Lafayette, Indiana

Yes, it’s tournament time, so there is no better time than to salute my alma mater, Purdue University. They’re a 3 seed in the Big Dance, and nearly everyone will be indoors watching basketball in their home city of West Lafayette, Indiana, but we can give them a forecast anyways, I guess.

At 254PM, ET, Lafayette was reporting clear skies with a temperature of 47 degrees and brisk north winds that belied the high pressure stably in place over the region. Satellite gave a clue to the blustery conditions, as Indiana was clearly in the wash of a strong system moving through the Eastern Seaboard this afternoon.
High pressure will remain in place across the Great Lakes tonight and through the day tomorrow, but the pattern aloft is moderately active, particularly in the Plains. A weak low will be bolstered by a sharp trough with weak flow through it in the Plains will start to approach the Hoosier State. Rain won’t reach Lafayette by the time the weekend ends, however some clouds will likely start to build.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 52, Low 25
Sunday – Increasing clouds late, other wise warmer, High 54, Low 37

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly clear. High 51, Low 23
Sunday – Cloudy with occasional showers for the afternoon. High 51, Low 37

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny; chilly High 50, Low 24
Sunday – On-and-off rain and drizzle High 60, Low 35

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 53, Low 28
Sunday – Rain, mainly after 1pm. High 54, Low 40

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 49, Low 26
Sunday – Rain, High 50, Low 37

WN: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 53, Low 25
Sunday – Mostly cloudy with light rain, High 54, Low 40

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 54, Low 24
Sunday – Rain in the morning and evening. High 56, Low 40

Well, I’m not sure why everyone else has rain getting there so early. Please stay with us as we see just how wrong I can be! Here is satellite, showing that “wash” over Lafayette that I was talking about,

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