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Burlington, North Carolina to Beaumont, Texas

As you may have noted yesterday, Anthony posted a forecast for a road trip from Dover to Beaumont. That was supposed to happen! He is a little bit ahead of me. By like a week. This is a trek from North Carolina to Beaumont, a trip that will last two days and cover 1062 miles. The first day will be a hair longer, covering 550.5 miles at our pace of 68.8mph. That’s pretty quick! The south likes to drive fast.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
The wonderful thing about the south in the summer is that, when there is the slightest of features, it draws all the available energy from around it and all the thunderstorm activity that would otherwise be scattered across the region, to one local area. This time, it’s a weak cold front running from the Delmarva through Kentucky. The Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama look to be in great shape on Tuesday. Hot as the dickens, but in great shape. We’ll end up in Greenville, Alabama, which is about a half hour southwest of Montgomery.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
Another wave moving into the Plains will induce an onshore flow off the Gulf, but the uniform southerly flow will ensure that there are no triggers to induce thunderstorms across the Lower Mississippi Valley. All told, there will be some clouds, and there might still be an isolated shower or storm, but it won’t be the type of activity that will really delay our trip. Southern Louisiana is usually good for at least one rumble of thunder in a summer afternoon, so don’t be surprised if that happens, but for the most part, we will be much drier than is typical on a drive along the Gulf Coast. You know, aside from the sweat

Burlington, Vermont to Terre Haute, Indiana

We have back to back road trips for you! Today, we embark from New England to the Hoosier State. This can be a rather precarious route to take during the winter, with lake effect streams possibly hampering the commute. Will it this week? Let’s take a gander!


High pressure is found over New England and the Northeast as we head out in the morning. While we can see some clouds filter in throughout the day, dry weather will greet us all the way through NY and PA as we finish our day in Erie, PA.


Overnight, a system is shifting into the Mid-MS River Valley, and pushing up a lot of moisture ahead of it. It’ll be dry as we head out of Erie towards Cleveland, but as we push towards Columbus, we can expect rain showers to spread over the area. It’ll be on the chilly side of things too, but not cold enough to swap it over to snow, that should stay to the north and west of our route. Once we get towards the OH/IN border, we should only be seeing some light rain showers and low clouds. Kind of a murky end to the trip, but at least we should avoid the snow!


Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Burlington, North Carolina

Today we embark on a trip in the Southeastern US, from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Burlington, NC. An 846-mile trip that will cover 2 days, but only 3 states. That’s what happens when you travel through wide states! Let’s see if sunny skies will greet us on the roadways



High pressure is firmly entrenched over the Eastern US, keeping the region dry and quiet. Outside of perhaps some spotty morning fog that should burn off shortly after sunrise, clear skies are expected on our departure from Pine Bluff towards Memphis. As we cruise towards Nashville, some spotty afternoon clouds will pop up, but should be nothing more than fair weather cumulus. As we make our way into Knoxville for the evening, there might be a couple of thunderstorms rumbling off in the distance, as a few are expected to pop off in the afternoon over the mountains, but they should stay out of the area.


High pressure persists throughout the region for another day, greeting us with pleasant skies as we head for the Smoky Mountains. A few clouds will pop up in the early afternoon as we cruise on into the Plateau region of NC, and eventually into Burlington.


Modified temperatures for Burlington

There was a suspicion of thunderstorm activity in Burlington on Friday on the back side of a developing trough off the Carolina Coast. The low was more significant synoptically than we expected, as it brought about overcast skies and much cooler than expected temperatures in the afternoon. As it shifted away from the coast, temperatures rebounded quite well, which made the forecast look much better as well. The damage was done to our reputations, as we all took the hit. The Weather Channel and Accuweather tied atop the leaderboard, narrowly topping all us incorrect losers.
Actuals: Friday – .03 inches of rain, High 73, Low 68
Saturday – High 86, Low 69

Grade: C

Burlington, North Carolina to Lima, Ohio

It’s not like we aren’t in a well populated part of the country, but our route is interesting in how few large cities it touches in its 529 mile journey. Expect it to last just under 9 hours at a pace of about 60.5mph. So let’s knock this day of driving out and see what weather is in the forecast.

There will be a little bit of lingering moisture up in the high terrain of western North Carolina as we awake on Saturday. A trough developing off shore will increasingly steal moisture from the Carolinas, though, and we will get underway with partly cloudy skies, some spotty ground fog, but really no other sizeable concerns. Well, not with this system. A wave moving out of the Upper Midwest will extennd a warm front through the Great Lakes. While it is doing that, it may draw some of that moisture across the Appalachians. Don’t be surprised if there is a dose of light rain around Charleston, and as far to the northwest as Chillicothe. The great news, though, is that we will be in the clear through the remainder of Ohio. Expect a bit of a heat wave, Ohio! Lima will feel like the one in Peru upon our arrival.

Good days for the lake

Burlington is on Lake Champlain, straddling the New York and Vermont border. That being said, it’s not often that you get perfect days to spend time on those lakes, but with highs around 80 and the sun shining, it’s hard to argue with these days. And they even began the weekend! Perfect all around. The Weather Channel snapped out of their month long funk and secured the top forecast.
Actuals: Friday – High 79, Low 83
Saturday – High 83, Low 61

Grade: A

Burlington, Vermont

Apologies for the late evening post, but I was sucked up by the Syfy movie “Sharknado”. It’s exactly as it sounds. Anyways, let’s move on… to the Northeast!

At 754pm EDT, the temperature at Burlington, VT was 74 degrees under a few high clouds. An area of high pressure is pushing over portions of the Northeast and New England, pushing a cold front out over the Western Atlantic. This high pressure will take firm hold over New England for the day tomorrow, keeping temperatures rather pleasant and skies mostly sunny. More of the same looks to be in store for Saturday. there could be a few more clouds moving over the area, as low pressure developing over the Mid-Atlantic will keep the weather active in that part of the country, with a couple of pieces of energy possibly being ejected up along the shoreline towards Long Island. In any event, this should stay far enough south from Burlington that there shouldn’t be any discernible impact. Enjoy the start to the weekend!

Friday: A few clouds. High 80, Low 57.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 85, Low 55.

TWC: Friday: Partly cloudy. High 79, Low 58.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 84, Low 59.

AW: Friday: Times of clouds and sun. High 78, Low 59.
Saturday: Partly cloudy, a but warmer. High 83, Low 64.

NWS: Friday: Sunny. High 81, Low 60.
Saturday: Sunny. High 85, Low 61.

WB: Friday: Sunny. high 78, Low 59.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 82, Low 62.

Here we see the front pushing off the East coast. While some clouds and a few showers will linger along the coast, Burlington should see some very nice weather over the next couple days.



The weather in Burlington went down hill quickly this weekend. After a fairly nice day on Saturday, rain moved in. Two days ago, the models didn’t really quite have a handle on the deluge presently being from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Carolinas. Like I said, we were anticipating a short wave yesterday, but it turned into a soul sapping rain out. Temperatures didn’t reach 70 thanks to the clouds and about 3/4 of an inch of rain. The top forecast went to The Weather Channel, though they were off on yesterday’s high by 11 degrees.
Actuals: Saturday – High 80, Low 57
Sunday – .75 inches of rain, High 66, Low 59

Grade: C

Burlington, North Carolina to Gainesville, Florida

Say, what’s this? Only a 1 day trip? We can manage this, no problem! The busiest city we will pass through is Jacksonville, Florida, as we will bypass most of the major metropolitan areas of the Carolinas (we will start near Greensboro and pass through the west side of Savannah, but that isn’t much either.) It’s 536.9 miles between the two cities, and our 9ish hour drive will mean a pace of 59.9mph. Not very fast, but it’s not a very long trip, either.

A weak surface wave moving out of Georgia will be bringing showers and storms to the Burlington area as we depart. We will get into some clearer air not far south of Greensboro, but there will still be a few scattered showers throughout the remainder of North Carolina, and even through most of South Carolina. South of Charleston and through Georgia we will find some dry skies and some good driving. Some robust sea breeze storms will be possible between Jacksonville and Gainesville, however, so make sure to be on the look out for some rapidly changing weather conditions. Still, it’s warm, so no complaints. It will be winter soon.

Burlington, North Carolina

Things have looked pretty good out east over the past week or so. Will our good fortune continue with this forecast?

At 454PM, ET, Burlington was reporting clear skies with a temperature of 80 degrees. Some showers and storms associated with disturbed flow caused by the Gulf Stream are cropping up over the Outer Banks, but inland, no significant weather is expected. Dew points in the 60s suggest a chance for some haze this evening into tomorrow morning, however.
An area of high pressure is building south from the Great Lakes, and will squeeze the ambient moisture to induce some ridge riding showers and storms at the southern base of the system. The showers and storms will be mostly to the south of Burlington, however, a shortwave developing at the surface will move through north Georgia and eventually into North Carolina late on Sunday.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 83, Low 59
Sunday – Showers and thunderstorms late, otherwise mostly sunny, High 81, Low 60

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 80, Low 60
Sunday – Isolated T-Storms High 77, Low 58

AW: Tomorrow – Patchy fog in the morning; otherwise, partly sunny High 82, Low 58
Sunday – Variable cloudiness with a shower or thunderstorm around, mainly later High 78, Low 60

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 79, Low 60
Sunday – A slight chance of showers after 2pm. Mostly cloudy, High 77, Low 60

WB: Tomorrow – rtly sunny. High 81, Low 59
Sunday – Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers in the afternoon High 78, Low 61

Seems sort of nice in the southeast, if you were to believe the last verification and this forecast, September in the south seems awfully nice. A little cloudy east of Burlington with some on shore flow.