New Haven, Connecticut to Baltimore, Maryland

It takes merely one day to travel from New Haven, to Baltimore. In fact, it’s only 5 hours between the cities by car (even faster by train!) and covers 5 states. That’s a state an hour! At most times, it is a 5 hour and 7 minute drive (though significantly longer in the morning ore early evening) at a pace of only 52 miles an hour. That is CRAZY slow. This is the first time I can remember passing through Delaware on a trip, so I will blame the First State. We have 267 miles to cover, so let’s start coverin’

New haven, Connecticut

It’s the same story everywhere, man. Hot, hot, hot. Make sure that AC is working, especially in the midst of cutting across the Bronx on I-95 early in the day. Being at a standstill just makes things seem so much worse. The best chance for rain tomorrow is before we wake in the New York City area, but I suspect the green showing on the models will manifest as some ground fog thanks to high dew points in the area. The sun will get brighter and angrier as we slide through New Jersey and Delaware, before we begin our final steamy approach to Baltimore.

Baltimore, Maryland

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