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Nashville, Tennessee to Charleston, West Virginia

Today we travel between state capitals that are almost exactly the same distance from Frankfort, KY (another state captial) as one another. That’s right, Nashville and Charleston are both pretty much right at ~180 miles away as the crow flies from the capital of Kentucky. Fun fact right? Today’s one-day trip won’t go through Frankfort, but will spend plenty of time in the Bluegrass State.

It’s a fairly dry but chilly start to the day as we head northwards out of Nashville on I-65 towards Bowling Green. There might be a few spotty rain showers as we hit Elizabethtown and head eastwards on I-64, but shouldn’t be anything to be really worried about hazard-wise. As we cruise past Lexington around noon, showers should be mostly dried up and the rest of the day will be cloudy but dry as we head into Charleston.

Valdosta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee

Georgia is a big state, and we are expected to run the length of it. Tennessee is a lengthy state as well, but we will cover it the short way, and all told, our drive will be about 7 hours, covering 477 miles, most of it coming in Georgia. We will be on I-75 until we hit Chattanooga, and I-24 the rest of the way, and that works itself out to an average speed of 69mph, which is pretty nice.


Tonight will be a very rainy night in Valdosta. The tail of a cold front lies in the Carolinas, but a weak surface perturbation will move through northern Florida overnight and really ramp things up over south Georgia. The nice thing about this feature, however, is that it will also pull more quickly off shore, and pull any lingering moisture out of Georgia. By the time we head out tomorrow morning from Valdosta, the rain will already be on the eastern horizon. One of the challenges we may yet encounter will be some gusty conditions as the cold air arrives in eastern Tennessee. The wind may pick up between Atlanta and Chattanooga, but will taper off through the last couple of hours in the Volunteer State. There is a weak little band of light snow that should pass to the north of Nashville, but that’s not a guarantee. If nothing else, this should tell you that it will be a bit on the chilly side when we arrive in Nashville. (I should note that I am concluding this post just as the award for best Country Album of the year was announced at the Grammies. Weird.)

Nashville, Tennessee to Hartford, Connecticut

Like I said with the forecast, this is coming at the perfect time. The trip from Nashville to Hartford takes 2 easy days, and covers 1008 miles. The pace of the trip will be 65.1mph, which is fairly swift for a trip through the eastern Seaboard. Day two will be shorter than the first by about 40 miles, as day 1 will be through after we reach 520 hours of driving. Snow has recently fallen, but I suspect we will be snow free for this weekend trip!

DAY ONE (Friday)
Here’s something nice: There is going to be absolutely nothing to slow us down on Friday. Well, unless roads aren’t completely cleared from the snow we encounter in Virginia, but I have to believe that won’t be a problem, right? Instead, admire the snow capped Smokey Mountains and Shenandoah Valley (which will just be damp) as we head north to to Weyers Cove, Virginia, which is between Staunton and Harrisonburg. The real city driving will come Saturday.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
Friday will give us quite a bit of insight into Saturday. More sun, but probably more snow along the roadside as we reach the far northern part of Virginia. The entire swath from Winchester to New City was socked pretty good (though the stretch from Harrisburg to Allentown fared pretty well) by the system, and it will likely be fairly snow covered at any gas stations we refuel at. Expect clouds to increase over the narrow stretch of New York we pass through, but Connecticut largely avoided the system today, and looks good for the weekend as well. If you stay in Hartford long enough, you might actually see some warming temperatures!

Dothan, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee

On this college football Saturday, we’re forecasting for a drive through the heart of SEC country. Of course, the drive will be done on Sunday, so no game action will be missed. The two cities are 6 hours and 385 miles apart. That means we can expect a pace of about 62.5mph. Let’s take care of this little adventure, shall we?


We couldn’t have picked a better day for driving. A cold front moved through yesterday, and a clean, crisp, northwesterly flow followed suit. Sunny skies, light winds and a refreshing atmosphere will embody all of Alabama, as well as Tennessee. A great day for the open road.


Feature Forecast: Dan Thomas, WSMV Meteorologist, Nashville, Tennessee

Today we’re happy to have Mr. Dan Thomas on the site! Dan is a meteorologist for WSMV in Nashville, TN and is a graduate of Penn State University. After being interested in weather ever since a young age, he has been living out his dream being on TV bringing weather information to the masses, especially when he worked in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. To find out more about Dan Thomas, check here for more information, he’s been quite the active one in front of the camera!

With the weekend approaching, here’s what Mr. Thomas has for the lovely Nashville area through the next couple of days:

SATURDAY: A mix of clouds & sunshine, with a 20% chance for a stray afternoon shower or t-storm. Wind, north 5-15 mph. High, 90.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear & warm. Low, 69.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, hot, and slightly less humid. Wind, variable 5-10 mph. High, 93.

Outside of a few clouds and hot temperatures, seems like a pretty favorable forecast for residents to go out and enjoy their weekend!

Greenville, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee

Today we get a nice long trip across I-40 from the Coastal Plains from NC to one of the hotbeds of country music, Nashville. I’ve actually taken this trip before, and midway we get to enjoy the picturesque Smoky Mountains. But will Mother Nature cooperate and give us some sunny skies to enjoy the scenery? Let’s see what this day-long 621 mile haul brings us!

We head out early today given the length of this trip, making sure to get out of the city before all of the college students from ECU can continue their weekend fun. An area of low pressure has been camping off the Outer Banks for the last few days, keeping scattered shower and thunderstorm activity over the region. This low pressure, however, is starting to drift towards the northeast as a cold front makes its way through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, drawing the low pressure towards it. We expect a few scattered showers over Eastern North Carolina when we get going, however, with the cold front pushing through the Appalachians at this point, shower and thunderstorm activity is expected to quickly blossom during the late morning hours. By the time we roll past Raleigh towards Greensboro, the Rain-X we applied could be coming in pretty handy as some strong thunderstorms could kick up over the Coastal Plateau. By early afternoon, we should be heading towards Ashville, with much of the thunderstorm activity behind us heading towards the coast. With the front shifting through, skies should be clearing out, leaving us with fairly nice weather as we mosey on through the Appalachians into TN. There might be a couple lingering showers over the southeastern portion of TN during the late-afternoon/early-evening, but for the most part should be clear sailing as we speed on down I-40 towards Nashville. Country music awaits!