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Lafayette, Louisiana to Bellingham, Washington

Today we embark on a lengthy, 5-day road trip from southern LA to the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest. 2,552 miles lay between us and our destination, so let’s not waste any more time!


There could be some scattered shower/thunderstorm activity developing over the region as we begin our trip this morning as has been the pattern over the last several days along the Gulf Coast. They shouldn’t affect us for very long, thankfully, as we travel away from them up towards Shreveport then continue westward into northern Texas. Most of the remainder of the day will be dry with increasing clouds as we pass by Dallas, but a chance of storms exists as we finish the day in Wichita Falls, TX.


Our trip continues a westward direction as we finish our Texas leg and push into New Mexico. Unfortuantely, the tail end of a boundary continues to linger over the Red River Valley, keeping showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for much of the day from Wichita Falls through at least Amarillo. Conditions should quiet a little bit as we pass Tucumcari, but a late evening flare up of storms could kick on our wipers as we make our way into Albuquerque for the night.


Some isolated shower could be lingering in the area when we head northwestward out of Albuquerque in the morning, but most of the morning in NM should be fairly quiet. Dry weather will continue as we pass on by the Four Corners are into southwest Colorado. Some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity will be possible again in the late afternoon/evening hours as we push into southeastern Utah, particularly as we get to Moab. Activity will dwindle during the late evening hours, however, and should be quiet as we finish in Price, UT.


High pressure building down over Southern Canada, mainly from Manitoba to Alberta, is keeping much of the diurnal monsoon thunderstorm activity down today, with isolated activity popping off only the highest areas in northern UT and western MT, with spotty activity found in N NV and S OR as well. Pretty much the entire day will be quiet weatherwise as we head by Salt Lake City and Ogden and then into southern Idaho where we’ll see Twin Falls and Boise before we finish our day in Ontario, OR, just a stone’s throw over the Snake River into Oregon.


A very quiet day is expected for the remainder of our trip as high pressure persists over the Pacific Northwest. Lots of sunshine is anticipated as we push through northeast Oregon and eventually into southern Washington near Kennewick and pass on by Yakima. The late-afternoon and evening hours will be quiet as we pass by Seattle and eventually finish our trip in Bellingham!

Beaumont, Texas to Lafayette, Louisiana

Another quick little trip, playing catch up tonight. The last three trips will include Beaumont, which is fantastic, if you ask me. This trip will last only about 2 hours, covering 134 miles. That means an average speed of about 64mph, all along one dang highway. Let’s turn this car around and make our way to the east.

The difference between the last road trip and this one is that we will be driving through the area a day sooner. As a result, the wave moving into the Plains will still be hung up in eastern Montana, and a weak area of high pressure will lie over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. This is the perfect set up to cycle onshore some low level moisture into east Texas and southern Louisiana. Expect considerable overcast with some showers from Beaumont to Lake Charles, but some clearing from that point to Lafayette. Not a complete washout, but disappointing, compared to the previous trip, covering much of the same ground!

Sweltering Summer Days

The South is a hot and humid place during the summer months, and Lafayette is no exception. Scattered thunderstorms are the norm throughout the season thanks to the ever-present humidity, but they dodged ’em both days to start of the week. Temperatures varied a bit more than most outlets had them pegged to be, but Weather Channel took home the win.

Monday: High 97, Low 80.
Tuesday: High 90, Low 72.
Forecast Grade: B

Lafayette, Louisiana

A few technical difficulties last night, but we are back, and we are forecasting for Lafayette now, today. Anthony will be back with something a little later tonight. Who knows that that will be about.

At 1PM, CT, Lafayette was reporting a temperature of 93 degrees with mostly sunny skies. The primary feature east of the Rockies is a cutoff low in the Upper Midwest moving towards the Great Lakes. Flow south of the system is from the northwest until it reaches central Louisiana, where it begins to meander at the upper levels. The point for Lafayette is that there isn’t a sea breeze to speak of, and instead a languid, hot day will close out the weekend.
As the low continues to shift to the northeast, the cooler drier air at the back end will barrel southward towards Louisiana. This will trigger some showers and storms as soon as tomorrow morning. Unfortunately for Lafayette, as the parent low shifts to the northeast and unravels, the motivation for the boundary to continue to move southward will be limited. The threat for showers and storms will therefore continue through the afternoon and into Tuesday morning. Expect clouds and fog to develop in the mornings as well to help keep temperatures down a little bit, but the humidity will still be quite high.
Tomorrow – Showers and occasional thunderstorms possible, with morning haze, High 96, Low 78
Tuesday – Overcast early, then clearing with some showers and storms, High 92, Low 77

TWC: Tomorrow – Isolated thunderstorms, High 97, Low 76
Tuesday – Sunny, High 93, Low 73

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny with a shower or thunderstorm around High 95, Low 77
Tuesday – Partly sunny with a thunderstorm High 92, Low 74

NWS: Tomorrow – A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Mostly sunny, High 96, Low 77
Tuesday – A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly sunny, High 93, Low 75

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 95, Low 75
Tuesday – Mostly sunny with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 92, Low 75

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy with Scattered Storms High 95, Low 77
Tuesday – Partly Cloudy with Scattered Storms High 93, Low 75

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain starting in the afternoon. High 94, Low 75
Tuesday – Light rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.High 89, Low 70

We can look at the satellite imagery and just see where the tail of the boundary is getting tied up. HINT: It’s the Ozarrks.

Springfield, Illinois to Lafayette, Indiana

Whenever we do a short trip, it always seems to be through Indiana, for some reason. This trek will only last 3 hours and cover 178 miles. The drive will be at a pace of 61.2mph, thanks to some lower roads in western Indiana. I guess we should probably get going.

A head of a broad area of low pressure across the High Plains, moisture will be pumping north into the Mississippi Valley. A vorticity maximum will be the focal point for heavier rain and thunderstorms, and will be centered around Cape Girardieau, Missouri. This will keep rain fairly light around Springfield, and perhaps we will even see some dry conditions through Champaign. The rest of the stretch will likely be pretty drizzly, however, with light rain continuing from the home of the University of Illinois to the home of their contemporary, Purdue University in Lafayette (well, Purdue is in West Lafayette, but you get the point).

Lafayette, Louisiana

Hey gang! We’re going with a video forecast this time around!

Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 78, Low 61
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy High 79, Low 62

TWC – Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 80, Low 61
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy, High 81, Low 63

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 81, Low 61
Wednesday – Rather cloudy with a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon High 81, Low 63

NWS: Tomorrow – Patchy fog before 8am. Otherwise, partly sunny, High 82, Low 61
Wednesday – A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Patchy fog before 7am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, High 81, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. High 82, Low 61
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 81, Low 62

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy with Patchy Fog High 82, Low 63
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy with Isolated Storms, High 71, Low 63

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 78, Low 60
Wednesday – Foggy in the morning. High 79, Low 61

Not much variance. High temperatures will greatly depend on insolation. Hope you enjoy the video!

Winter’s chill extends all the way to the Gulf Coast

Mid-week in southern Louisiana seemed so promising. Temperatures were as warm as 64 degrees on Tuesday, the sun was shining and then the bottom fell out. A strong upper level trough dragged cold air from the Arctic all the way to the Lafayette area. While temperatures were warm in the morning on Thursday, temperatures fell off quickly in the afternoon. It was a midnight low that dropped just below freezing late yesterday. A sign of things to come. Outlets that forecast hourly all the way to the end of day two had the best forecasts, with Victoria-Weather leading the way.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 64, Low 31
Thursday – High 56, Low 30

Grade: B-D

Lafayette, Louisiana

It certainly has quieted down around the United States after a pretty nasty start to the year. One place that was blasted was Cajun country, but the rain is finally over. How long will that last?

At 253PM, Ct, Lafayette was reporting a temperature of 49 degrees with clear skies. The remnants of a cold front were providing some clouds off shore, but also the focal point for some northerly flow that continued to led cooler than normal temperatures to Lafayette, as well as greatly appreciated stability.
Lafayette will continue to find itself south of the crest of a deep upper level trough, which will allow the area to remain stable with the best baroclinicity well north and east of Lafayette, but cold air will continue to spill from the north into Louisiana. A reprieve from the unusual chill isn’t expected in the next couple of days, and in fact, there is a chance for even colder air on Wednesday as the trough attempts to dig further to the south.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 60, Low 33
Wednesday – Increasing clouds, High 53, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy, High 59, Low 33
Wednesday – Partly Cloudy, High 49, Low 40

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and warmer High 58, Low 32
Wednesday – Windy and cooler with some sunshine giving way to clouds High 51, Low 31

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 59, Low 33
Wednesday – Mostly sunny High 51, Low 31

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy High 58, Low 35
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy. High 50, Low 42

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 59, low 34
Wednesday – Partly Cloudy High 50, Low 43

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy until evening. High 58, Low 34
Wednesday – Partly cloudy in the morning and breezy starting in the afternoon. High 47, Low 29

That doesn’t sound bad, but I assure you it will feel that way for Lafayette. Lows near or below freezing! That’s brutal! Those Wednesday lows are gong to be in the evening as the upper level trough, helping generate the wave seen on satellite in the Midwest, will reach its southernmost point.

Lafayette, Indiana to Savannah, Georgia

Today we embark on a 2-day, 845-mile trip from Lafayette, IN down through the Ohio and TN Valleys to good ol’ Savannah. Hope you’re looking to one last beach getaway of the season! Let’s see how the trip there will be



Strong high pressure continues to sit over the Northeastern quadrant of the country, keeping every high and dry. The only issue is if there is some morning fog to burn off, but even if there is, it will only last an hour or two after sunrise. As we travel through Kentucky, there will be some cumulus clouds starting to bubble up around midday, and we could even see an isolated shower as we make our way into Nashville. These should be short-lived, however, and of little consequence as we push our way into Chattanooga, our stop for the night.


There’s a disturbance that’s slowly shifting from the FL Panhandle up towards the southern Appalachians, and this is expected to bring some pretty decent rainfall to the Southeast. As we head into Northern Georgia, our trip will slow down some as we hit these showers and thunderstorms, and will continue to have to deal with them as we move through Atlanta. Activity should lighten up some in the afternoon as we make our way into Savannah, but will increase once again during the late-evening and overnight hours after we arrive. Guess the beach will have to wait one more day.