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Saturday SoCal Soaker

The forecasts were pretty similar across the board for Los Angeles, however, this was due to a well-forecasted passage of a cold front that brought over a third of an inch of rain to the area. No doubt the rain led every single newscast Saturday. After living there for 5 years, I can vouch that that statement is NOT an overexaggeration. TWC eeked out a 1 point victory over Victoria Weather and the NWS.

Saturday: 0.38″ of rain. High 67, Low 55.
Sunday: High 70, Low 51.
Forecast Grade: B

Los Angeles, California

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you all are enjoying your sugar-laden holiday! Today’s forecast will feature my old high school stomping grounds in SoCal. This should be an easy forecast, because it never rains there right? RIGHT?! Oh it does? Son of a…

At 647pm PDT, the temperature at Los Angeles is 66 degrees under overcast skies. It’s dry for now, but a strong cold front is making it’s way through the Golden State, and is expected to bring a swath of rain into the LA Basin during the overnight hours. Eventually it’ll tail off into lighter, scattered showers by late morning and then taper off completely by early afternoon as the front moves through. Things could get a little gusty during the morning as the front moves through as well, with it becoming more steady during the afternoon hours. Winds won’t finally die down until late Saturday night into Sunday morning. High pressure shifts into the region for Sunday, clearing things out and calming the winds significantly. Hope Angelinos remember to bring an umbrella for when they’re done partying tonight!

Saturday: Rain through the morning, tapering off early afternoon. High 69, Low 58.
Sunday: Clearing and less windy. High 71, Low 54.

TWC: Saturday: Morning showers. High 65, Low 58.
Sunday: sunny. High 71, Low 53.

AW: Saturday: Rain in morning, tapering to a few midday showers. High 68, Low 60.
Sunday: Partly sunny. High 70, Low 55.

NWS: Saturday: Rain showers until 11a, then becoming partly sunny. High 66, Low 59.
Sunday: Sunny. High 72, Low 53.

WB: Saturday: Rain trails off in morning. High 65, Low 60.
Sunday: Sunny. High 70, Low 55.

WN: Saturday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. high 66, Low 59.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 72, Low 54.

Here we see the plume of rain making its way through central CA, eventually dousing the LA Basin overnight.

Los Angeles, California to Beaumont, Texas

Back on the road. It’s a three day trip from the nation’s second largest city to one of Texas’ 100 largest towns. The two cities are 1631 miles apart and connected by seemingly endless stretches of interstate. This will serve our purposes just fine, as our rate will be 66.4mph, and we will cover 531 miles a day. That’s really quite excellent. Will the weather be as cooperative?

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
Los Angeles
High pressure is building through the southwestern United States. It’s going to be hot and dry as we head through a part of the country that sees that kind of thing almost all the time. We will hit Phoenix and Tucson through the day, on top of starting the drive in Los Angeles. We will be just fine spending the night in the wilderness of Pima County, Arizona, southeast of Tucson.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
We will continue to skirt the Mexican border as we head east. There won’t be any particular concerns as we head through New Mexico, but we could see a few clouds east of El Paso. It’s even drier in this part of Texas than it is in the rest of the state, so dust is a bigger concern than pretty much anything. It will be hot and dry again when we pack it in for the night in Fort Stockton in west Texas.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
A potential tropical system in the Bay of Campeche will work to keep moisture away from the Texas coast. If it can’t even permeate the Texas coast, just imagine how dry the interior of the state will be. And so it goes. No significant weather, just warm, increasingly humid conditions as we barrel along the interstate thrrough San Antonio and Houston. It will be warm, sunny and almost unbearably humid when we get to Beaumont, especially after the arid conditions seen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It DOES rain in southern California

There was a significant change in the weather pattern over Los Angeles over the past two days as a deep upper level trough moved into the region, and pulled in some cool temperatures. Temperatures dropped 10-15 degrees, an brought about a city-wide panic by producing .04″ of rain. The Weather Channel broke out of their slump with the top forecast in town.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 75, Low 59
Wednesday – .04 inches of rain, High 64, Low 55

Grade: A

Los Angeles, California

Today we’re off to my old high school stomping grounds, Los Angeles!! After all the less than stellar weather we’ve had around these parts the last few days, it will be nice to get to some nice sunny weather on the warm beaches of SoCal. It never rains there right? RIGHT?!?!

At 6:53pm PDT, the temperature at Los Angeles, CA was 72 degrees under fair skies. A ridge of high pressure is being pushed out of the Southwest as a large trough is pushing through the Pacific Northwest. Throughout Tuesday night and during the day Wednesday, it will continue to dig south, extending its reach down into Southern California by Wednesday evening. An area of low pressure is expected over Southern Nevada by Wednesday evening, kicking up scattered showers throughout the Desert Southwest. There could be a couple isolated thunderstorms across the region too, but I’m not expecting them to affect downtown Los Angeles. Also, temperatures will be significantly cooler than they had been over the weekend. Go figure, want to head to Los Angeles, and it’ll be the 1st time they get rain in 74 days. Just my luck…

Tuesday: High clouds increase during day. High 72, Low 60
Wednesday: Scattered showers move in during afternoon hours. High 67, Low 58.

TWC: Tuesday: Sunny, High 74, Low 58
Wednesday: Afternoon showers expected. High 66, Low 56.

AW: Tuesday: Mostly sunny, not as warm. High 73, Low 60.
Wednesday: Couple of afternoon showers, thunderstorms. High 67, Low 57.

NWS: Tuesday: Patchy morning fog, then sunny, chance of late night showers. High 71, Low 59.
Wednesday: Showers likely, mainly in afternoon. High 63, Low 56.

WB: Tuesday: Low clouds in morning, then partly cloudy. High 71, Low 58.
Wednesday: Rain showers expected. High 65, Low 58.

Here we see some of the storm moving into Northern California, which will affect SoCal in the coming days.


Mass panic in LA

I was in Los Angeles a couple of years ago for my birthday, and some friends and I were at Universal Studios. There was a pretty healthy earthquake while we were there, but we were on the studio tour, and didn’t feel it. We wouldn’t have even known about it if it weren’t for the fact that we had friends texting and calling to check and see if we felt it. That night, we went to dinner at an outdoor mall in Anaheim, and it sprinkled just a little bit. Everyone shrieked and ran for cover. It was insane. This vignette of my time in SoCal makes me think there was pandemonium yesterday afternoon when there were off and on spritzes reported. The Weather Channel had the top forecast in town.
Actuals: Friday – High 68, Low 40
Saturday – .01 inches of rain, High 64, Low 48

Grade: C

Los Angeles, California to Jackson, Mississippi

My first road trip in some time, and it will take three days and change to cover it. It’s 1842 miles between LA and Jackson, and we will set a pace of 67.3mph. If you don’t want to do the math, that means our 8 hour days will allow us to over 538 miles. Lots of space covered in empty country. Hope you brought an iPod.


There is a petulant little low parked off the northern Coast of the Baja Peninsula, but it absolutely refuses to do anything. Sure, an easterly flow may continue to blow into the San Bernadino Mountains, and I GUESS we could get a stray shower around Palm Springs and Cathedral City, but not much more than that. The day will end in St. David, Arizona (east of Tucson) with very little by way of interesting weather.

The low off the coast will begin its move inland, and rain over Arizona will pick up. It may be raining by the time we leave St. David, and could continue until we reach the New Mexico border. New Mexico shouldn’t give us too many problems when we cross the border, but a little bit of moisture may also trickle into west Texas. Before we arrive in West Odessa, Texas, we may see another spit of rain in Pecos or Monahans, Texas.

That low is chasing us down, and will catch up to us in West Odessa over night. We will be driving through rain and some thunderstorms across the route during the day Monday. The worst part is, the heaviest rain and thunderstorms are expected to be the biggest problem while we are in the Metroplex. The leading edge of storms will probably be right with us between Dallas and Fort Worth, and we may have to fight a few showers the rest of the way through Texas. We will end the day in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The front will now be on top of us as we rest in Shreveport, and will continue eastward through Louisiana. It’s only about 3 1/2 hours to Jackson, and we will overtake the leading edge of the storm around Monroe, Louisiana, only to have the storms, which will be stronger again by this time, slam into us in Jackson. That was a lot of action for a road trip over this course, wasn’t it?

Los Angeles, California

Small town on the west coast. Heard of it?

At 653PM, PT, LAX was reporting a temperature of 51 degrees with clear skies. Temperatures inland have begun to drop off. There are high wind advisories inland, but the winds haven’t picked up yet, and there is no threat for a marine layer to move in overnight.
A cut off low will sit and spin, even retrograde from southwestern Arizona into southern California. The system will spend too much time over the desert to be terribly rainy, but it will be windy and cloudy each of the next two days in the City of Angels.
Tomorrow – Breezy with clouds, High 67, Low 43
Saturday – Mostly cloudy, High 70, Low 46

TWC: Tomorrow – Mainly sunny.High 67, Low 44
Saturday – Generally sunny High 67, Low 47

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 69, Low 47
Saturday – Times of clouds and sun High 71, Low 48

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 65, Low 46
Saturday – Mostly sunny, High 72, Low 47

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy Hogh 67, Low 45
Saturday – Partly cloudy. High 70, Low 47

Not bad for LA, despite a system being parked just off to their south. I think it will get a little breezy as I mentioned, but if this kind of thing was parked over, say, Missouri, it would rain for days. Satellite in SoCal is pretty quiet.

Los Angeles, California to Gadsden, Alabama

Yet another trip to or from Los Angeles. Knock me over with a feather! It’s a 4 day, 2090 mile trip from LA to Gadsden, which will put us on a pace of 67.3mph, or about 539 miles a day, not unlike yesterday. Back on the road


The first 3/4ths of the first day will be really excellent driving as we head through the heat of California and western Arizona. The monsoon will begin to kick up some showers and storms for the last hour or so of our drive, east of Flagstaff. Still, there is a very good chance, better than 50/50 that we will make it a to Joseph City, the day’s destination, without a drop of rain.

New Mexico has recently been catching the brunt of daily monsoonal showers and storms, and it will be no different on Saturday. We might encounter a few areas of rain or storms for 10-20 miles at a time as we roll through the Land of Enchantment, but it won’t be particularly stormy, at least not as compared with other other days out that way this summer. The rain will begin to taper after we pass into Texas, and we will all it a day in Amarillo.

It will likely be steamy drive through Oklahoma and eventually western Arkansas. An area of low pressure in Canada is going to drag a cold front through the eastern US, but it won’t be able to make it through Arkanasas. Instead, the humid return flow will redevelop, ending a succession of dryish days in the South. By the time we make it to Fort Smith, some bubbly areas of thunderstorms may begin to develop. The rain may be heavy, but the organization isn’t going to be good, so severe weather is unlikely. Our day ends in Lonoke, east of Little Rock.

As I noted, that humid weather is going to return to the southeast. The front over the southeastern US will be a big rain maker though it won’t be bring about too much of an air mass change. That means clouds, showers and the occasional thunderstorms will likely interrupt our drive, especially after we have made our way past Tupelo, Mississippi. It’s going to be hot, humid and a little rainy after we finally make it into Gadsden.

Cumberland, Maryland to Los Angeles, California

It’s always an oddity when the same city shows up two weeks in a row. Stranger still is that there will be 4 road trips with LA as a locus point in 2 weeks. Today’s trip will cover 2562 miles and take us into a 5th day. This one means business! This places us on a pace of 67.5mph, or 539.6 miles per day. We have a week’s worth of driving ahead of us, so we’d best be on our way


On these lengthy east to west trips, it’s always amazing how many states the first day can get through, followed by several days of just one state at a time. For example, Maryland and Indiana seem so far away, but on our first day, we will be bale to make it from Cumberland to Dale in southern Indiana. The models are hinting at Appalachia becoming active with a weak little boundary arriving sometime tonight. The first couple of hours of our drive should be all right, but don’t be surprised if some showers begin to crop up as we make out way through West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. I think that will be it, but there is some indication of instability. I don’t think there is enough energy to produce any wet weather west of Lexington, however, so good for us.

We will start our drive on Friday with pleasant weather. There is a bit of a wave that is going to be sliding through Missouri as we head through the Show Me State, however, and all indications are that we will be in for some heavy rain and thunderstorms after we pass through the western St. Louis metro area. The heaviest stripe of heavy rain will fall between Union and Lebanon, but will begin to clear out by the time we approach Springfield. The rest of the day will see is in clear, dry weather, all the way to Vinita, Oklahoma.

This may be the best day of the trip, so long as the air conditioning works. It will be extremely warm, but dry as we pass through Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle, eventually making it into Tucumcari, New Mexico. The destination for Saturday evening. Very late in the day, we might see some towers in the horizon with a few thunderstorms cropping up to our north, but I think we will remain dry.

Monsoonal storms will be collapsing across the region Sunday morning, and won’t begin developing until late in the afternoon across New Mexico. We might see some cumulus bubbling here and there, but it looks pretty good for our drive west into Arizona. The only sticky spot might be around Gallup, near the Arizona line where elevation is the highest. Our day will take us to Ash Fork, just west of Flagstaff.

All right, this day will be pretty good too, not just Saturday. We will drive the the blistering heat and stark emptiness of the desert before being brought back to reality in the Los Angeles metro area. Temperature will cool off as we greet the marine layer in downtown LA.