, but a taste of it is going to be wrapping around on the northwestern side of this system. That does not include any part of our route through the East Coast’s largest cities. There appears to be a closure on the GW Bridge which might affect our route, but for the weather, this would just mean the southerly wind would be on our left rather than a headwind. Heck it might be warm enough in Salisbury to take a quick trip to the beach after we arrive, but before thar rain eventually gets there.

Salisbury, Maryland

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