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Weather Wayback… a quick bounceback

Presently in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, it is 97 degrees. It’s shortly below midnight, if that gives you any extra perspective. Back in November, just before Thanksgiving, Lake Havasu was coming off a splash of rain the Friday before, and was very slow to recover. Even the following Monday, it was only 72 degrees for a high on Monday, with temperatures climbing on Tuesday, but even then only into the low 80s. Again, at present, it is 97 degrees, just before midnight currently. Back in the autumn, it was The Weather Channel who had the top forecast in a much more comfortable day. 
Actuals: November 20th: High 72, Low 47
November 21st: High 82, Low 54

Grade: A-C

Bridgeport, Connecticut to Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This trip will cover 2,578 miles over 5 days, from Coast to Desert Southwest. Looks like there’s some weather we’ll have to push through to get there, so let’s get a move on!


Cloudy skies and perhaps a light rain shower greet us as we head west from Bridgeport and eventually past New York City. As a storm system works through the Northeast, we’ll luck out and stay just on the warm side of this system as we head past Allentown and through southern PA. It’ll be a soggy day though as we meander down I-76 and I-70 to Wheeling, WV, where we end our day.


Another storm system is shifting through the Midwest as we head into Ohio to start the day. Once again, we’ll be on the warm side of things so we just have to deal with rain as we head past Columbus on I-70. We’ll be spending all day on I-70, so navigating will be a piece of cake as we eventually pass Indianapolis, and by this time the precip will be behind us. We continue through IL and finish the night in St. Louis.


Conditions go downhill overnight as yet another system shifts into the Central US (man we just can’t catch a break can wek?!). We wake up to rain showers as today we take a tour of I-44 towards Lebanon and Springfield. Rain will continue to plague our trip, first as we head out of St. Louis and a 2nd wave midday as we head through Joplin, with some thunderstorms possibly mixed in there as well. As we head past Tulsa though, we’re in the clear as the system pushes east, and we end our day in Oklahoma City.


Finally! An easy day today just heading west on I-40 as high pressure of sorts settles into the Southern Plains. More of just a period between systems than high pressure really. Easy sailing as we push into Albuquerque for the night.


Another day of all I-40 fun! And another easy day! Calm weather settles over the Desert Southwest and it’ll be a pretty smooth drive through the rest of western NM and AZ to Lake Havasu!

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we head off to Lake Havasu City, a lovely spring break destination. It’s a bit early for those shenanigans though, so lets see how they’re faring as we start to bring meteorological winter to a close.

At 12:15pm MST, the temperature at Havasu City, AZ was 50 degrees under partly cloudy skies. One system is working through the Four Corners region as it rounds the bast of a broader trough hanging out over the Western US. Another system is working down through the Pacific Northwest, bringing some light snow to the likes of Seattle and Portland. This feature will continue working southward through the Sierra’s, but not before Lake Havasu enjoys a fairly sunny and pleasant day. Clouds will increase a bit on Friday as the system works through the Great Basin, and a while a few isolated showers fester over the area, I expect Lake Havasu to remain dry through Friday, albeit a smidgen cooler.

Thursday: Sunny. High 65, Low 38.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 61, Low 43.

TWC: Thursday: Sunny. High 64, Low 38.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 59, Low 46.

AW: Thursday: Cool with clouds and sun. High 65, Low 37.
Friday: Cool with clouds and sun. High 60, Low 43.

NWS: Thursday: Sunny. High 66, Low 41.
Friday: Slight chance of showers, mostly sunny. High 61, Low 46.

WB: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 61, Low 41.
Friday: Partly sunny. High 57, Low 52.


FIO: Thursday: Clear throughout the day. high 65, Low 34.
Friday: Mostly cloudy starting in the morning, isolated midday shower. High 60, Low 42.

We see a system pushing its way through the Four Corners region while another one is digging its way down through the Pacific Northwest. This latter system looks to bring some clouds and maaaaybe a shower into the region as we head into the weekend.

Memphis, Tennessee to Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we embark on a 1,534-mile road trip from Memphis, TN to Lake Havasu City, AZ. From the shores of the Mississippi River to the Colorado River, it’ll take 3 days to cover the distance. We’ll get there just in time for Thanksgiving!


Massive high pressure is sitting over the Eastern US, so dry and fairly pleasant conditions are expected throughout the entire day as we head westward through Little Rock and Ft Smith, AR and finish the day in Oklahoma City.


Today will be more of the same as we spend the entire day on I-40 westward. A bit of a trough will sag over the Plains as we head out of Oklahoma City towards Amarillo. A few more clouds might be expected for the morning, but should mostly clear out as we head into New Mexico. We finish the day in Albuquerque.


More high pressure! The Desert Southwest will be firmly underneath it so just some high clouds are anticipated as we cruise by Gallup and Flagstaff before finally turning south at Kingman and eventually into Lake Havasu City in the late evening. A easy weather trip!

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we take a trip to a Spring Break hotspot, though there won’t be a bevy of coed’s there currently. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I imagine most college students are heading home for the long holiday weekend.

At 955pm MST, the temperature at Lake Havasu City, AZ was 63 degrees under fair skies. As a system dumps plenty of precip over the Pacific Northwest, high pressure is sitting firmly over the Desert Southwest. Fairly quiet conditions are expected to start the short workweek off and continue into Tuesday. Tuesday will be a few degrees warmer with a few clouds. So all in all, a fairly nice forecast! Get those Christmas shopping lists ready, Black Friday is imminent!

Monday: Partly cloudy. High 74, Low 45.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 80, Low 52.

TWC: Monday: Partly cloudy. High 75, Low 47.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 82, Low 53.

AW: Monday: Partly sunny and pleasant. High 75, Low 43.
Tuesday: Periods of clouds and sun. High 82, Low 48.

NWS: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 75, Low 46.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 79, Low 51.

WB: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 48.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 78, Low 54.

WN: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 43.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 78, Low 48.

FIO: Monday: Partly cloudy starting overnight. High 77, Low 46.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 82, Low 52.

Only cirrus clouds are traversing the area, indicative of how quiet the next couple of days are going to be for the area.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Killeen, Texas

Today we embark on a road trip that will take us from the Desert Southwest to the heart of Texas! 1,183 miles separate Lake Havasu from Killeen, and it’ll take 3 days to cover the ground, so sadly it will take all weekend to do so.


Some high overcast skies are expected as we depart the area and head east on I-40 as a system is pushing its way over the Western US, bringing more plentiful rains and mountain snows to the Sierras and Northern Rockies. Luckily, we’ll be ahead of the system today and shouldn’t encounter any significant winds either. We’ll end this fairly uneventful day in Albuquerque.


An area of low pressure develops over the Central Plains out as the energy from over the Western US finally begins to eject out over the Plains. High clouds will continue over the region, and once again, we’ll be avoiding the precip today as the main bulk of it remains caught up in the Four Corners region as well as some light activity possibly being found off to the northeast of our route. Winds will probably be a bit gustier from the south as we make our way past Lubbock and eventually into Abilene for the night


High pressure continues to barrel southward over the Central/Southern Plains, however winds will continue to be elevated as low pressure cutoff over the Southwest will keep the gradient up over the region. Clouds will be more plentiful today, with a lower stratus layer expected to linger through much of the morning. Some of it might break up as our short day ends in Killeen around noon, but sunshine won’t be terribly long-lived today.

It’s not all about the heat in the desert

The public is generally concerned with high temperatures in the summer and in warm environments. Just how warm did it get? Is it dangerously hot outside? Will I sweat just walking to the car? Sure, these are all valid concerns to the every day weather watcher, and if you looked at the high temperatures in Lake Havasu City and the forecasts across the board, you would insist that the warm highs of The Weather Channel gave them the best forecast. It was 88 on Sunday and 91 on Monday, which are much closer to TWC’s projected total on those two days. For some commercial interests, notably power companies, overnight temperatures are also important. Will air conditioners be running through the night? In the desert, where there are clear skies and many people out doors, the low temperatures can plummet and exposure becomes a concern. While yes, The Weather Channel was clearly the best where high temperatures were concerned in the Lake Havasu City forecast, they only ended up in third place for the day, with Weatherbug’s spot on low temperature forecast leading them to the top spot.
Actuals: Sunday – High 88, Low 57
Monday – High 91, Low 57

Grade: B

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Today we take a trip to the Desert Southwest, who couldn’t possibly be having bad weather, right? That’s the reason everybody goes there for spring break!

AT 956am PDT, the temperature at Lake Havasu City, AZ was 73 degrees under fair skies. A large ridge of high pressure has taken hold of the Desert Southwest, causing much of the area to bake in fairly warm temperatures for late March. This ridge is going to stay put for the next few days until a trough digs through the Western US next Tuesday and Wednesday. Right at the same time this writer is taking a trip to the Desert Southwest himself. Oh well! The next couple of days look to be hot and dry for this popular spring break destination, so I’m sure plenty of college kids will enjoy this forecast!

Sunday: Sunny. High 84, Low 57.
Monday: Sunny, a bit warmer. High 87, Low 58.

TWC: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 89, Low 61.
Monday: Sunny. High 92, Low 62.

AW: Sunday: Plenty of sun. High 82, Low 59.
Monday: Mostly sunny. High 85, Low 58.

NWS: Sunday: Sunny. High 84, Low 58.
Monday: Sunny. High 86, Low 59.

WB: Sunday: Sunny. High 85, Low 57.
Monday: Sunny. High 87, Low 57.

WN: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 82, Low 59.
Monday: Continued sunny. High 86, Low 61.

Here we see the Desert Southwest dry and quiet. Nothing looks to change either in the next few days.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Providence, Rhode Island

Our trip is going to take a week. Well, a work week, and we will get to Providence on Saturday. For our 5 days, we will cover 2731 miles at a 65mph pace. That pace will be thanks to some fast roads out west, and we will cover 520.5 miles a day. What will Sandy wreak across the northeast? We will find out.


The weather map will look pretty ominous, and it will be ominous… but only for the east coast. In the southwest, things will be in pretty great shape. Temperatures, humidity and cloud cover will all be accommodating, and it should be an easy drive to Albuquerque, the destination for day one.

If there is any advantage to Sandy at all, it will be for travelers in the western US. There won’t be any significant weather between Albuquerque and El Reno, Oklahoma, destination number 2 on our trip, just as there wasn’t on day 1. The exciting stuff is yet to come.

Wednesday will be another good day for driving. Our trip will take us through Tulsa and most of Missouri, before we call it a day in Mehlville, on the south side of St. Louis. This joy ride will probably come to an end on Thursday though. (Oh, also, happy Halloween!)

It will be cloudy most of the day as we move through Illinois, which is fine. After we hit Indiana, though, flurries will start to fall. A steadier snowfall will pick up, big wet flakes by the time we reach Indianapolis. The snow will continue in a light, but steady pattern through Ohio. This being the first snow of the year, it will likely be more impactful than a similar snow would be later in the season. Careful navigating Columbus. The day ends in West Salem, Ohio, which is between Mansfield and Akron.

Our fifth day of travel could be a hair treacherous. There will still be flakes flying in western Pennsylvania, though the real mess will be with the snow that will follow during the week. There are parts of the Appalachians that will get 2 feet of snow out of Sandy. That total is very high for Pennsylvania, but there will be significant snow, and given the wind, tree and power line damage may be the clean up priority, rather than snow, meaning the roads could still be a bit slick. When we get out of the Appalachians, around Hazelton, we’ll be able to see the real damage that Sandy has leveled upon the east. The worst of Sandy will afflict our route over eastern PA and downstate New York. It will be a bit dicey in Connecticut and Rhode Island, but nothing like the previously mentioned areas. Providence will be clear and much, much calmer than they are today and will be through the beginning of the week.

Incredibly, no rain

Lake Havasu City, believe it or not, was able to remain dry over the course of the past two days. No me digas! All the dry desert air does one of two things to temperatures. It allows them to warm up dramatically in the afternoon and creates some chilly nights as temperatures cool off with biting efficiency. It did the latter on Monday night, and the temperature dropped to 64 by Tuesday morning, at least 5 degrees cooler than anyone expected. That was the only issue anyone had there though, and Victoria-Weather and Weatherbug had the top forecasts.
Actuals: Monday, High 91, Low 73
Tuesday – High 96, Low 64

Grade: B