Greenville, South Carolina to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We are approaching Christmas, and to celebrate, we have a one day road trip. There is some weather looming for the route in question, but for now, the pace for the 542 mile trek is going to be about 66mph. We’re spending the most time in West Virginia on this trip, so you know there are going to be hills.

Greenville, South Carolina

Low pressure will be moving from the Gulf of Mexico to the Bight of Georgia overnigh.t. Heaviest precipitation will be downstate, but there will be significant rain coming from the region. There might be a bit of clearing shortly after we leave Greenville, but it will catch up, as this feature is really moving. The thereat for rain will undulate through the day, but will become steady, albeit lighter as we cross from West Virginia to Pennsylvania. There is an inverted trough that isn’t bringing the robust moisture that we will follow north to Pittsburgh, but it does offer some measure of reliability. Fortunately, it will still be too warm for snow, so expect some more light rain as we proceed into Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Whoops! This was supposed to be posted on Monday evening. However, something from Real Life Inc. interfered and even though the data had already been gathered, I forgot to disperse it to our faithful readers! Apologies! I’ll understand if I get one fewer present under the tree.

At 951pm EST, the temperature at Pittsburgh, PA (KPIT) was 56 degrees with light rain falling. As a cold front is pushing through the region, a few straggling showers are expected over the area early Tuesday morning, but then conditions clear out by midday as high pressure works in behind the system. Wednesday should be dry, but much colder as high pressure shifts overhead.

Tuesday: A few morning showers. High 53, Low 27.
Wednesday: Clearing and colder. High 34, Low 21.

TWC: Tuesday: Cloudy, chance of morning showers. High 57, Low 31.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 34, Low 20.

AW: Tuesday: Cooler, a shower in the morning. High 54, Low 30.
Wednesday: Partly sunny and colder. High 35, Low 22.

NWS: Tuesday: Chance of morning rain showers. High 55, Low 30.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 32, Low 20.

WB: Tuesday: Chance of morning rain showers. High 55, Low 30.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 32, Low 24.

WN: Tuesday: A few morning showers. High 54, Low 29.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 33, Low 21.

FIO: Tuesday: Light rain in the morning. High 58, Low 30.
Wednesday: Clear throughout the day. High 33, Low 24.