Burlington, Vermont to Cleveland, Tennessee

This is sort of an Appalachian Trail route, but it will take only two days to cover the ground, rather than the months it takes to hike. Thanks, interstate highways! The two towns are 1060 miles apart, and our modern travel trappings will allow for a pace of 64.4mph, and no deer ticks.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)

Burlington, Vermont

All of the wet weather in the country is just skirting the East Coast. Sure, there are a few drips and drabs in other places, but there is a bona fide low moving up the Eastern Seaboard with rain and everything. To give an idea with how little of the country this rain is coming to, I will tell you that even on our route, we will see none of it. It will be nice and cool, though, for August. As the low slides into northern New England, we will be in upstate New York, and it may be a bit cloudy through Kingston, but then, south past the New York metro, into New Jersey and through Pennsylvania, we will be in great shape. The route takes through but a sliver of Maryland, but that’s the sliver we will stop in. Williamsport, right on the West Virginia border.

DAY TWO (Friday)
A trough moving in through the center of the country threatens to upset the balance of things (wherein the balance was no rain everywhere). Enough moisture will be drawn north out of the Gulf that showers and thunderstorms will dot the skies in Alabama and Georgia by the end of the day on Friday, and there may still be a rogue storm even in eastern Tennessee. It’s not extremely likely, and the threat would be confined to points south of Knoxville. It’s nicer than normal in the south. Enjoy it!

Cleveland, Tennessee

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