Harrisonburg, Virginia to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It’s time to take the first road trip in Victoria-Weather’s post Twitter era. Naturally, we should try to get to the center of the professional meteorology universe in Oklahoma City. We’ll take two days to cut through this tract of the country, which will cover 1212 miles. There is some mountaineering involved on this trip, but we’ll still manage a 68.3mph pace, which isn’t bad! We’re going to call it a night after 546 miles on day one, leaving a bit more work for day 2.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)

Harrisonburg, Virginia

High pressure has finally arrived to New England to help dry the area out a little bit. On the southern flank of this ridge, however, showers and storms were still active. That seems to be the trend for the day tomorrow as well. The threat for showers and maybe even an isolated embedded thunderstorm will be best in the morning, and in the terrain along the Virginia-Tennessee border. Things should stabilize later in the day, and we’ll make our way to the west side of Nashville to conclude out day.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
A weak area of low pressure will be moving through the Upper Midwest towards the Great Lakes Wednesday into Thursday, and will drag a sweeping cold front into the Tennessee Valley. There may be a lingering shower as we leave Nashville, but after that, we will be able to reap the pleasures that summer has to offer us. Driving through Arkansas is a much more scenic trip than you might expect, so appreciate that, and keep the AC on for our arrival in OKC.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Prize

Many of the nation’s top weather institutions are in Norman, outside of the city of Oklahoma City. The Storm Prediction Center, National Severe Storms Laboratory and the University of Oklahoma, one of the best schools for meteorology in the world all call Norman home. Most meteorologists I know have, at some point, passed through the area. This is a forecast that strikes to the heart of meteorology, and an extra pat on the back for the winners for the day, Weatherbug (not headquartered in Oklahoma City, by the way). The verification was quite remarkable, in it’s own way. The Saturday high was lower than all forecasts, while the low was at the top end of forecasts. On Sunday, the reverse was true, with a warmer high than anyone called for, and a colder low. Still and all, a decent enough forecast, and we have not embarrassed ourselves on these hallowed grounds.
Actuals: Saturday – High 56, Low 48
Sunday – High 75, Low 43

Grade: B-C

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The first forecast for December is on its way, and we’re going to one of the weather capitals of the country.

At 1053AM, CT, Oklahoma City was reporting a temperature of 67 degrees. There was a splotch of clouds over the Oklahoma City airport, but the rest of the region was seeing clear skies. Lingering moisture associated with the return flow at the back end of previous ridge led to morning haze and fog across the Gulf Coast, but generally laminar flow over the country is aiding in the development of weak low pressure in Texas. It is propelling clouds and moisture north into Oklahoma.
As the strong seasonal jet, presently along the Canadian border begins to trough in the Canadian Prairies, a deep area of low pressure will emerge in the northern High Plains and the extra agitation will potentially trigger some light rain later in the day on Saturday. As the feature shifts to the east into the Great Lakes, the clouds will clear in order to lead to a warmer afternoon, but the beginning of next week will be on the colder side.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a little bit of drizzle, High 62, Low 45
Sunday – Warmer and clearer late, brisk in the evening. High 71, Low 44

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 59, Low 46
Sunday – Sunny. Becoming windy late. High 73, Low 46

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy and cooler High 61, Low 46
Sunday – Breezy in the morning; otherwise, mostly sunny and milder High 73, Low 46

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 59, Low 49
Sunday – Sunny, High 73, Low 47

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, cooler, High 58, Low 48
Sunday – Mostly sunny, High 72, Low 47

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 59, Low 49
Sunday – Mostly sunny, High 72, Low 47

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 62, Low 46
Sunday – Clear throughout the day. High 72, Low 45

The temperature forecast was all over the map, model wise, but forecast outlets really converged. Here is a look at this afternoon’s satellite imagery, showing clouds on the way.